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    These instructions are intended to assist users of the Business Warehouse Business

    Planning and Simulation (BW-BPS) system in understanding the overall budget process and the BW-BPS functionality and capabilities. BW-BPS is the SAP system used in the Annual Budget Preparation Process. Specific information is provided in these instructions on how to access the system, enter proposed budget data, and generate reports. In addition, course BPOV100, Budget Overview, provides key concepts to the budget preparation process. If you encounter problems with the BW-BPS, please follow the steps below and contact one of the individuals listed. This will greatly increase our ability to assist you in resolving your issue quickly and accurately.

    47127 Bette Bilyeu

    47135 Zandra Barker

    Before you call:

    ; Be prepared to communicate what you are trying to accomplish and what actually

    happened (what went wrong). It is most beneficial to write down the steps followed and

    take screen shots of the specific actions taken at the time of the occurrence. ; Do not call OnePurdue Helpdesk directly unless you are experiencing a problem with

    portal errors or connectivity. If you can establish a connection but cannot access the

    system, via the selected funds center, then contact the Office of Budget and Fiscal

    Planning (B&FP). If technical assistance is needed, B&FP will contact the needed

    resources. This will allow B&FP to keep abreast of any problems with the system. Need Help?

    ; Questions concerning data entry or system performance should be referred to the Office

    of Budget and Fiscal Planning at 47127 (Bette Bilyeu) or 47135 (Zandra Barker). ; Questions concerning budget policies should be directed to the Office of Budget and

    Fiscal Planning at 47141 (Amy Copas) or 47133 (Cindy McAdams).

    ; Questions regarding monthly staff employment policies and contracts should be directed

    to HR Shared Service Center (

    ; Questions regarding problems with portal errors or connectivity should be directed to

    ITaP Customer Service Center at 46000 or 44000.

    ; Questions concerning position classification, service credits, rate ranges, etc., for clerical,

    service, administrative and professional staff should be directed to Employment and

    Compensation at 47410.

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    Before beginning to work in the BW-BPS system, it is important to understand a few basics

    about the budget process and the budget system availability.

    A) BW-BPS System Availability:

    Feb 4 Feb 26 HR Master Data Validation (Data as of 1/31/10)

    Mar 4 Mar 26 HR Master Data Validation (Data as of 2/28/10)

    Mar 29 Apr 4 System Unavailable due to Final HR Data Extraction

    Apr 5 May 21 System Available for Budget Preparation (Data as of 3/31/10)

Please be aware of the following system-related availability:

    ; Users need to be out of the system between the hours of 1 a.m. to 2 a.m., a daily

    backup of the system will be performed.

    ; All OnePurdue portal down times. The BW-BPS application will also be unavailable

    at those scheduled times, since access to the system is originated from the portal. ; Daily BW Loads during the hours of 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. will reduce response times for

    the system.

    B) Accessing the Business Warehouse Business Planning and Simulation System


    Prior to accessing the BW-BPS application, a user must turn off the pop-up blocker settings associated with Internet Explorer browser.

    Log into the OnePurdue Portal and select the following path Financial

    Systems/Business Processes/Annual Budget/Budget Preparation to access the application. After selecting the Budget Preparation link, a separate application window will appear.

    This screen will be displayed

    when the BW-BPS window


    Once in the application, a user

    can then enter the funds center

    they would like to view.

    When re-entering the

    application, the funds center

    from the last successful save is

    loaded automatically on the


    After accessing the application, a useful navigation tip is to place the cursor in the body of the layout and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to maneuver within the layouts. When a user enters the BW-BPS application in a salary planning layout and retrieves the

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data for a specific funds center that funds center’s data is locked. No other user can

    access that specific funds center. No matter how many individual funds centers a

    budget preparer might access while in a session of the BW-BPS application, locks are placed on those funds centers until the user exits the application.

    All users will be assigned to a single role. Any user granted access to a BPS user role will have full access to University-wide data. There is no security defined by funds center. Users are expected to view and access only the data for which they have a business need.

    If for some reason another user accesses the same funds center and either user saves data, there is a potential for error messages to occur and data to be inconsistent. The potential error messages are as follows:

    ; Errors occurred when executing function ZP F002 (Delete Function for delta

    records/ZPM001 (Delete Function for delta records.))

