Budget information for 2010

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Budget information for 2010

    CY 2010 WIC Program Budget Material Instructions

    January 1, 2010 December 31, 2010


    The WIC Program requires that all local agencies complete a budget for all funding received through the WIC Contract. The budget documents where the funding will be spent (i.e., personnel, contractual services, agency operations, etc.). A budget is required at the beginning of a calendar year when funding awards are made after the formula allocation is completed and when funding increases occur during the year. A new budget is generally not required for initial funding of a calendar year if it is the same as the prior year final funding level. The initial funding was emailed in early November 2009.


    ; Detailed budgets are required by USDA, therefore, Wisconsin WIC will return to detailed budgets. It

    is required that the WIC budget includes detail for Personnel, Consultant/Contractual, and Agency

    Operations categories on both the WIC and Other budgets.


March 15, 2010 Budget materials e-mailed to WIC Directors.

March 15 April 12, 2010 Technical assistance available via telephone:

    Contact: DPH Regional Nutritionist, or Ann White for

    Milwaukee County projects, or Deborah Grenier, WIC Program

    Operations Coordinator at (608) 266-2148.

    Contact Nancy Brown-Joyce (608) 261-6383 with questions

    about the budget and Excel worksheets.

April 12, 2010 One set of budget materials sent electronically are due to the

    Regional Nutritionist or Ann White, Milwaukee WIC

    Coordinator (Milwaukee County Projects)

May 10, 2010 Regional Nutritionists and Ann White, Milwaukee WIC

    Coordinator forward budgets to State WIC Office.


    Overview: The WIC Program requires all local agencies to complete a budget that identifies where funding is being committed in both column and row categories. Projects must use the budget form included in the materials and submit them electronically. NEW Detailed line item information is required

    to support the budget. See Policy 11.2 page 4 for guidance on how to plan a detailed budget.

    Budget amounts for the current year were emailed by Nancy Brown-Joyce on March 11, 2010. It included WIC caseload, funding from the WIC allocation formula, and any additional funding included in the WIC Contract, such as Breastfeeding Peer Counseling, Special Projects, and Farmers’ Market funds.

    Profiles for these funding sources are listed below. Note, only the WIC 154710 will receive advances in the first three months of the budget period.


    154710 WIC

    154720 WIC Farmers’ Market

    154745 WIC Special Project

    154760 Breastfeeding Peer Counseling

Using the Microsoft Excel file: The budget is an Excel worksheet, filename: WICBudget 2010.xls.

    Open and save the file from the email or go to the WICPRO website , then click on Forms and Publications, then click on

    Administrative. Click on ―File‖ then ―Save As‖ and change the name of the file to reflect your project

    number. For example, for Project 06, P06 WICBudget 2010.‖ Put a space after the project number. Be

    sure to do this before you email the budget to your Regional Nutrition Consultant or Ann White. These instructions will also be saved in WICPRO.

    When the file is opened, you will see that there are two tabs at the bottom: WIC and Other. Only the budget for WIC profile 154710 is entered on the ―WIC‖ tab. Any other funding is put on the ―Other‖ tab of the budget worksheet. Click on either tab to view that part of the budget.

    Moving around in the file: The budget worksheet is protected and only allows entry in certain cells. Complete the budget by using the ―tab‖ key to move from cell to cell, from left to right, top to bottom.

    Using ―tab‖ allows you to move through the unlocked cells only so entering data should be much quicker and easier than in the past. You can still use the arrows to move around in the unlocked cells the spreadsheet.

Completing the Budget: The budget forms are the same as last year’s. Enter the new calendar year.

    NEW It is required that the WIC budget include detail for each category: Personnel, Consultant/Contractual, Agency Operations, and Indirect costs. Refer to Policy 11.2, page 4 for guidance on how to plan a detailed budget.

    For budget planning, use the budgeting instructions detailed in the Wisconsin WIC Operations Manual

    Chapter 11 Fiscal/Equipment Management.

    All other funding (i.e., FMNP, Breastfeeding Peer Counseling, Special Project, Infrastructure) is on a separate budget worksheet, ―Other Budget (under the WIC Contract).‖

Budget Planning:

    ; Projects should use their agency mileage rate and charge that to WIC. If the agency does not have a

    rate, use the State of Wisconsin travel rate. Current Wisconsin travel and meal rates:

    Mileage $ 0.485 (as of July 1, 2008)

    Breakfast $ 8.00

    Lunch $ 9.00

    Dinner $17.00

    Lodging $70.00 per night per person maximum excluding taxes. (as of July 1, 2008)

    Lodging $80.00 per night for Milwaukee, Racine and Waukesha and out of state (as of

    July 1, 2008)

    ; Budget for the following meetings and/or trainings as appropriate. Registered Dietitians must obtain

    at least 75 hours of CDR-approved continuing education every 5 years and Dietetic Technicians

    (DTRs) and CPAs are required to obtain 50 hours for a 5-year period. The goal for Breastfeeding

    Coordinators is 12 CEU’s annually.


