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    1.-Whose are these? -They could be Jims.

     A. toys cars B. toys cars C. toy cars D. toy car

    2. We moved to Shanghai last month, because my father found there.

     A. a piece of work B. a work C. a piece of job D. a piece of works 3. We have seven days off in October .Because October 1st is .

    A. the National Day B National Day C. the national day D. the spring Festival 4. Maria got up late this morning. She only ate and a glass of milk for breakfast.

     A. two slices of bread B. two slice of bread

     C. two bread D. two slices of breads 5. John bought for himself yesterday.

     A. two pairs of shoes B. two pair of shoe

     C. two pair of shoes D. two pairs shoes 6. I heard that my aunt would come back from Australia.

     A. a good news B. a piece of good news

    C. a good piece of news D. good news

    7. Last night there was a food accident. Eight were ill, but no were


     A. child; lives B. children; life C. children; lives D. child; life 8. I think teenagers should make for old people in a bus.

     A. room B. a room C. places D. rooms 9. If these pants are too big, buy a smaller .

     A. one B. pair C. piece D. pairs 10.We all know ______ are ______ for cutting things.

     A. knife; used B. knives; used C. knife; using D. knives; using 11. Karl and Linda are from .But they are not .

     A. German ; Germans B. Germany; German

     C. Germany; Germans D. German; Germanys

    12. I wonder why are so interested in action movies.

    A. people B. the people C. peoples D. the peoples 13. -Whats Janes favorite of music? -Jazz.

     A. piece B. block C. group D. kind 14. Martin Robinson gave us on what to do in lots of different situations.

     A. some advices B. some advice C. an advice D. a advice 15. They got much from those new books.

     A. stories B. ideas C. information D. photos 16. Sonia was very happy. She in the science test.

     A. makes a few mistakes B. made a few mistakes

     C. made few mistakes D. makes few mistakes 17. The dictionary on the dresser is .

     A. Anna and Amys B. Anna’s and Amys C. Annas and Amy D. Anna and Amy

    18. Jason fell off the bike and unfortunately he broke his leg. So he had a holiday.

     A. Two and half months B. two and a half months

     C .two and a half months D. two and a half month


19. Miss Smith is a friend of .

     A. Nicks mother B. Nicks mothers C. Mothers of Nick D. Nick mothers

    20. mothers couldnt come to the party. Because they had an important meeting.

     A. Janes and Jims B. Jane and Jims

     C. Janes and Jim D. Jane and Jims

    21. Funky Fashions sells shirts and ties.

     A. Men B. Mens C. Mans D. Mens

    22. --Which animal is endangered? We should protect it.


     A. Manatee B. Monkey C. Horse D. Dog 23. The seventh month of the year is .

     A. June B. July C. May D. August 24. The drug store is a bit far from here. Its about .

     A. forty minutes ride B. forty minutess ride

     C. forty minutes ride D. forty minutes ride

    25. Uncle Martin put some of his old things out in the yard and had a yard .

     A. sell B. sale C. selling D. sold 26. There are five and three in this clothing factory.

     A. men drivers; woman drivers B. men driver; women drivers

     C. men drivers; women drivers D. man drivers; woman drivers 27. Be quiet, children! Dont make so much .Grandma is sleeping.

     A. noise B. noisy C. sounds D. voice 28. There are few at home. Shall we go to buy some onions, lettuce and peppers?

     A. fruit B. salad C. vegetables D. pork 29. What we are having today!

     A. the bad weather B. a bad weather C. bad a weather D. bad weather 30. They prefer to .

     A. tomatos; potatoes B. tomatoes; potatoes

     C. tomatoes; potatos D. tomatos; potatos 31. People in the USA usually eat on Thanksgiving Day.

     A. turkey B. dumplings C. apple pies D. mooncakes 32. I believe that to work hard is the key to .

     A. success B. successful C. succeed D. successfully 33. Everyone needs to have at least at night.

     A. eight hours sleep B. eight-hours sleep

     C. eight hours sleep D. a eight-hours sleep

    34. The on the tree turn yellow in autumn.

     A. leaf B. leafves C. leaves D. leafes 35. My grandpa keeps twelve ,ten ducks and three .

     A. chicken; sheep B. chickens; sheeps C. chickens; sheep D. chicken; sheeps 36. Hui Ping loves to read and she put this love to by working in the after school care

    center at her local elementary school.