    ; Data in Infoprovider ZBPS_HR01 is locked by user XXXXX

    If these errors occur, one user must exit the system without saving any data entered. This will then allow the other user to save without errors.

    To avoid locking other users, data enter the budgeting funds center in the salary planning layouts and FM budget layout upon opening the application.

    To properly exit the application and release the locks on all funds centers accessed during the session of the BW-BPS, select the exit button at the top of the application window.

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    If for any reason a preparer locks a specific funds center or a lock on a funds center needs to be released, contact the Office of Budget & Fiscal Planning. Be prepared to provide the funds center to be released and the ID of the individual locking the funds center. Please note: The start button displayed after exiting the application does not work. To restart the application, use the browser close icon “x” in the top right corner of the window and select the budget preparation link to restart the application.




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    C) Information in the BW-BPS System at the Start of Budget

    When HR master data is loaded into the BW-BPS system, only specific employee records are passed at the master cost center associated with the org unit. Those records include employees that have an employment status of active (3) or inactive (1) or the following employee groups:

    ; Administrative/Professional (A)

    ; Clerical (B)

    ; Clinical/Research/Non Tenure Track Faculty (C)

    ; Continuing Lecturer (D)

    ; Faculty (E)

    ; Fire/Police Biweekly Salary (H)

    ; Fire/Police Management (I)

    ; Management/Professional (L)

    ; Non Exempt Professional (M)

    ; Operational Assistant (O)

    ; Police Non Exempt Hourly (Q)

    ; Fire/Police Administrative (R)

    ; Post Doc/Intern/Residence Hall Counselor (S)

    ; Service (U)

    ; Visiting Faculty/Emeritus Faculty (Y)

    ; Non-Pay for IUPUFW Only (N)

    The HR master data is loaded into BW-BPS with an effective date of the extraction. It takes a “snapshot” of the HR master data as of that effective date. For the 2010-2011

    budget planning cycle the effective date for the final data load is March 31, 2010.

    D) Calculation of the Current Base and Control Totals

    At the start of the budget process a snap shot is taken of each college/major unit’s

    recurring General Fund Base as it appears on their Base Budget Tracking Report. This information is then used to establish the current base for each budget line and staff group. These are the totals used in allocating inflationary increases and making base adjustments. The Control Sheet is used to summarize the current base budget, assign budget cuts, make base adjustments, allocate inflationary increases, make special allocations and track shifts of funds between budget entities.

    The 2009-2010 base budget for each area will be calculated as follows: ; 2009-2010 Total Budget

    ; + (or-) Recurring Adjustments as of 2/28/2010

    The Control Sheets are distributed to each College/Major Unit (Colleges, Schools, or Vice Presidents/Vice Provosts Areas) at the beginning of the budget process. College/Major Units should then work through the steps of the budget process outlined in Section 4 (steps 16) of this document. When proposed information has been entered, areas can then review their control totals. See Section 4 (step 4).

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    Each area receiving a general fund allocation is required to prepare a completed budget equal to the area’s control total. The control total (2010-2011 Adjusted Budget) will be calculated as follows:

    ; 2009-2010 Base Budget

    ; - Budget Reductions (if any)

    ; + New Allocations (inflationary increases on S&W and/or S&E, etc.) An example of the sheets and screens used in this process is included in this packet as Appendix I. Please also refer to your area for specific internal processes/procedures.

    E) BW-BPS System Layout Information (Basic Description)

    The Business Warehouse Business Planning and Simulation (BW-BPS) system allows you to budget salary information by person, salary information in total CUL, or in a lump sum such as a wage line. Users can also budget supply & expense costs or reserve amounts.

    Some limitations of BW-BPS include the following:

    ; Employees cannot be added/deleted/moved by name.

    ; Promotion amounts by name cannot be added to the individual’s proposed salary.

    ; Vacancies are not rolled up into a reserve account, such as a reserve for unfilled

    positions (RUP). The vacancy will appear in the account where it is budgeted.

    F) Funds Budgeted and Retracted to Funds Management

    General and Restricted Funds For budget purposes, general and restricted funds are defined as follows:

    General funds: 21010000-21059999

    Restricted funds: All other funds

    The proposed budget should include anticipated expenditures by general and restricted

    funds and by major category of expense: salaries, wages, supplies, or other allowable commitment items (refer to Appendix E). The fund distribution for all expenditures

    should be budgeted as accurately as possible.

