Budget, Loan, and Grants Application - STUDENT ASSOCATION BUDGET

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Budget, Loan, and Grants Application - STUDENT ASSOCATION BUDGET



    2010-2011 Academic Year

    Applications Due: Friday, October

     1st in the SA Office (KSC 115) by 5:00pm

    To be eligible for funding, all organizations MUST

    thattend Presidents Council Tuesday September 28 at 2:00

    pm or 7pm, in the rafters. If an executive club member is

    unable to attend please contact Liz Olson at

    Must Sign Up for An Interview Slot When You Turn in Your Application! Interview Slot are first come first

    Serve so please turn in Applications early.

    ndthththInterview dates: Oct 2, 4, 5, and 7

    **Please read all of the Application Guidelines

    beginning on page 2.

    If you have questions concerning the

    application/interview process please email the VP of Finance Liz Olson at with the

    subject line BLG or stop by the SA Office:

    Mondays from

     2:15pm 4:00 pm



    1. Loans and grants are awarded to student groups and registered organizations,

    which do NOT receive Student Service Fees, who wish to participate in and/or

    organize programs and activities that promote the growth and development of

    the group and UMD students.

2. All applications must be submitted individually.

    3. Applications for funds should be submitted to the chair of the Budget, Loans,

    and Grants committee in the Student Association Office. ALL APPLICATION


    4. The person(s) representing the organization must appear before the members of

    the Budget, Loans, and Grants committee to answer any questions the committee

    members may have. All pertinent information should accompany the

    representative(s) at this time.

    5. The Budget, Loans, and Grants Committee will evaluate the request based


    1) Accessibility to Students

    2) Fiscal Responsibility

    3) Contribution to Cultural Diversity

    4) User fees/in kind/volunteer/other

    5) Value to Student Body

    6) Quality of Services

    7) Uniqueness of opportunities/service

    6. Any equipment purchased with allocated funds must remain the property of the

    organization/University and kept on campus.

    7. A final decision on the request will be made by the Budget, Loans, and Grants

    committee. The decision will be either:

    * The request may be determined to be inappropriate, in which case no

    funds will be allocated

    * All or part of the request may be a grant

    8. The Budget, Loans, and Grants committee reserves the right to request receipts

    from any and all applications.

    9. Checks must be picked up within 2 weeks upon notification. All checks must be

    cashed within 2 months, unless time is extended by the committee. Failure to

    pick up or to cash a check will result in loss of money. In addition, all checks

    must be cashed by the given date or a stop payment may be placed on the check.

    10. The money can not be used for travel expenses (i.e. hotels, flights, gas or car


    11. All organizations that want to receive funds from Loans and Grants MUST

    attend President’s Council.

    12. Monies received by a student group cannot be spent on any alcohol or events

    containing alcohol. In addition, Student Association does not condone the use of

    alcohol for a student organization sponsored event.

    13. If your organization is guilty of using Loans and Grants monies for the above

    described purposes, or any violations involving the Student Conduct Code, you

    will be ineligible to receive finances from Loans and Grants for one year.

    14. Budget, Loans, and Grants committee has authority over the monitoring of these

    funds. Violation of these guidelines and corrective actions will be decided by this

    committee unless specified. Corrective actions include, but are not limited to,

    ineligibility for a give time period and/or rescission of monies. All actions and

    decisions of this committee are appealable to UMD Student Association


    (Please detach this page, sign and hand in with application)

    I hereby have read and agree to all terms and conditions written in the Student Association Loans and Grants Application Guidelines.

    __________________________ ____________ Signature (President of Organization) Date

    Student Association

    Budget, Loans, and Grants Committee




    APPLICATION FOR FUNDS 2010-2011 Academic year

Group Information

    Name of Organization: _____________________________

    Type of activities: __________________________________ Number of group members (alias): ___________________ Number of group members (active):___________________ Dues per member: __________________________________

    How often do you meet:_____________________________

Loans and Grants History

Did you apply for a grant last semester? Yes No

    If yes, how much did you receive? $

Budget Summary

    Total Semester Income (i.e. fundraisers, sales, dues, etc.): $

Total Semester Expenses (i.e. supplies, food, fees, etc.): $

Amount requested: $ (This amount must be equal to

    or less than your income expenses.)



    In your supporting documents please list all sources of income and expenses that

    lead up to your total YEAR’s budget.

    Name of Person(s) Representing the Organization:


Email: __________________________



Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm on Friday, October 1st. Please submit

    the completed application and attached YEAR (Fall 10 - Spring 11) budget in the

    SA Office. Please sign up for an interview time in the SA Office when you

    submit your application.