     A. good use B. of helpful

    C. great importances D. a good using


    37. Today is September 10th .Its . Shall we get some flowers for our teachers?

    A. Teachers Day B. the Teachers Day

     C. TeachersDay D. the Teachers Day

    38. The table is made of .

    A. many glass B. glasses C. some glasses D. glass 39. How many were there in the street when the accident happened yesterday?

    A. policemans B. polices C. police D. peoples 40.--- Can I help you?

    --- Yes, please. I want two of please.

    A. kilos; fishes B. kilos; fish C. kilo, fish D. kilo;


    1. ____ village is 2,000 meters above sea level. What about ____?

    A. Her; your B. Hers; you C. Her; yours D. Your; her 2. My fathers friend always helps my sister and ____ with ____ English.

    A. I; our B. me; my C. I; our D. me; our

    3. I dont like ____.

     A. his those friends B. those his friends

    C. those friends of him D. those friends of his 4. Children need time and freedom to relax, and they need time to do things by ____.

     A. they B. them C. their D. themselves 5. Do you have anything to say for ____ and ____ friends?

     A. yourself; your B. you; you

    C. yourselves; you D. you; your

    6. You had better ask the policewoman ____ about her good deeds.

    A. hers B. her C. oneself D. herself

    7. The sentence______ is wrong.

     A. himself B. it C. itself D. its

    8. ____ have a lot of work to do.

     A. He, you and I B. You, he and I

    C. I, you and I D. I, he and you

    9. We find ____ difficult to get on well with ____.

     A. this; his B. that; him C. it; him D. its; he 10. All the information you need is on the Internet. Get on line, and you will get ____.

     A. them B. it C. one D. those 11. ____ is very kind of you to think so much of us.

     A. This B. Its C. It D. That

    12. Life is much better than ____ in the old days.

     A. this B. those C. that D. it

    13. Is there any water in the bottle?

     Yes, but only ____.

     A. a little B. a few C. little D. few

    14. The mountain is too steep. ____ of them got to the top.

     A. Few B. A few C. Little D. A little

    15. He spoke very fast so that I understood ____ of his speech.


     A. few B. little C. a little D. a few

    16. Would you like ____ to eat?

     No, thanks. I have had a sandwich.

     A. something B. anything C. some D. any 17. Are there ____ bananas at home? I want to make a banana milk shake.

     No, there arent ____. Please buy ____ on your way to school.

     A. some; some; some B. any; any; it

    C. any; any; some D. some; one; one

    18. Dont worry about her. Theres ____ wrong with your daughter.

     A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing 19. The bike must be ____. Its not mine.

     A. someone else B. else someone

     C. someone elses D. elses someone

    20. I havent read todays newspaper. I have ____ to tell you.

     A. nothing new else B. else new nothing

    C. else nothing new D. nothing else new

    21. Miss Wang! Your dictionary is very useful. Where did you buy ____? I want to buy ____ too.

     A. one; one B. it; it C. it; one D. one; it 22. Hello! This is Jim speaking.

     Who ____?

     A. is that B. is it C. are you D. both A and B 23. The Mississippi River is longer than ____ in the United States.

     A. any river B. any rivers

    C. any other river D. all the rivers

    24. Some people often hang out in the street after supper, ____ like staying at home.

     A. the others B. others C. the other D. other 25. I bought two flowers. ____ was for my mother, and ____ was for my teacher.

     A. One; another B. One; the second

    C. One; the other D. One; others

    26. Which sweater do you like better, this one or that one?

     ____. ____ of them are out of fashion.

     A. Both; Both B. None; All

    C. All; Neither D. Neither; Both

    27. Look, there are beautiful flowers on ____ side of the street.

     A. every B. each C. both D. all

    28. Im new here, I dont know ____ in my class.

     A. anybody B. everybody C. nobody D. somebody 29. ____ the twins enjoyed ____ at the birthday party.

     A. None; them B. Both; themselves

     C. All; them D. any; themselves

    30. ____ of the children heard the knock on the door. All of them were asleep.

     A. Neither B. None C. Both D. All

    31. She is so kind. She always thinks of ____ more than herself.

     A. other B. others C. the other D. the others


    32. She felt lonely because ____ of her friends came to see her.

     A. none B. no one C. no D. all 33. I hear there are some monkeys in the small village. How many have you seen?


     A. None B. Nothing C. No one D. No

    34. Shall I sit at this end of the boat or the other end?

     ____ is OK. You decide.

     A. All B. Either C. Neither D. Both 35