Kindergarten management approach to innovation Thoughts _12258

By Michele Cole,2014-11-28 11:00
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Kindergarten management approach to innovation Thoughts _12258

Kindergarten management approach to innovation Thoughts

[Zhai to] At present, China's pre-school education is to fully

    implement the new curriculum reform. 'New Curriculum' is not just the specific teaching content for young children a simple change, but the

    whole concept of preschool education, work, education, teaching methods, education and teaching behavior systematically integrated a full range of reforms, while the existing education and teaching the reform of management system accordingly put forward new demands and new goals.

    Establishment of a new management mechanism matched kindergarten education teaching reform in depth and comprehensively promote the 'New Curriculum' support and protection under the new situation the objective needs of the

    work of our early childhood education.

    [Key words] kindergarten management ways and means of innovative mechanisms for Thought

     Since China's unbalanced regional economic development, different regions, different economic and social conditions, to build a

    new type of management model of the specific content of kindergarten there different requirements. I work based on many years in teaching, summed up the following method, the overall focus on the need to say to the following points.

     First, in order to strengthen the people-oriented

    management system

     Early childhood development, early childhood teachers are the main body, rather than the completion of early childhood education task. Therefore, the kindergarten to develop a new management system and the establishment, it is necessary to improve teachers a sense of ownership, enhance the sense of belonging, a collective sense of honor to start, multi-tap their potential, emphasizing human-centered, humanistic

    care embodied.

     1, respect for teachers. 'New Curriculum' demands early childhood teachers to explore the teaching of sex education, then set the course and development of young children is particularly important that this inevitable requirement for early childhood teachers should have the ability to innovate. 'Teacher as researcher' means that teachers from the dominant to become researchers, this is a new era of the minimum requirements for each kindergarten teachers. If the kindergarten

    management system is too rigid dogma, is bound to affect the teacher-

    learning research and development programs enthusiasm and initiative. Thus, in the development of kindergarten management system, it is necessary to achieve scientific standardization, but also reflects the

    humane and full of humane care. Be truly respect teachers fully understand the special nature of labor and creativity of teachers, for teachers to learn the research and development programs with sufficient time and space.

     2 to understand the teacher. At present children are basically the only child, spoiled a common problem. Teacher faces child from parents, society and even the kindergarten pressure. According to relevant data research and analysis: teachers among the mental disorders

    accounted for 20% a few even more. Many teachers face the pressure of a tough spot, at a loss, heart is very depressed. Therefore, the development of kindergarten management system must be fully taken into account demand for teachers. Teachers through in-depth, to ingratiate themselves with

    dialogue, understanding and master teacher's personality, hobbies, level of expertise and ability to grasp the needs of teachers, especially in the inner needs of teachers. Only by fully understanding the basis of

    teachers, the development of the kindergarten system, is the real practical. The greatest extent to meet the demand for teachers to raise their sense of ownership, enhance the sense of belonging, a collective sense of honor, in order to mobilize and bring into play the initiative of teachers, enthusiasm and work potential, thus promoting teachers to happy, threw himself into ' New Curriculum Reform 'and going.

     3, development of teachers. We should establish management as a service point of view, the management of the building into a kindergarten teacher development platform. On the one hand, to strengthen human resources to recruit, right to relax the access of qualified personnel; the other hand, to consider personnel exchanges, and actively

    to the local talent to a higher and better referrals, establish teacher awareness. At the same time to strengthen teacher education training and continuing education, and through inviting people to send out other ways and means to regularly invited experts and scholars to garden lectures, to teach new teaching experience and ideas; and arrange for a certain time and funds to promote teacher job training and continuing education.

     Second, enhance the sense of democracy to make management

    more scientific

     To achieve democracy, scientific education and teaching, first of all, we must strengthen and improve the teacher's own sense of democracy, because democracy in education and teaching is one perpetrators

    of the teacher. If the teacher's own sense of democracy is weak, how can we expect them to respond to infants by the cultivation of democratic consciousness. The strength of democratic consciousness of teachers, but also manifested mainly in the kindergarten management system is democratic

    and scientific. To re-build the kindergarten management mechanism, we should pay attention to democratic management and democratic supervision of the construction, the implementation of kindergarten democratic management, and effectively change the principal of one-man approach.

