Historical multiple-choice questions on the college entrance examination_1695

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Historical multiple-choice questions on the college entrance examination_1695

    Historical multiple-choice questions on the college entrance examination

     Is a standardized multiple-choice one of the most common

    kinds of questions in the kinds of questions. Since the implementation of standardized proposition, it has in the

    college entrance examination papers in history has been dominated by 40 ? 50% of the score. One of the multiple-

    choice questions, although in 1988 in China began to appear in entrance examination questions of history, but its score since 1990, began more than individual choice, and the title three consecutive years, scores were flat with the questions and answers. More importantly, with the historical question of reform of college entrance examination and history of the gradual deepening of the continuous improvement of academic competency requirements, in particular the multiple-choice

    multiple-choice test feature to get an in-depth development,

    and has been achieved in order to examine the history from the knowledge-based that in order to examine the history of

    thinking mainly of a qualitative leap. This is a historical question of China's college entrance examination in the excavation Questions in examining functional aspects of a major breakthrough, it is worthy of emphasis on high school history teacher. Paper far as the characteristics of multiple-

    choice entrance examination of history, classification and problem-solving training can talk about some views, for discussion of reference peers.


     Historical multiple-choice entrance examination, in

    addition to a general multiple-choice questions covering a

    wide range of shared, form the advantages of flexibility and rate of objective, there is a clear its unique features:

     First, it does not have a fixed orientation of thinking

     Single choice of the most prominent feature is a fixed direction of thinking ? ? 4 election 1, and therefore less

    likely to choose a number of mistakes, while the most prominent feature of multiple-choice questions is no fixed way

    of thinking orientation, whether it is 4 election 2, Select three or four, four election four? Thanks to answer in the answer to analyze the process of breaking sentence. Therefore, even if is to examine the same historical knowledge, multiple-

    choice more difficult than multiple-choice major.

     Second, it's very strict assessment criteria

     Historical multiple-choice questions in the entrance,

    there are "more selection and less election, the election not the wrong score," an express provision, the Every question must be one hundred percent of the selecting the right option, before scoring. This is a very strict standards. The extent of knowledge from the master, said to be four options for selected pairs of the three should be able to pass, but according to the above criteria, it can only get 0 points;

    Similarly, in the three should be selected for the two options for students , it should be more than just choosing the right one, and one student chose the wrong strong, but according to the above criteria, the two scores and no difference. This

    very strict they are not very scientific assessment standards, although the selection examination reflects the high demand, but significantly increased the difficulty of multiple-choice


     Thirdly, it is extremely strong vitality

     Through the efforts of the experts group of propositions, which features a variety of tests have been thoroughly excavated: it can examine the accuracy of historical knowledge, memory and a comprehensive understanding of the concept of history, but also examine the impact on the historical analysis of the facts, compare, summarize, and summary of the historical perspective of the analysis, diagnosis and evaluation, as well as the intrinsic link between historical phenomena and their understanding of the

    nature, but also examine the impact on the understanding of historical material, identification, interpretation and assessment. It is this multi-testing capabilities to its wide

    coverage, the advantages of a combination of an objective score to make it in the entrance proposition has broad prospects. Estimated the number and scores of its title is also likely to increase.

     Before 1993, the college entrance examination history, measurement of multiple-choice objectives are basically the

    historical knowledge of the relocation of elements of classification and enumeration of historical facts connected; the past two years, which greatly strengthened the ability to examine the history of thinking efforts to an entirely new look. Nearly three years of the new college entrance

    examination, for example, in 1993, 10 multiple-choice, examine

    the comparison, analysis, evaluation, ability to think and only two; 10 title in 1994, then jumped to 6 in; 1995 12 questions, he also increased to nine (which required a small

    number of examination questions is also too much of the theory points)!

     This large-stride of the fast-changing year after year,

    so that a large number of candidates who lack training in this area very difficult to adapt. According to the State Board of

    Education Examination Center of sampling and analysis of statistics, in 1995 the overall difficulty of College Entrance Examination Questions of history was 0.46, while the multiple-

    choice questions is the difficulty of 0.34, compared with the

    difficulty of Questions and Answers (0.38) also big into the whole volume of the five kinds of questions A most difficult kinds of questions.

     The history of multiple-choice entrance the main features

    of propositions being difficult to adapt to trends and the

    status of candidates to our high school history teacher raised an important and urgent task: to master the knowledge of history must be the structure and improve the level of theoretical analysis, based on the in-depth study of multiple-

    choice test function, strengthen the multiple-choice problem-

    solving guidance and training to effectively develop and improve students historical thinking, and cultural and ideological qualities.


     Historical multiple-choice entrance How classified? From

    a different point of view, according to different standards have different points system. I measured from its goals is what we often say that the ability to request consideration, and can be summarized as five types:

     The first: the type of knowledge to

     Type is characterized by multiple-choice, should option

    this is not necessarily linked to each other more historical knowledge of them and the conversation most probably taking the logical relationship between the conversation most

    probably taking in only the tips of their knowledge of classification criteria for a coincidence of the common ground. For example, the new college entrance examination in 1993, question 32: The following regime from extinction have been replaced by Quan Chen A. Cao Wei B. Jin C. Northern Wei D. (Southern) Chen

     From the contents of examination papers to see that such multiple-choice questions are mostly determine the incidence of a particular year, a North Korea, a period of major historical events, to reflect a certain character, a nation, a country's major historical events, noting that belongs to a character, with a certain characteristics, a significant historical phenomenon, the historical facts, historical works, literature, important meetings, major battles, etc. In short, according to the classification standards of the conversation most probably taking tips meet this standard of historical knowledge in the elections. From the measurement of objective perspective, these multiple-choice questions examined are

    mainly memorizing capacity, followed by comprehension. Its statements are generally prepared by the option to repeat the original materials. Such examine the historical knowledge of the relocation of the multiple-choice classification had

    appeared in large numbers in 1993, before the College Entrance Examination in 1993, the new and the old entrance, also has accounted for half of the multiple-choice; in 1994

    significantly reduced in 1995, then eliminated from the multiple-choice questions in the.

     The second: list-type elements

     Such multiple-choice questions can be said that the

    prevalence of the listed 80's theme compression or variants.

    It is characterized, it shall options between there is an inherent link between horizontal or vertical linkages, there

    are between them and the conversation most probably taking a rather established relationships. Or that the conversation most probably taking the question or statement of the problem is the key link, should option is the head of this key link.

    Such a Class multi-purpose logic, generally in the teaching materials are either explicitly or implicitly to been seen again. Thus, as a reform, some policy, a treaty, a meeting of a number of measures or the content of a particular cause and