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    My name is Angelia.My topic is Ballet

    Raise your arms and bring your fingers together over your head. Now lift one foot, point your toes, and strike a pose. You are doing ballet. Ballet is a form of dance with graceful steps and arm movements as well as leaps and spins

    . Ballet is a beautiful type of dance. It emphasizes;强调?着重; elegance

    ;典雅?高雅;, lightness, and grace;魅力;. The movements are smooth,

    effortless;容易的?不费力气的;, and show great charm;魅力;.

    We also use the word ballet to describe a story performed to music, using ballet dance techniques;技术;. Ballet performances include not only dance

    and music but also costumes (服装)and scenery;舞台布景;.

    Ballet can be divided into three formalized;正式的; types—— classical

    ballet, neoclassical ballet contemporary ;当代的;ballet.

    Classical ballet is the most methodical;按部就班?仅仅有条; of the ballet

    styles; it adheres to traditional ballet technique. There are variations;变换;

    relating to area of origin, such as Russian ballet, French ballet, Danish ballet and Italian ballet.

    Neoclassical ballet is a ballet style that uses traditional ballet vocabulary but is less rigid;严格的?死板的; than the classical ballet. For example, dancers often dance at more extreme;极端的; tempos;速度; and perform more

    technical feats;特技;.

    Contemporary ballet is a form of dance influenced by both classical ballet and modern dance. It takes its technique and body control using abdominal;腹

    部;strength from classical ballet

    Some of the most popular ballets are Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, and The Sleeping Beauty.

    Many girls have a dream that one day they would become a beautiful ballerina who wears a tutu;芭蕾舞的短裙; dancing on the stage, like a


    Well How are ballet dancers trained?

    Girls who study ballet generally begin by age eight to ten. Boys often start later. Ballet training is hard work. Ballet students must develop strength, balance, and flexibility;灵活性?弹性; as well as grace. They must learn a set

    of movements and gestures;手势;. Girls also learn to dance on their toes.

    They usually begin pointe ;; (tip-of-the-toes) work after three years of


    All ballet students practice five basic positions of the feet. These five positions form the basis of almost all ballet steps. All of these positions are performed with the legs turned outward at the hip. The feet should be able form a straight line on the floor.

    All dancers take daily classes to keep their bodies flexible and strong. Most classes begin with warm-up exercises at the barre;扶手;, a railing;栏杆?

    扶手; that dancers hold onto for support. The second part of the class consists of slow exercises that develop balance and fluid (flowing, not jerky) motion. After this, dancers practice quick movements, such as small jumps and leg extensions;伸展;, and then large steps, turns, and leaps.

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