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    Release 3.1 Electric


1. Electric Notes:

    A Provide complete set of electrical plans and specifications by state licensed electrical engineer.

    B Install complete fire alarm system. Provide plans and specifications by a state licensed fire alarm


    C A minimum of 20 foot candles is required at all points in the corridors D Parking lots and courtyards must maintain a minimum light level of .75 foot

     candles at all points. all exterior lighting must be operated by photoelectric


    E Electrical contractor shall provide service to and hookup for exterior signage. F All outlet and switch plates and devices in guestrooms shall be white. G Fire alarm mini-horns in guestrooms shall be white.

    H Locate transformer as close as possible to main electric room. I Guestroom smoke detectors shall be hard wired with battery back-up and shall not

     be tied in to the fire alarm system.

     H Provide High-Speed Internet connection at the desk in all guest rooms.

2. Light Fixture Schedule

     A Capri lighting hpsr10/50 (50 watt downlight), recessed, hid, 6" diameter

     commercial open downlight, suit able for non- insulated ceilings, cut

     off optics with whit baffle and white trim, class P, sound rating "A"

     ballast, UL damp location listed, approved for through branch circuit

     wiring one medium base 50 watt high pressure sodium, ED17 lamp, 55 watts,

     120 volt.

    B Hubbell HS10/150/RM40w/C3 (YS15) (150 watt high pressure sodium floodlight),

     microliter, die cast aluminum housing, one piece parabolic reflector,

     CSA certified for outdoor use, one medium base 150 watt high pressure

     sodium lamp, normal power factor 165 watts, 120 volt.

    C Progress 7814 (utility drum ceiling mounted white, class, 14" dia with three

     75 watt frosted lamps, total 225 watts, 120 volt.

    D Stonco DN-VXW-2190g (incandescent vaporite) die-cast aluminum wall mount

     vapor tight incandescent fixture bronze finish, prismatic tempered glass

     globe, medium base porcelain socket, ul listed for damp locations, with

     one 150 watt A21 lamp, 150 watts, 120 volt.

F Teron Lighting Vista VA24213; 24” housing, smooth white diffuser, white acrylic end caps.

    ; Suburban Franchise Systems, Inc.

    March 2005



    Release 3.1 Electric

     Four 75 watt, A19 lamps; total 300 watts, 120 volts

    G Day-Brite Lighting WLP70512 - LP (small wallpack) exterior high pressure sodium wallpack,

     one piece stippled reflector heavy duty heat and impact resistant glass

     refractor for wide light distribution, ul listed for wet locations bronze

     finish, one 70 watt high pressure sodium lamp, quad tap ballast, 77 watts

     120 volt.

H Progress Lighting P5774 - 30, 5” Cylinder; ceiling mount; powder coat white outer finish.

    J Teron Williamsport WT26;) white housing; ribbedwhite impact resistant acrylic diffuser,

     brass trim, two PL13 Twin tube lamps, normal power factor class P ballast, 30 watts, 120 volt.

     (Mount 6- 1/2" a.f.f. to center of fixture)

    K Atech BL1 (vandal resistant emergency lighting unit) white or light finish

     2 adjust able light heads (6 watts each), 6 volt, high intensity, 95 minute

     burn time, long lasting nickel cadmium battery packs. Solid state electronics.

     Polycarbonate vandal shield. Use model # bl1-dl for damp locations.

    L Day-Brite Lighting T232 - 120 (4 foot, 2 light rs strip fixture) two lamp standard channel,

     430 MA energy saving magnetic ballast with two 34 watt T12 fluorescent

     lamps. 72 watts, 120 volt. Provide wire guard.

    L1 Hubbell SK42RL1 (4 foot, 2 light rs low temperature strip fixture) same

     as type l except with low temperature ballast (zero degree f.) with two F34

     T12 fluorescent lamps, 72 watts 120 volt. Provide wire guard.

    L3 Hubbell 32RE1 (3 foot, 2 light strip fixture) same as type l except three feet

     long with two F36 T12 fluorescent lamps, 58 watts 120 volt. Provide wire guard.

    M1 Craftmade C900 WT paddle fan, 52" diameter with white finish and fire white blades,

     and furnished with four 60 watt light bulb light kit. 320 watts 120 volts.

    N Trinity WL-2060-AA Single Fixed Arm Wall Lamp with Antique White Powder Coat Finish

     6” x 9” backplate; 2” diameter tube size; 6” x 12” x10” shade (White)

     One 75 watt A19 lamp. Rated to 100 watt lamp, 120 volt.

    NN Trinity WL-2061-AA Double Fixed Arm Wall Lamp with Antique White Powder Coat Finish

     6” x 22” backplate; 2” diameter tube size; 6” x 12” x 10” shades (White)

     Two 75 watt A19 lamps. Rated to 100 watt lamp, 120 volt.

