Budget Template for Contribution Project Proposal

By Florence Rogers,2014-12-13 10:05
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Budget Template for Contribution Project Proposal

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    File Number: Budget Template - Supporting Details

Applicant Name:

Title of Proposed Project:

1. A. Activity

    Related Direct 1. Staff Wages

    Project Costs a) Staff wages & Mandatory Employment-Related Costs


    b) Other employment-related benefit costs (Worker’s

    Compensation Benefit, medical, dental, pension, etc.)

    where warranted by current organizational Human

    Resources (HR) policies;

    c) Other HR costs such as extended illness & maternity

    leave, vacation leave pay out, severance pay, etc. where

    warranted by current organizational HR policies and

    provincial labour standards. (This is not a contingency

    option. Costs must be foreseeable and negotiated in the

    original agreement and will otherwise require a negotiation

    and an amendment when incurred.);

    2. Professional

    Fees d) Professional fees - contracting (e.g. bookkeeping,

    janitorial services, Information Technology (IT), equipment

    maintenance services, security; audit costs and legal fees

    are noted separately below);

    e) Legal fees (i.e. reasonable allowance for costs related

    to review of lease for new project site premises);

    3. Travel

     NLBM 5387E (2009-11) DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS - NLBM 5387F Page 1 of 9

    f) Staff and volunteer travel (transportation costs, taxi,

    kilometric charges, etc. as per staff travel claims; includes

    international travel where warranted; transportation is

    noted in category 1C);

4. Capital

    Assets g) Capital assets (any asset requiring agreement of

    disposition, as per program specific Ts and Cs value; may

    be any of the assets included in this listing)

5. Audit Costs

    (provincially h) Audit costs related to provincially mandated audits;


6. Other

    Activity Related i) Furniture;

    Direct Project


    j) Staff disability supports (duty to accommodate);

    k) Staff training for disability-related issues (e.g. sign

    language training);

    l) Conference attendance fees;

    m) Conference costs (meeting room rental, guest

    speakers, etc.);

    n) Rent, lease (including applicant owned premises) and

    repairs and leasehold improvements (insurance is noted

    below, in category 1C);

     NLBM 5387E (2009-11) DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS - NLBM 5387F Page 2 of 9

o) Signage;

    p) Utilities;

    q) Equipment lease, rental or purchase (including

    computers, fax machines, etc.; copy charge for

    photocopies is included in the equipment repair and maintenance cost item below, in category 1C);

    r) Computer software;

    s) Costs associated with use of applicant-owned assets

    other than premises (e.g. computers and other equipment,

    furniture, etc.);

     t) Memberships (professional and organizational),

    affiliation fees and business licenses and permits;

    u) Advertising (newspaper ads, flyer production, etc.);

    v) Reference materials (books, periodicals, subscriptions,

    etc., which cannot be easily traced/tracked back to usage by project participants);

    w) Significant project costs associated with the following

    types of expenditures (i.e. non-standard/non-basic

    amounts over and above the regular, day-to-day

    operational costs):

    i. Telephone (installation and extraordinary

    costs related to telephones and/or fax lines

    required over and above regular operating


     NLBM 5387E (2009-11) DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS - NLBM 5387F Page 3 of 9

    ii. ii. Postage (significant costs associated with

    project activities which increase expected

    costs of postage beyond normal operating


    iii. Internet (web page design, etc.) and other IT

    requirements (significant costs associated

    with project activities, which increase

    expected internet related costs beyond normal

    operating requirements);

    iv. Printing (significant costs associated with

    project activities, which increase expected

    printing costs beyond normal operating

    requirements); and

    v. Staff professional development (courses

    required by staff which are not part of the

    routine development courses required by the

    organization’s policies);

    x) Costs related to transition/wind-down (severance pay,

    other HR related costs, penalties for breaking leases, etc.)

    1. B.

    Participant 7. Participant

    Related Direct Wages a) Participant wages & MERCs;

    Project Costs.

    b) Allowances, bonuses;

    c) Other employment-related benefit costs (WCB, medical,

    dental, pension, etc.) where warranted by current

    organizational HR policies and/or provincial labour


    8. Participant

     NLBM 5387E (2009-11) DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS - NLBM 5387F Page 4 of 9

    Tuition Costs d) Tuition costs public;

    e) Tuition costs private;

    9. Other Participant f) Living expenses; Related Direct

    Project Costs

    g) Disability-related supports (attendant care, note takers,

    sign language interpreters);

    h) Disability-related incremental costs (i.e. additional per

    diems for fees for assistance provided, etc.);

    i) Professional fees related to participants sub-

    contracting (i.e. vocational assessments, needs

    assessments, guest speakers, etc.);

    j) Dependant care;