Measure 1(4)

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Measure 1(4)

    Professional Teacher Evaluation System


    Measure 1 The teacher designs and plans instruction that develops students’ abilities to meet Arizona’s academic standards and

    the district’s assessment plan.

    Criteria Does Not Meet Meets Meets--Level 2 Meets--Level 3 How Evaluated


    Meets--Level 1

    ___Does not use ___ Uses district ____Observation 1.1(a) Prepares

    district lesson plan lesson plan criteria written lesson plans

    criteria consistently ____Conference according to district

     lesson plan criteria

     ____Review of (objective, strategy,

     lesson plans assessment, and


     ____Review of


    ____Walk through ___There is no ___ Uses state ___ Uses state and ___ Uses state, ____Observation 1.1(b)Acquires and

    documentation of assessment data to district data to district, and uses information

    individual student individualize individualize classroom data to ____Conference about individual

    information instruction instruction (District individualize students in

     (AIMS, Terra Nova, benchmarks, instruction. (3-4 ____Review of preparing lessons

    Gradebook, DIBELS, CLIP, grade level lesson plans

    PO/competencies, IEP, Level 3 assessments

    student checklist) classroom data, specific to ____Review of

    portfolio w/notes standards; lesson artifacts

    that show individual plans refer to

    students’ learning individual students) ____Walk through

    styles, strengths,

    weaknesses, etc.)

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    Criteria Does Not Meet Meets Meets--Level 2 Meets--Level 3 How Evaluated


    Meets--Level 1

    ___ Does not state ____ The ____Observation 1.2 Writes clear

    the performance performance instructional

    objective in the objective is stated in ____Conference objectives that are

    lesson plan. the lesson plan. aligned to AZ

     ____Review of academic standards

    ___ Performance ____ The lesson plans objective does not performance align to the Arizona objective aligns to ____Review of Academic Standards the Arizona artifacts

    Academic Standards

    ____Walk through ___Lesson designs ____ Lesson ____Observation 1.3 Designs

    are not grade designs are grade instructional lessons

    level/content level/content ____Conference using appropriate

    appropriate appropriate activities and

     ____Review of resources

     lesson plans

     ____Review of


     ____Walk through

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    Criteria Does Not Meet Meets Meets--Level 2 Meets--Level 3 How Evaluated


    Meets--Level 1

    ____ Does not ____ Modifies ____ Attends IEP ____ Works with ____Observation 1.4 Modifies lessons

    modify lessons to assignments for all meetings and uses the SPED teacher to to meet the needs of

    meet the needs of all students including modification for implement and ____Conference all students

    students ELL, SPED, Gifted instruction (Meets develop IEPs

    (Has copies of IEPs) w/ Sp. Ed. (Communicates w/ ____Review of

     teacher(s); lists Sp. Ed. teacher lesson plans

    modifications on frequently and

    lesson plans) plays a major role ____Review of

     in developing IEPs) artifacts

     ____Walk through ____ Does not use ____ Uses ____ Uses a variety ____ Uses a variety ____Observation 1.5 Uses assessments

    appropriate appropriate of assessments to of assessments to aligned with

    assessments and/or assessments that assess performance monitor student ____Conference instructional goals

    assessments do not align with objectives (3 or progress and tracks to determine

    align with instructional goals more documented data for each ____Review of students’ learning

    instructional goals (1 or 2 assessments in portfolio) student lesson plans

     documented) (Observation notes,

     daily quizzes, unit ____Review of

     tests, grade level artifacts


     District ____Walk through


     multiple tests to

     show mastery of

     each PO w/

     documents in


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    Measure 2 The teacher creates and maintains a learning climate that supports the development of students’ abilities to meet

    Arizona’s academic standards.

