Completing the Modular Budget Page

By Kathy Ford,2014-12-13 10:17
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Completing the Modular Budget Page

InfoEd Training: Proposal Development Module

Budget Modular Budget Page

January 4, 2008

Budget Modular Budget

    The Modular Budget page provides the user an opportunity to review, and edit if needed, the Modular setup of the budget. With NIH Modular Budgets, the user may request up to 10 Modules (each representing $25,000.00 per unit module) be applied per period to the proposal using both the Directs and the F&A basis of determination. In an ideal situation, the user may consider preparing budgets that rarely exceed the ten-unit maximum, but include all anticipated expenses justifying the need for the units. When there is a need to reflect higher expenses than the maximum units will provide, then continue to attempt to balance the budget through other periods reducing the “gap” within and/or between periods, as much as possible.


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