    R Hubbell WGW44-WAC-E1 (4 foot wraparound fixture) 14 3/4 (nom) wind 48" (nom)

     long 3 3/8" (nom) deep. Surface mount static with clear acrylic prismatic len.

     UL listed for damp locations. class P, HPF CBM certified. Sound rating "A"

     energy saving ballast, with four F34 T23 fluorescent lamps. 144 watts, 120 volt.

    S1 Hubbell RCS-0400S-1P8-1 and LPC SSS-30-4G 400 watt high pressure sodium area

     floodlightequipped for pole mounting. Cast aluminum housing bronze

     powder coat finish, gasketed door tempered glass lans and IES Type III

    ; Suburban Franchise Systems, Inc.

    March 2005



    Release 3.1 Electric

     distribution pattern and adjustable aiming, 400 watts (nom), multi-tap ballast.

     the pole is 30 feet long by 4" inches square. Mounts by anchor bolts

     imbedded in a concreted foundation pier. .188 inch minimum wall thickness.

     fixed 2 3/8" O.D. tenon. Provided with proper anchor bolts hand hold, top cap,

     base cover and fixture mountain hardware, pole shall be suitable for the worst

     case EPA loading for this project at winds of 90 mph with 1.3 gust factor.

     provide house side shields as required.

    S2 Hubbell RCS-0400S-1P8 and LPC SSS-30-ag assembly of one pole (as type S1) and

     two floodlights (as type s1) at 90 or 180 degrees as required.

    S3 Architectural area lighting model UCM ANG H3 175MH area lighting luminaire

     with SLA4 mounting arm and prv, 4R12-125 pole. Mount outside pool fence.

     Architect to select color. Provide house side shields as required.

    T Hubbell RC2gszabe1e/gftk14 (2 light 1x4 parabolic troffer) one foot by four feet

     two lamp, flange type parabolic troffer, 3" deep, semi specular, low iridescent

     louver reflector with one row of eight cells with two F34 R12 fluorescent

     lamps, 72 watt, 120 volt.

    U Hubbell N140-120 (1 light strip under cabinet task light) one light four foot strip

     fluorescent fixture, installed as under cabinet fixture. 430MA energy saving

     ballast with one F34 T12 lamp, 36 watts, 120 volt.

    V Capri F6213V1R6202/C3 (2 light 13 watt PL downlight) fixed, recessed, compact

     fluorescent downlight, 6" diameter with clear alzak reflector, suitable for non

     insulated ceilings. white trim, horizontal lamps, NPF class P magnetic ballast. UL

     damp location listed. approved for "through branch" circuit wiring. two PL13

     twin tube fluorescent lamps, 30 watts, 120 volts.

    VE Capri ICX-7 and 61w (2 light 13 watt pl downlight with emergency battery backup),

     same as type V except with emergency battery pack.

    W Eran 606WH (incandescent ceiling globe) white finished canopy with 6" diameter

     white opal glass globe retained by three thumb screws, with one 60 watt a19 lamp

     60 watts 120 volt.

    X Panasonic (single face battery exit) led exit, self powered ceiling mounted.

     single face exit fixture. sealed lead calcium or nickel cadmium battery.

     injection molded non-metallic housing white finish, stenciled face red letters.

     arrows to indicate direction as shown on drawings. UL listed for damp locations.

     15000 hours led illuminant. 4 watts maximum, 120/277 volts.

    X2 Panasonic AT LED 21-D, identical to type X except it has an exit face on both sides

     of the fixture. All fixtures are provided with lamp.

    AA Lithonia Litepuff 10642 (decorative fluorescent) surface mounted, 17"w x 51"l x

     6.5"w, with durable white acrylic diffuser. provide (4) F34 T8 lamps, 144 watts

     60 watts, 120 volt.

    ; Suburban Franchise Systems, Inc.

    March 2005



    Release 3.1 Electric

    BB Bryant 5228 keyless fixture with one 100 watt A19 lamp, 100 watts 120 volts.

    CC Lithonia A6AR (downlight), recessed, incandescent downlight, 6" diameter with

     clear alzak reflector, suitable for non insulated ceilings; white trim. Provide

     (2) 150 watts A21 lamps and dimmer switch, 120 volt.

    DD Progress P5933-20 (decorative wall lantern), incandescent wall mounted bracket,

     10-1/2"w x 20"h, extends 10-1/4", h/ctr 6-1/4" with clear beveled glass.

     finished to be antique bronze. provide (2) 60 watts lamps, 120 volt.

    Note: Final selection of light fixture finishes shall be approved by Owner and by SFS prior to purchase. Polished brass or polished chrome fixtures are not permitted in guestrooms.

     End Division 16

    ; Suburban Franchise Systems, Inc.

    March 2005

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