How Do You Measure Communication

By Samantha Hall,2014-08-09 05:39
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How Do You Measure Communication

    How Do You Measure Communication?

    By the Results You Get, So Are You Getting the

    Results You Want?

    We were all taught how to read, write and talk but most of us were never taught how to communicate effectively. Have you ever heard this old saying?

    Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones…But Words Will Never Hurt


    This must have been written by a hermit…because we all know words hurt! The Wrong words can destroy a relationship and the Right words can

    strengthen a relationship.

    If you are “Ready to Make A Change…And Keep It” then I hope you will join us

    for this very special training on Communication Mastery with Rich Grehalva.

    at Gaia Healing Center, Mt. Airy, MD

    ; Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008 (9 a.m.- 6 p.m.) and Sunday Nov. 9 (9

    a.m. 2 p.m.) *

    (Lunch is provided both days)

    In this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn how to get the results you want by understanding:

    ; How people get motivated

    ; How they process information

    ; How they make decisions

    ; How to communicate in their language

    You will learn the R5 Communication model? and can gain Mastery Skills

    giving you new tools for success and improvement in all of your relationships.

    ; R1 Rapport

    o Learn how to connect at a deep level quickly to build


    ; R2 Record

    o How to listen for what is being communicated not

    what you think they said

    ; R3 Release

    o People want to get rid of their problems and you will

    learn the three questions to ask

    ; R4 Replace

    o Once the problem is released what do they want


    ; R5 Remember

    o How to set anchors a useful resource for


    You will learn this and much more in this highly interactive workshop and improve all of your relationships with spouses, significant others, family members, friends, peers, and business associates and clients.

    Rich guarantees the processes you will learn…Will change how you communicate forever! Rich has taught this workshop to MKP communities,

    Business and Corporate Leaders, Nurses and Nurse Trainers, Salespeople, Consultants and Therapists and he includes in his presentation a wealth of techniques and technologies.

    Meet Your Facilitator Rich Grehalva

    He is a Certified Leader in the ManKind Project. He has led over 85 trainings around the world. The MKP offers trainings which support men in developing lives of integrity, accountability, and connection to feeling. The MKP trainings challenge men to develop their abilities as leaders, partners, fathers, and elders in order to offer their deepest gifts in service to the world.

    Rich often uses the teaching from his father Greywolf into his programs. He also leads men’s programs based on Native American and Christian values contained in his next book Asking for Directions “Facing the 7 crossroads of a man’s


    Rich Grehalva is the creator of Sales Mapping “The Process of Connecting the Dots and Winning Customers for Life”? and Author of Unleashing the Power of

    Consultative Selling “Selling the way your customer wants to buy…not

    the way you like to sell”. He is a much sought after speaker, trainer,

    executive coach, consultant and meeting facilitator for strategy/tactical planning


    He developed “The Executive Success Mastery Program” to specifically meet the

    needs of people in leadership positions. The program focuses on communication and proven peak performance techniques to increase your success both professionally and personally. This is the foundation of his Executive Coaching program he uses with his clients.

    Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Progarmming, Certified Trainer Rich is a Master

    in Accelerated Behavior Change, Trainer in the Language and Behavior Profile, Trained Meeting Facilitator in Compression Planning, Trained in the Balance Scorecard Methodology and Carnegie Mellon Capability Maturity Model. To maintain his competitive juices he is an amateur race car driver and may be found racing his Porsche 944 at race tracks around the southeastern U.S. He uses in-car video to illustrate his points in his motivational speaking programs. Rich is the developer and presenter of Magication Guts, held previously in the Washington area to great acclaim. He lives in Birmingham , Alabama with his wife of 25 years and is a proud father of a daughter, two sons and two grandsons. ****************************************************************************************************

    The tuition is $175 for singles and $300 for couples.

    To register, send $75 deposit to Dan Logan, 1602

    Farnborn St. , Crofton , MD 21114 .

    Please include contact information including address,

    phone and email.

    For more information, please call Dan at (703) 898-5809. This workshop is limited to

    24 participants and is non-residential. Balance of tuition is due on November 1.

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