COST863 Budget 2005

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COST863 Budget 2005

    COST863 Budget 2006

Total expected budget: 145.230Euro

3 Meetings as already planned:

    ; WG1 From Genome to Berry Fruit’, at Nitra Republic of Slovakia

    biakova, from 23-25 February 2006. TOTAL leaded by Dr. Gabriela Lu

    EXPERTS: 15 for 2 days.

    ; WG 2 & 3 Joint Meeting Berry Plant Quality and Sustainable

    production’ and MC meeting, at the Faculty of Agriculture of the

    Zagreb University Croatia, from 19-22 April 2006. TOTAL

    EXPERTS: 42 for 3 days.

    ; WG 1 & 4 Joint Meeting, Barcelona 27-30 September 2006.TOTAL

    EXPECTED EXPERTS: 35 for 4 days.

6 Small Group Meetings:

    1. SGM WG2 - Defining Plant Architecture, September October, Dublin, IR

    2. SGM WG3 - Pesticide rules and management for EU berry management,

    September October, Gembloux, BE

    3. SGM WG1 - Genetic Resources and variety network organization, October-

    November, Bordeaux, FR.

    4. SGM WG4 - Analytical Methods for studying berry bioactive compounds,

    November December, Dundee, UK.

    5. SGM WG1 - GMO Biosafety and berry production in combination with the

    opening conference of the UNIDO international master on GMO Biosafety,

    November, Ancona, IT

    6. SGM Chairman and WG leaders for discussing 2006 plan and EBA organization,

    Leiden, NL

    The application of 6 SGM is in line with what expected in the MoU and with the decision taken in the last MC in Zagreb, with the aim to better organize the work on specific topics and produce documents and reports that can then be presented and discussed within the network created by COST863. The topics here expected for the 6 SGMs have been emerged form the discussion carried out during the last WG meetings and were also considered as a priority in the last MC held in Zagreb. If approved, place and date of the SGMs will be better defined.


    Now were already approved 3 STSMs. Again, in line with the opinion of the MC to promote the exchange and scientific collaborations through STSMs, a new call will be opened with a larger budget availability (15000), but always for promoting high level scientific exchange. Stuart Gordon, vice chairman and responsible for the STSMs, has now some health problem, for this reason the new applications will be

    managed directly by the Action Chairman, Bruno Mezzetti, in collaboration with WG leaders for the evaluation. As soon as Stuart Gordon will be recovered he will keep managing the applications. STSMs applications can be submitted at any time and we will speed up the procedures so to have the exchanges within this year.


    Meetings WS GASG Meetings /STSMs STSMs Support

    WG1 Nitra 2 days x 15 experts 11823

    WG 2 & 3 plus MC 36287

    WG 1 & 4 4 days x 35 experts 38500 3000

    SGM WG1 3 days x 6 experts 5400 Genetic Variety

    SGM WG1 Biotec - 3 days x 6 experts 5400 GMO

    SGM WG2 3 days x 6 experts 5400 Plant Architecture

    SGM WG3 3 days x 6 experts 5400 Pesticide rules

    SGM WG4 3 days x 6 experts 5400 Analytical methods

    SGM Chairman x 3 days x 6 experts 5400 EBA

    STSMs already 3 STSMs x one weeks 3500 approved

    STSMs 1waiting for Israel signature 2000

    STSMs new call 10 for more then one week 16000

    Web page Forum Security system 2000

    Total 119010 3000 21500 2000

    Total 145510

    COST863 Budget 2005

4 Meetings:

    ; Kick off Meeting Brusselles 24 January 2005

    ; WG4 Meeting at Boku University, Wien, leaded by Prof. Margit Laimer,

    from 21 to 23 April 2005. TOTAL EXPERTS: 12


    MATERIAL Leiden - The Netherlands, leaded by Dr. Bert van Duijn, from

    23-25 June 2005. TOTAL EXPERTS: 18

    ; WG3 ‘Sustainable berry production’ to be held at Wageningen - The

    Netherlands, leaded by Dr. Gijs Van Kruistum, from 7/9 July 2005. TOTAL

    EXPERTS: 18

    2 STSMs

    GASG: WebPage

    Meetings STSM GASG Total

    64683.12 3915 2000 70598.12

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