Values in Westward Movement

By Laurie Rose,2014-07-20 17:22
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Values in Westward Movement

    Values in Westward Movement

    ththDuring the late 18 century and 19 century, thousands of American

    people went across the Appalachian Mountains and moved to west, in order to exploit the west territory. This was called Westward

    Movement. Although this movement brought great disasters to local Indians, its positive influences on Americas development was very


     Westward Movement had a significant and far-reaching impact on Americans economy and politics.

     In Americas west, there was a lot of plains, together with rich soil , plenty of sunshine and abundant rainfall. The natural conditions there were very good for agriculture. After the Westward Movement , the Midwest quickly became a well-known grain base. This movement

    helped to bring mechanization, regionalization and specialization to Americas agriculture.

    The development of agriculture in the western region provided for industrial development a large amount of food, raw materials, exports and domestic markets. With abundant natural resources there, such as coal, iron ore, oil and water, its industry developed very fast. Whats more, this

    movement made the labor force’s layout of United States changed. It

    promoted the formation of a unified domestic market and developed

    a rapid commercial complementary between the east and west. It also promoted the Industrial Revolution and laid the foundation for the industrialization of American.

     With the development of the Westward Movement, the reform of transportation had been a task. From the 19th century, the government had built 5 railway lines across the west and the east. It helped the western agricultural society turn into industrial society.

    Also, the Westward Movement is a large-scale immigration. These immigrates helped to build a lot of cities such as San Francisco, Los

    Angeles and so on. This movement made contributions to Americas


    The Westward Movement not only made contributions on Americas

    economy, it also helped this country to improve its politics and democracy. The government made laws to establish the relationship between the western states and federal government. The new states in western region could joint in the federal government equally as the eastern states did. This movement brought democracy to western states. On the one hand, the western states could enjoy their independence; On the other hand, the federal governments authority could be strengthened.

    All in all, the Westward Movement was of great values in Americas

    history. It inspired Americans creativity and economic vitality. To some

    degrees, it helped to improve Americas international status. Without the

Westward Movement, America could not have such a great success in

this world!

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