    Criteria Does Not Meet Meets MeetsLevel 2 MeetsLevel 3 How Evaluated


    MeetsLevel 1

    ____ Does not ____ Affirms or ____ Affirms or ____Observation 2.1 Creates an

    affirm or correct corrects student corrects student inclusive and

    student performance performance performance ____Conference caring classroom

     equitably environment

     ____Review of ____ Does not ____ Praises student ____ Praises student ____ Consistently lesson plans praise student learning learning gives specific praise

    learning performance performance to students equitably ____Review of performance equitably while affirming artifacts

     their performance

    ____ Is sarcastic (Written, verbal, ____Walk through toward students or student conferences)

    gives insincere

    praise to students

    ____ Does not ____ Evidence of a ____Observation 2.2 Communicates

    create a culture for culture for learning high expectations

    learning by is evident through ____Conference for learning and

    establishing and the nature of achievement

    communicating high interactions, student ____Review of expectations for work displayed, and lesson plans learning and a safe the tone of

    environment for conversations in the ____Review of taking risks. classroom. artifacts

    ____Walk through

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    Criteria Does Not Meet Meets MeetsLevel 2 MeetsLevel 3 How Evaluated


    MeetsLevel 1

    ____ Classroom is ____ Classroom is a ____Observation 2.3 Establishes and

    not a safe physical safe physical maintains a safe

    environment i.e. environment ____Conference physical

    hazards exist environment

    without precautions ____Review of being lesson plans communicated

     ____Review of ____ Emergency ____ Emergency artifacts fire exits are not fire exits are posted posted ____Walk through ____ Does not hold ____ Consistently ____Observation 2.4(a) Uses

    students holds students routines and

    accountable for accountable for ____Conference procedures

    following following

    established established ____Review of

    schedule/routines schedule/routines lesson plans

     ____Review of


    ____Walk through ____ Instructional ____ Instructional ____Observation 2.4(b) Maximizes

    time is not time is consistently instructional time

    consistently used for used for ____Conference

    instructional instructional activities activitiesteacher ____Review of

    is engaged with lesson plans


    ____Walk through

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    Criteria Does Not Meet Meets MeetsLevel 2 MeetsLevel 3 How Evaluated


    MeetsLevel 1

    ____ Does not ____ Monitors ____ Is proactive in ____ Few or no ____Observation 2.5(a) Monitors

    monitor or is student behavior addressing student behavior problems student behavior

    unaware of student behavior are evident in the ____Conference

    behavior classroom

     ____Review of

     lesson plans

    ____ Does not ____ Responds ____ Teacher’s ____ Little or no

    respond or responds appropriately to response effectively instructional time is ____Review of

    inappropriately to student behavior changes student’s interrupted (Teacher artifacts

    student behavior (Attempts to handle immediate behavior has strategies in

     problems and has (Infrequent place to prevent ____Walk through

     referrals) referrals, may have students from

     interruptions but becoming

     teacher handles disruptive, has a

     disruptions) strong impact on

    students in all


____ Does not ____Follows school ____Follows school ____ Effectively ____Observation 2.5(b) Follows

    follow school discipline plan in discipline plan in manages student discipline plans

    discipline plan the classroom the classroom and conduct in all ____Conference

     on assigned duties school settings

     and activities during the school ____Review of

     day lesson plans

     ____Review of


    _____Walk through

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    Measure 3 The teacher implements and manages instruction that develops students’ activities to meet Arizona’s academic


    Criteria Does Not Meet Meets MeetsLevel 2 MeetsLevel 3 How Evaluated


    MeetsLevel 1

    ____Instructional ____ Consistently ____ Consistently ____ Consistently ____Observation 3.1(a) Uses

    strategies not uses at least one uses at least two uses at least three appropriate

    appropriate to grade relevant relevant relevant ____Conference instructional

    level instructional instructional instructional strategies

     strategy to teach strategies to teach strategies to teach ____Review of

     content and uses content and uses content and uses lesson plans

     technology when technology when technology when

    appropriate appropriate appropriate ____Review of

     (Cooperative artifacts

     learning, direct

    instruction, graphic ____Walk through

    organizers, hands on


____Lacks ____ Demonstrates ____ Demonstrates ____ Implements ____Observation 3.1(b)

    knowledge of knowledge of knowledge of enrichment Demonstrates

    content area content area content area for activities in content ____Conference content knowledge

     enrichment (Uses area (Uses several

     appropriate instructional ____Review of ____Does not teach ____ Teaches vocabulary and activities; lesson plans appropriate content appropriate content grammar, explains consistently uses

    enrichment enrichment ____Review of

    activities; describes activities: compare/ artifacts

    real life contrast,

    applications) summarizing, notes, ____Walk through




    learning, etc.)