    First, we must improve the faculty's congress system and give full play to faculty on behalf of the General Assembly in the positive role of democracy-building, to truly empower the faculty participate in the

    democratic management and democratic decision-making rights; second is to

    give the faculty of the overall work of the supervisory authority only from the system to ensure faculty supervision, democratic supervision system, the construction can have the real meaning; third is to establish a democratic consultation and dialogue, democratic systems of evaluation and competition for posts. Secondly, we must establish and perfect a democratic and scientific education and teaching management. According to

    'New Curriculum' concept, to embody all the principles of participation, so that teachers, children, families and communities to participate fully

    in the nursery's development plan, curriculum reform, education and teaching evaluation, ideological and moral education and child care

    activities in the past . Only in this way can the teachers, kindergarten children to become true masters of education and teaching and thus truly democratic and scientific. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     Third, improve the mechanism to establish and improve the teacher evaluation system

     As the teacher evaluation and professional development of teachers, job title job promotion, economic income is closely related to

    the vital interests of the teachers evaluate the impartiality of the largely influence the work of teachers passion and work attitude, and directly related to the 'new Curriculum Reform 'of success and failure. With regard to teacher evaluation, in June 2001 the Ministry of Education

    promulgated the 'Basic Education Curriculum Reform Program' that clearly stated: 'the establishment of the promotion of teachers to continuously improve the evaluation system. Emphasis on teacher behavior for their analysis and reflection on teaching, mainly the establishment of teacher self-evaluation, principals, teachers, students and parents to participate in the evaluation system to enable teachers to obtain information from various aspects, and continuously improve the teaching level. 'So,' New

    Curriculum 'advocated by the teacher evaluation is to develop evaluation. The development of teacher evaluation help to improve the morale of teachers, strengthening a sense of trust and improve interpersonal relationships; will help deepen the curriculum reform, and actively

    support the formation of teachers in the atmosphere of innovation.

     1, to develop the content and standards of evaluation. To change only the value of traditional teaching effectiveness of teachers,

    pay attention to children in language, computing, music, art, sports, painting, etc. The ability to grasp the evaluation system, to fully embody the 'New Curriculum' spirit, focusing on teachers by education, teaching and research, education reform experiments, creative teaching and park

    development, and this course the relationship between teachers and child care, homes, etc. Contact a comprehensive evaluation of the work, reflecting the nature of the creative work of teachers to meet the 'New Curriculum' role changes for teachers and teaching demand a change.

     2, implementation of the evaluation. To put an end to all the formalism, and strive to guide the evaluation process to become reflective teachers learn, learn self-summary process, so as to further

    raise awareness, new concepts. Compared with the external evaluation, teachers know their most aware of their working background and target audiences, most know what the advantages and difficulties of the work. Therefore, the evaluation of teachers, teacher self-evaluation must be

    based mainly with the principal of, teachers, children, parents, co-Shen

    Ping, and guide teachers in teaching behavior analysis of the problems and causes, enhanced teacher self-reflection and summary capabilities.

     3, attach importance to teachers in individual

    differences. It is because teachers in character, professionalism, education and teaching styles, teacher and children interaction types and working background in such aspects as there is a huge difference, so that

    the overall education and teaching has become more colorful. The development of teacher evaluation ideas, the evaluation will not only should not be devoid of objective existence and the elimination of these

differences, but teachers should respect individual differences, and

    according to which individual differences in personality of the evaluation criteria established to evaluate the focus and the corresponding methods of evaluation, a clear to have the targeted one teacher put forward

    suggestions for improvement and professional development goals. Give full play to the strengths of each teacher to better promote teacher professional development and independent innovation. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

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