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    YX-03 Embedded


    LED Display Screen

    Control System


    Welcome to use YX-03 embeded asynchronous LED display screen control system! Please read this manual before using the control card, the incorrect hardwareestablishment possibly can cause the system’s

    abnormal.Specially announce that the damage of display monitor administration in any situation has nothing to do with this control card.







    1.1 System Introduction

    The hardware system use the control processor ARM7, Sumsang main stream, 32 bit. Embedded the real time multitask operating system, that is researched and development by self, and it have high stability, high processing speed, quality reliability, high hardware scanning speed. Those are the features of the system. The control system have both synchronous advantage and asynchronous advantage. It could achieved not only the powerful function. It can play multiplex special effects, that is the advantage of the synchronism, but also able to work in line-off, and unnecessary to maintain, Which is the advantage of the synchronism. It’s a technological revolution of the LED screen control sphere, that used in single or double color, indoor or outdoor.

1.2 Features

    1 Supporting the animated format of GIF.

    2 High speed of scanning, the scanning frequency could achieved more than 120 Hz, The picture that display in it is steadiness and non-swinkle. 3 It Could control 2048x1024 point in single color, or 1024x512 point in double color when used single card. It could link more than two card and display synchronism.

    4Supporting RS485 and TCP/IP, strongly processing capability of date. Could display on the frontstage and communicate on the backstage.

    516M flash inbuilt in the board, and 16/24 dot character inbuilt in it. It could save date when power-off. And it could add the CF card.

    6Supporting play the picture format of BMP, JPG JPEG ect. Text format of TXT, RTF,DOC ect, and the Excel.

    7Supporting the display of multiple windows and multiple task, could set more than 64 logical area, and display independently.

    8Supporting digital clock count time and countdown, safe day, the Chinese calendar, universal time ect. Have the special function of simulate clock. 9Have much special effect, more than 30 kinds of display format, and could made special effect alone. It have a great variety of patterns. 10Supporting 10 level of brightness adjust, it could be set by software or by adding the brightness sensor.

    11Supporting temperature, humidity, remote-control and many industry sensors interface. It have rich outside extending function.

    12Supporting RS232/RS485, TCP/IP. It could added optical fiber transceiver, wireless GPRS transmission mold ect.

    13Supporting more than 100 kinds of hardware scanning interface, Nearly compatible all of the screen scanning interface, which is domestic. 14Have secondary development feature. It could provide solve program according to user’s requirements, and provide the free interface provisions.

    15Setting software and display software could be used alone, Interface


    friendly. The system software could update through long-distant.

    1.3 Performance Characteristics

    content characteristics

    CPU type ARM7TDMI

    EMS memory 8MByte

    2MByteCompletely support the content preservation FLASH capacity

    when off-line or falls the electricity

    RS232Contain the standard modem signal Communication

    port RS485

    10M Ethernet

    Communication RS232 Half-duplex way 115,can be adjust from speed 200bps to 300bps RS485

    Ethernet Entire duplex way 10M

    GPSGSMGPRS Wireless turns


    Demonstrates Double color (red and green)

    the color

    Controls the 256(H)*2048(W) --- Double color

    LED picture 512(H)*2048(W) --- Single color


    Logical In the software realization display monitor the logical

    demonstration division,various logical area independent movement

    demonstrated, mutually does not affect

    Information The whole renews, the single page renewal, the partial

    renewal renewal

    Demonstrates Text, picture

    the content

    ; Smooth demonstration Display mode

    ; Text, picture superimposition demonstration Demonstrates

    ; Transparent demonstration the effect

    ; Many kinds of movements demonstration

    ; Text special effect demonstration

    ; The movement speed can adjust

    ; Contains the GB code Chinese fonts Encoding

    support ; Supports the pure text screen, the zone bit code


    ; 16/24 lattice Song typeface fonts

    Consummation clock demonstration function Clock function

    ; Year, month , day, week, time demonstration

    ; Chronoscope and Pours the chronoscope


    ; Demonstrate the typeface, the words, the color and


    the position may wilfully establish

    Autoswitch Supports in the true significance the computer screen long-distance switchscreen function or the hypothesis

    time autoswitch screen function(selects and matches)

    Beam control Computer hypothesis non-linear beam control 8


    Warm humidity Support screen body temperature humidity automatic examination detectionfunction (selects and matches)

    System Supports multipurpose turns on, the system function

    expansion expands (customer to have custom-made)

    Power line DC5V


    Power loss <3W

    -20? ? 50? Operating


    0% ? 95% Operation





2.1 Hardware connection schematic drawing

    TCP/IP ethernet connection 50 pin demonstrations output port

     8 driving plates switches





    system test button FPGA ISP

    remote control

     A/D transformation entrance ARM ISP time set temperature control

    Figure 2.1-1


    2.2 Hardware connection explanation

    1TCP/IP ethernet connection: The standard 10M ethernet connection, 8needles RJ45, uses the GB code mesh wire with the HUB association, uses the cross-wire with the computer net cardassociation; 2RS232/485 connection: Compatible RS232 and the RS485 connection 3DC 5V connection: Direct current 5V entrance, standard direct-current powersupply plug, inside positive outside negative;

    4A/D transformation entrance: 8 pin A/D transformation entrance, the pin definition for details sees the wiring method;

    5Driving plates switches: 8 driving plates switches, mainly uses when the RS485 network communication screen number address establishment; 650 pin demonstrations output port: Demonstrated the data 50 needles output port, used to connect the display monitor HUB board;

    7Time set port: Uses to output the successor time cut-out signal 2 needles outlet,controls the display monitor power on or off;

    8Temperature control port: Uses to gather the temperature the signal input connection;

    9Remote control port: The input connection that Uses to connect the infrared remote control singnal;

    System test button: The button that Uses to test red, green and yellow full 10

    screen demonstrated;





3.1 Double-clicks to open the system register the contact surface

    (Figure 3.1-1)

    Figure 3.1-1

3.2 User can choose the “” or “” by click the Triangle on

    the right (Figure 3.2-1)


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