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    How Evaluated Criteria Does Not Meet Meets MeetsLevel 2 MeetsLevel 3


    MeetsLevel 1

    Does not Communicates Employs techniques Consistently ____Observation 3.2 Communicates/

    communicate instructional: to have students employs techniques models

    instructional: a. ____Objectives communicate or to have students ____Conference instructional:

    a. ____Objectives b. ____Directions demonstrate communicate or a.) Objectives

    b. ____Directions c. ____Procedures knowledge of demonstrate ____Review of b.) Directions

    c. ____Procedures d. ____Assessment instructional: knowledge of lesson plans c.) Procedures

    d. ____Assessment criteria a. ____Objectives instructional: (specific)

    criteria b. ____Directions a. ____Objectives ____Review of d.) Assessment

     c. ____Procedures b. ____Directions artifacts criteria.

     d. ____Assessment c. ____Procedures

     criteria d. ____Assessment ____Walk through

    criteria ____Does not ____Modifies or ____Observation 3.3 Provides

    accommodate or accommodates appropriate

    modify instructional instructional ____Conference instructional

    activities to meet activities to meet activities for all

    the learning needs the learning needs ____Review of students, i.e. at

    of all students of all students lesson plans risk, ELL, gifted,

     Sp. Ed., etc.

    __Review of (For Sp. Ed.

    artifacts students, uses

     current IEP.)

    ____Walk through

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    Criteria Does Not Meet Meets MeetsLevel 2 Meets Level 3 How Evaluated


    MeetsLevel 1

    ____Uses only ____Uses ____Uses ____ Appropriately ____Observation 3.4 Uses thought-

    knowledge level knowledge and knowledge, uses all levels of provoking

    strategies understanding level understanding, Bloom’s Taxonomy ____Conference questioning and/or

     strategies application, and (knowledge, instructional

     analysis level understanding, ____Review of strategies (Uses

    strategies application, lesson plans Bloom’s

    analysis, synthesis, Taxonomy)

    and evaluation) __Review of


    ____Walk through

    ____Less than 75% ____ The teacher ____ There is a ____ The teacher ____Observation 3.5 Has students on

    of the students are has most students combination of has most students task and actively

    on task or actively are engaged at the ritual and authentic authentically ____ Conference engaged during the

    engaged during the ritual level engagement during engaged in the learning activities

    learning activities the learning learning activities ____Walk through

     activities (Refer to

     definitions in

     Glossary for

     authentic and ritual


    9 Revised June 14, 2005

    Criteria Does Not Meet MeetsLevel 1 MeetsLevel 2 MeetsLevel 3 How Evaluated ____Does not ____Uses some type ____Uses multiple ____ Uses multiple ____Observation 3.6 Monitors and

    monitor during of informal informal assessment informal assessment adjusts instruction

    instruction assessment to strategies to monitor strategies and ____Conference to achieve lesson

     monitor understanding (Q & adjusts instruction objective(s)

     understanding A: choral response, for all students who ____Review of

     answer boards, do not appear to lesson plans

     signaling cards, achieve lesson

     sample problems) objectives (Uses ____Review of ____Does not adjust ____Adjusts ____Adjusts student tutors, artifacts instruction to instruction to a instruction to individual help, achieve lesson limited degree to achieve lesson group reteach) ____Walk through objectives achieve lesson objectives for

    objectives students

    ____Does not ____Routinely ____Uses a variety ____Involves ____Observation 3.7 Checks for

    routinely administer administers of assessments to students in self- understanding

    assessments to assessments to check for student evaluation to assess ____Conference check for student check for student understanding their understanding understanding understanding (Observation notes, (Uses self ____Review of

    daily quizzes, unit reflection, teacher-lesson plans

    tests, grade level student conferences,

    assessments, algorithms, writing ____Review of

    District summaries) artifacts


    ____Walk through ____Does not ____Provides ____ Provides two ____Routinely ____Observation 3.8 Provides timely

    provide feedback in timely numerical forms of feedback provides timely constructive

    a timely manner feedback to students to students in a numerical, written, ____Conference feedback to

    ____Does not (Occasional written timely manner (i.e. and verbal feedback ____Review of individual students

    provide constructive or verbal feedback, numerical, verbal, to all students lesson plans about their

    feedback to students always gives graded or written) (Written notes on ____Review of academic

     numerical feedback) assignments, grades artifacts performance


     ____Walk through

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