    All of the general fund budgets and some of the restricted fund budgets will be used to

    establish the Funds Management (FM) original budget records for the next fiscal year through the FM retraction process.

    The following funds are retracted to FM at the end of the budgeting cycle: 21010000-21059999 General Funds

    22080000-22089999 Income Producing Continuing Education Admin

    24010000-24039999 Auxiliary and Service Enterprises

    24080000-24089999 Health and Recreation Services

    31010000-31019999 Statewide Technology

    32020000-32039999 Field Extension Agents and AG Initiative - CES

    33060000-33089999 Animal Disease Diagnostic Control, State Appropriations, and

    AG Initiative - AES

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    34010000-34010005 Federal Appropriations CES

     34019000 Federal Appropriations Reserves CES

    34510000-34510003 Federal Appropriations AES

    34519000-34519003 Federal Appropriations Reserves AES

    The following guidelines should be followed in budgeting general and restricted funds:

    General Funds

    ; Do not budget income.

    ; Do not budget expenditures for fringe benefits or Facilities &

    Administration (F&A) as they are budgeted centrally.

    ; Do not budget graduate fee remissions as they are budgeted centrally in

    the Student Aid budget.

    ; Budget fellowship supplements only if funded from the general fund


    Restricted Funds

    ; Do not budget income. Although not budgeted, sufficient income should

    be anticipated to cover budgeted expenses on funds 22020000-22029999

    and 22030000-22039999.

    ; Budget fringe benefits if these expenses are direct charged to the budgeted


    ; Do not budget F&A expenses as they are budgeted centrally.

    ; Do not budget graduate fee remissions or fellowships as they are budgeted

    centrally in the Student Aid budget.


    Log into the OnePurdue Portal

    Steps for logging into the OnePurdue Portal

    1. Go to

    2. Click the OnePurdue Portal link.

    3. Enter your Career Account login and password.

    If you have the Portal already bookmarked; use it and log in. Turn off Pop-up Blocker

    To effectively use the BW-BPS application, turn off the Pop-up Blocker by clicking on Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Turn Off Pop-up Blocker in Internet Explorer.

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    Failing to NOT turn off the pop-up blocker may result in locking

    one or multiple funds centers in the budget preparation system.

    Navigate to the BW-BPS Application 1. Click Financial Systems

2. Under the Business Process tab,

    select the Annual Budget folder. The

    folder contains the following two


    a. Reports folder

    b. “Budget Preparation”

    Note: The BW-BPS application always

    starts in the Exempt layout.

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     BW-BPS Report Navigation

    The Reports folder in the Detailed

    Navigation frame allows users to view all

    the reports available for budget preparation. There are three general report groups: ; Salary Planning reports showing

    proposed salary information for

    named and non-named salary items.

    ; Funds Management reports

    showing all proposed budget

    amounts, including supply &

    expense or reserve amounts.

    ; Warnings and Validations reports

    indicating any errors with budget

    planning data or validation of the

    correct master data loaded from HR. BW-BPS Layout Overview

    ; Once in the budget preparation link, enter a funds center in the “Select Funds Center

    variable entry box to view data.

    Please note: The first time a user logs on to the application they will receive the error

    message below until they have successfully completed a save. This also applies to the

    FM layout where users must additionally enter the selected funds center.

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    ; Press <Enter> to view the data.

; Only one user can be in each Funds Center at a time.

    ; Avoid locking other users by entering the funds center on the salary planning and

    FM budget layouts upon opening the application.

    ; If another user is locking the funds center requested, contact them to exit the

    system. If locked data is still an issue, contact the Office of Budget and Fiscal


    Layout Buttons and Icons Descriptions

    ; Save Performs calculations of

    layouts and saves the data

     entered. ; Saving may take some time to complete. Note: To minimize process time

    and loss of data perform the save ; Exit Closes the application and

    function and not refresh. releases locks on all funds


    ; Always close BW-BPS

    application using EXIT.

    ; Always close the BW-BPS

    application before closing

    the Portal.

    ; Refresh Performs calculations

    of layouts without saving and

    updates layout information.

    ; This function takes the same

    amount of time to complete

    as “save.” With this in mind,

    it is recommended that save

    is selected over refresh.

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