Victorian Budget

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Victorian Budget

Victorian Budget

2010-11 Overview

Standing up for families securing jobs.

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    This publication makes reference to the 2010-11 Budget Paper set which includes: Budget Paper No. 1 Treasurer’s Speech

    Budget Paper No. 2 Strategy and Outlook

    Budget Paper No. 3 Service Delivery

    Budget Paper No. 4 Statement of Finances (incorporating Quarterly Financial Report No. 3) Victorian Budget Overview

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    2010-2011 Victorian Budget Overview 1


     Treasurer’s message 3

     More jobs and a resilient, competitive Victorian economy 4

     Putting Patients First 10

     Promoting community safety 13

    More support and services for children and families 15

     Investing in our schools 16

     A budget for all Victorians 18

     Maintaining Victoria’s liveability 22

     A Fairer Victoria 24

     Delivering the Victorian Transport Plan 26

     New support and investment for regional Victoria 27

     Sustainability and the environment 29

     Bushfire reconstruction and recovery 31

    2010-2011 Victorian Budget Overview 2

Treasurer’s Message

    The Brumby Labor Government’s active leadership has enabled Victoria to weather the global financial crisis and create close to 100 000 new jobs in the past year. The 2010 Budget secures up to 30 000 jobs in 2010-11, and invests in the vital services and infrastructure that have made Victoria one of the best places in the world to live, work and raise a family. Last year’s State Budget was delivered in the middle of the global financial crisis and at the beginning of

    Victoria’s long recovery from the devastating bushfires of February 2009. Despite these difficult conditions, the Brumby Labor Government has met its commitment to secure jobs and maintain our economy’s resilience

    during the global downturn.

    Close to 100 000 jobs have been created in Victoria in the last year the highest jobs growth of any Australian

    state demonstrating the effectiveness of the Government’s decisive response to the global financial crisis

    and the success of our approach of investing in job-securing infrastructure and taking direct action to build a more diverse, competitive and productive economy.

    While the outlook remains uncertain and the repercussions from the global downturn continue to affect our economy and budget, Victorians can be confident that our state is well placed to take advantage of a global recovery and continue to support jobs growth. The Government’s sound financial management – combined

    with active planning and investment for the future also means we can continue to provide the high standard

    of services and infrastructure that underpin the lifestyles valued by Victorians.

    The resilience of Victoria’s economy is reflected in forecast economic growth of 3.25 per cent in 2010-11,

    although growth is expected to remain relatively soft in 2009-10 due to the lingering effects of the global financial crisis. Despite losing tax and GST revenue as a result of the downturn and substantial investment

    in bushfire recovery our budget position remains sound.

    The Brumby Labor Government has maintained Victoria’s AAA credit rating and will deliver a surplus of $872 million in 2010-11, with surpluses averaging $1.2 billion over the following three years. Keeping the budget in surplus enables us to invest in the infrastructure Victoria will require to support people, families and communities in need, such as the Regional Rail Link and new hospitals.

    The 2010 Budget continues the Brumby Labor Government’s significant and ongoing infrastructure program,

    providing $9.5 billion in 2010-11 to deliver capital projects that, when combined with other significant works underway in Victoria, will secure around 30 000 jobs. The budget supports:

     major water projects with the Government having taken the tough decisions to build a desalination plant and upgrade our water grid to secure Victoria’s water supply, the budget continues to fund these and other statewide water projects;

     major hospital projects, including the new Bendigo Hospital, the Box Hill Hospital redevelopment, the new Parkville Comprehensive Cancer Centre and Putting Patients First reforms agreed with the Commonwealth


     the completion of this tranche of the Victorian Schools Plan, which has now funded the rebuilding or modernisation of 553 government schools across the State exceeding the Government’s 2006 election

    commitment; and

     the new Regional Rail Link, which will deliver very substantial benefits to both Melbourne and regional Victoria allowing services from Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong to run express into Melbourne, as well as increasing capacity on Melbourne’s northern and western suburban train lines.

    The Brumby Labor Government has progressively increased investment in the state’s health system, to give

    Victorians access to the best and latest in health care, but the costs of and demand for health services are rising. The 2010 Budget further boosts the capacity of our public hospitals to treat more patients each year, expand vital hospital services and upgrade hospitals in regional Victoria.

    Overall, this year’s budget provides a record $4 billion investment in Victoria’s health system, in partnership with the Commonwealth.

    While there has been an overall decline in Victoria’s crime rate, the Government shares the community’s concern about street violence and drunken and anti-social behaviour. To enforce tough new laws on street crime and support stronger police powers, this year’s budget provides investment in 1 966 more frontline

    2010-2011 Victorian Budget Overview 3

police, the biggest boost to frontline police in Victoria’s history.

    The Brumby Labor Government’s sustained commitment to, and investment in, regional Victoria is reflected in much stronger regional economies, more jobs in regional areas, more people moving to our regions and the overwhelming success of the Regional First Home Bonus. The 2010 Budget delivers major new regional health and transport projects, ahead of further investment provided through the Blueprint for Regional Victoria, to be released by 30 June this year.

    The budget also funds new actions to protect the lifestyles of Victorian families, help growing communities plan for the future, manage important and valuable natural landscapes, and maintain the liveability and amenity of our cities, suburbs and towns.

    The results over the past year are proof that the Brumby Labor Government’s approach has worked. The 2010 Budget continues the Government’s commitment to the core values of sound financial management, investment in infrastructure and direct action to secure jobs and support business activity values that

    successfully guided the Government’s leadership during the global downturn, and that will continue to ensure Victoria’s prosperity and liveability in the years ahead.

John Lenders MP


    2010-2011 Victorian Budget Overview 4

    More jobs and a resilient, competitive Victorian economy

    The Brumby Labor Government’s action and leadership have been critical to the resilience of the Victorian economy in weathering the global financial crisis and to Victoria emerging as Australia’s ‘engine room’ for jobs growth.

    Active, prudent leadership during the global downturn

    The Victorian economy in 2010 Since coming to office, the Government has steered the State’s economy

    effectively and responsibly, and has continued to do so during the recent Resilience and economic growth global financial crisis. Over the last 10 years, the Government focused on Growth in GSP is recovering but is still a reform agenda to build a more diverse, competitive and innovative state expected to be below-trend in 2009-10 economy. This enabled the Government to respond quickly and effectively due to the lingering effects of the GFC. to the economic downturn, working in partnership with the Commonwealth Growth is likely to strengthen and Government to invest in infrastructure projects, services, skills and broaden in 2010-11 to 3.25 per cent. innovation to support jobs and business confidence. Jobs growth Over the year to March The Government’s prudent financial management and active reform 2010, employment in Victoria grew by agenda enabled Victoria to remain resilient during the global downturn, 3.8 per cent, creating almost 100 000 provided the capacity for a significant program of infrastructure investment jobs, the highest of all Australian states. to secure jobs, and ensured that Victoria is now well placed to take Consumer confidence Consumer advantage of a global economic recovery. confidence and household spending have A resilient economy and active government leadership have meant that increased, underpinned by a recovery in Victoria has been able to avoid significant tax increases in the face of the wealth and strong population growth. global financial crisis. Victoria is also one of only two jurisdictions in The Victorian population grew by 2.2 per Australia to abolish all of the taxes and duties required under the GST cent over 2008-09, but growth is agreement with the Commonwealth, in an environment where other states expected to ease over the next four have delayed the abolition of these taxes. years.

    The Brumby Labor Government is committed to ongoing taxation reform to