How Do They Measure Up

By Leo Harrison,2014-08-09 05:18
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How Do They Measure Up

    How Do They Measure Up?

    Here is a side by side comparison of The Teamsters Local 228 and CAUSE on many of the issues that are important to members.

Teamsters Issue CAUSE

    Teamsters Local 228 would work with The Affiliate structure on its face could work like Structure members to form separate occupational an occupational council and encourage issues councils to address classification and other important to classes or groups of employees. In matters that are unique to each grouping of practice, it has served to insulate the CAUSE employees within the Bargaining Unit and a leadership from its members and to prevent Stewards’ Council to help police the member inquiries into questionable Agreement and facilitate representation by representation and economic practices.

    paid staff members.

    The officers of the Teamsters Local stand Members are permitted to vote for a president of Leadership election by the general membership every their affiliate group only. The President of the three years. Every member of the Union has Association is elected by only 19 members, the a direct vote on the leaders who make critical presidents of the affiliates.

    decisions in your behalf.

    Although a strong Stewards Council and Well-meaning but poorly supported site Representation member involvement are keys to long-term representatives carry the load within the affiliate success, paid staff representatives provide structure. Calls to staff go unanswered as the bulk of representation services to Association leaders draw them into other, members. Direct access to staff and other sometimes questionable activities. Association Union leaders is a cornerstone of Teamsters leaders are completely inaccessible to the Local 228’s representation model. average member.

    The Teamsters as an organization represents Most CAUSE representatives are inexperienced Experience 170,000 working women and men in and/or limited in their breadth and depth of California in a variety of industries including at experience. They are often precluded from least 14 law enforcement agencies. Staff on expanding their involvement with members by the Teamsters Unit 7 Representation Team suspicious and insecure leaders. The

    organization has redundantly approached have many successful years of experience

    representing public employees in general, representation and bargaining with few, if any, state employees specifically and law fresh ideas, new strategies or creative enforcement employees, sworn and non-approaches.

    sworn in particular.

    This breadth and depth of experience enables

    staff representatives to draw upon a variety of

    techniques, strategies and skills in resolving

    problems and negotiating critical agreements.

    While no specific promises can credibly be Members report that they are excluded from the Collective made, Teamsters Local 228 recognizes that bargaining process, are not asked for their ideas Bargaining collective bargaining is not just about sitting at nor properly informed about decisions that are a negotiations table for a few weeks every made.

    year or so. Collective Bargaining is a year-The time and energy needed to research and

    round exercise. Being in the work site, develop proposals on specific needs are not meeting with members, discussing their invested. The important differences between issues, addressing their problems, during the classifications of employees in the diverse term of the contract, is the best way to bargaining unit either are not realized or are not prepare to make necessary and meaningful addressed. Uniform, equipment and penal code changes at renewal time. status for peace officers, for example, are Soliciting input from members and selecting inadequately addressed. Excessive overtime, bargaining team members that are insufficient pay and inadequate say on shift representative of the varied needs of the assignments for shift employees directly and D:/MY DOCUMENTS/TEAMSTERS 228/CAUSE-UNIT 7/WEBSITE/COMPARISON CHART TEAMSTERS VS. CAUSE 10-05-04

    broad membership are essential. Arranging to adversely impact large numbers of members. bring additional members to the table to Aggressive and inappropriate investigative address classification or department specific techniques used on employees go unchecked.

    issues or creating side-tables where such

    issues can be fully discussed without No contract has been in place since July 2003. It detracting from general bargaining issues are has been even longer since pay and benefits key strategies that can insure the best results were improved.

    for issues of broad and narrow application.

    The monthly dues formula of 2.25 times the The dues are set without member input by the Dues leaders of the Association and have been raised member’s hourly rate of pay is established by

    several times in the past several years. the international convention of members and

    Despite the already higher dues rate, CAUSE has been raised only once in the past 10

    assesses members extra amounts for affiliate years.

    membership, legal defense and other services. One dues rate would provide for all

    representation services without additional

    assessments for legal defense or

    occupational councils.

    Most Unit 7 employees would pay lower dues,

    in some cases significantly lower than they do


    With 170,000 members throughout the State, Even after spending an inordinate amount of Political Clout The Teamsters have a much stronger and members’ dues revenue on political and lobbying broader base upon which to participate in efforts, CAUSE delivered a weak safety

    retirement bill and either deceived the members important political activities that shape the

    philosophy of government. or was completely unaware that the benefits This membership base also assists in would not be retro-active.

    lobbying efforts regarding specific issues of

    importance to the members.

    Members have direct and constant access to Access is limited or often denied completely. In Access stewards, staff and leaders. The Teamsters practice, members are insulated from decision seek to inform, include and empower makers, excluded from key processes and members in all Union activities. Free decisions and scorned for asking questions about exchange of information and ideas is representation or other Association activities.


    You can end the mediocrity of the past and Unless the members of Bargaining Unit 7 take it Prospects for demand higher levels of performance from upon themselves to initiate change, the same the Future your representative and an increased level of dance steps will continue to be performed to the involvement for yourself. same dance tunes. The Association and its Apathy and disregard are the strongest allies leaders will continue to employ their techniques

    of your current Association. They thrive on of exclusion, intimidation and ridicule. keeping you uninformed, uninvolved and Representation will continue to be selective, disengaged. elusive or non-existent. Neither individual needs The Teamsters is challenging you to let in the of department specific classifications or light, make a conscious decision for change occupational groups nor general membership and work together to make it come to pass. needs will be met.

    You Have A Choice. The Differences Are Clear. Take Action Today


    Or call 1-800-478-1228

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