    ; New Peer Counseling (PC) Training for the Southern and Southeast regions will be held at the

    Pewaukee Radisson on February 24, 25, & 26 (Sauk, Columbia, Iowa, Dane, Green, Jefferson,

    Washington/Ozaukee, Jefferson, Waukesha, Milwaukee Projects, Racine & Kenosha.) The

    remainder of the state (including Juneau/Adams) will attend the March 29, 30, & 31 training at stthe Holiday Inn in Stevens Point. March 31 is also the continuing education day for experienced

    peer counselors and BF Peer Counselor Coordinators. This will allow local Breastfeeding PC

    Projects to pay for their own training travel, meal and lodging costs. See the WIC Breastfeeding

    Update for other training and educational opportunities. Use Profile 154760 in the ―Other‖ budget,

    not the WIC Budget.

    ; National WIC Association Annual Conference will be held May 2 5, 2010. This Conference

    will replace the Wisconsin WIC Conference. Check the agenda for meals that are provided.

    Budget for other meals and travel, as appropriate. With the 2010 mid-year budget adjustment, the

    State WIC Office will reimburse up to $555.00 per Director and CPA who attended the

    conference if they needed to stay overnight ($80 per night for 3 nights) and to cover $315

    registration. The criterion for the payment for lodging is traveling greater than 50 miles one way.

    Projects will not be reimbursed if other staff attend the conference. The State WIC Office has

    paid for all 70 local project membership dues. All staff members within a paid agency are

    considered members of NWA and receive the member conference registration rates. The

    conference website is

    ; Using Loving Support to GROW and GLOW in WIC. This is a required two-day breastfeeding

    competency training held regionally for ALL WIC staff presented by the co-directors of Every

    Mother, Inc., Cathy Carothers, BLS, IBCLC, RLC and Kendall Cox, BA, IBCLC, RLC. The

    dates are: Green Bay -- June 8-9, 2010, Milwaukee -- June 10-11, 2010, Milwaukee -- June 14-15,

    2010, Madison -- June 16-17, 2010, Eau Claire -- September 7-8, 2010, Wausau -- September 9-

    10, 2010. Breaks and lunch will be provided. Budget for other meals, hotel and travel.

    ; New staff should plan to attend a 1-day ―Welcome to WIC‖ Orientation.

    ; WIC Directors or Project Nutritionists should plan to attend a minimum of three regional


    ; Staff should plan to attend trainings that were identified as training needs during monitoring or as

    recommended by the WIC Program. For example, it is recommended that WIC staff who may

    use ROSIE Ad Hoc reports attend a Microsoft Access training to learn the basics of Access. Ad

    Hoc training has been offered by Regional Nutritionists. Microsoft offers a free tutorial on their


    ; Check with your Regional Nutritionist regarding other nutrition trainings that may be offered.

    ; For continuing education offered in 2010, go to the WIC website at

    scroll down, click on WICPRO and Training Connection.

    Printing Suggestions: The WIC budget should print on two pages, ―Other‖ budget should print on one. Check Print Preview to see if the worksheet will print properly. If not, in Preview go to Set Up, Scaling, Adjust to X% normal size. Decrease the percentage until you see that the worksheet will fit on one or two pages correctly. Caution: Never try to print a spreadsheet from your emailyou may end up with

    several useless pages!


    Send signed and dated subcontracts for rental agreements and staff (nutrition staff, interpreters, and breastfeeding peer counselors, etc.) that are new for 2010 or have been revised. Typically, the positions are in the Consultant/Contractual area of the budget. If the signed and dated subcontract is not scanned to be sent electronically, then fax it or USPS mail it. All subcontracts must be available during the WIC Monitoring process and upon request by Regional or Central Office staff.



    A Checklist is included below in form-fillable format. Check off the items listed on the checklist as they are collated. The person who verifies that the packet of material is complete according to the checklist should sign or type her/his name, date the checklist and return it with the materials. Include the name and phone number of the person to contact with questions about the budget materials.

    File name: BudgetList10.doc. Save the file with your WIC project number leaving a space after the project number. Example: for Project 06, P06 BudgetList10.doc.


    Budget Materials

    WICBudget 2010.xls


Project Name: Number:


    Due April 12, 2010

    Check off what is being sent. Send to the Regional Nutrition Consultant, or Milwaukee County WIC Coordinator for Milwaukee County Projects.

1 copy of the following:

     WIC Budget Worksheet file (Includes WIC and Other budgets) (must be sent electronically)

     Signed and dated subcontracts for new or revised subcontracted services for staff (nutrition staff,

    Breastfeeding Peer Counselors, interpreters, etc.) and rental agreements. (mail, fax, or email scanned documents)

Name of person who verified packet completion: Date:

Name of person to contact with questions: Telephone Number:


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