Budget notes for Divisions, Committees and Chapters

By Jeffrey Lawrence,2014-12-13 09:51
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Budget notes for Divisions, Committees and Chapters


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All divisions and committees are asked to submit a 2011 budget by Dec. 10, 2010, using the budget

    worksheet available online ( If a division or committe fails to

    submit a 2010 budget, the OLC will set a budget for the unit based on previous years’ expenses. The

    budget worksheet can be completed in Word, saved, and sent to the OLC as attachment to Chapter Action Councils will be allotted a set budget amount adjusted annually as necessary.

    1. Meetings. Each unit is limited to one or two in-person meetings per year (except for

    extenuating circumstances) for which expenses are covered by the OLC. All additional

    meetings should be conducted by telephone conference call or web meeting or unit members.

    A. Meeting Travel. Mileage is 34.5? per mile. Many unit members do not request

    reimbursement for mileage. It is a good idea to ask who intends to turn in for mileage

    and base your budget request on this number.

    B. Meeting Meal Expenses. If you expect to have a long meeting, you can budget for lunch

    to be catered. Catered lunches usually cost approximately $7.00 to $10.00 per lunch.

    Reimbursement for meal expenses are reserved for group unit meals and not individual


    2. Mailings. Bulk Postage is 15.5? to 23? per piece and first class postage is 44? per piece. The

    number of members participating in your Division or Committee and the number of members

    for a specific Chapter will be listed in the leadership manual under your unit’s section. There

    is an additional $150 mail-house processing charge for each bulk mailing.

    3. Newsletters. All newsletters are posted on the OLC website and distributed by e-mail. Units

    should send completed newsletter content to the OLC in a Word document. The newsletter

    will be formatted and distributed electronically. This process eliminates all the costs

    associated with printing/mailing.

    4. Publications. Publications (e.g., Library Accounting Handbook, Administrator’s Handbook)

    should not be included in your division budget. If you plan to create a publication, it should

    be budgeted for by the OLC office. Contact OLC Director of Communications Mackenzie Betts

    ( or 614-410-8092) with the following details: 1) the content of the

    publication; 2) the intended audience for the publication; and 3) the plans for distribution.

    5. Conference Calls/Web Meetings. Telephone conference call costs are .06? per minute for

    each participant. OLC also offers web meeting capabilities with some conference calling

    capabilities at no additional cost to divisions/committees.

    6. Copying. OLC will charge your unit for any copying at the cost of 2? per side for black/white

    copies and 8? per side for color copies. The OLC can create basic brochures and print them

    in-house on the color copier for much less than if a professional printer is used.

    7. Printing. Professional printing costs can vary. Brochures that cannot be printed in-house may

    cost approximately $300 to $600 for a quantity of 500. Bookmarks may cost approximately

    $200 for a quantity of 800. Posters will vary depending on size and colors involved. The OLC

    will need to get a quote from our printer if you plan on putting any of these projects into

    your budget.

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    Budget Guidelines 10/05/10 1

    8. Surveys. The OLC has software to prepare electronic surveys. Send the questions to the OLC,

    and the survey will be placed on the web for people to fill out and submit. Different types of

    reports can be prepared to analyze the survey. There is no cost to the division for surveys (7

    to 10 day lead-time).

    9. Broadcast E-mail. There is no cost to send a broadcast e-mail for your unit. Please send the

    OLC the information you want posted and allow a 24-hour turnaround time. We also need

    your help to impress on our membership that it is important that they keep their e-mail

    addresses current with the OLC.

    10. Retreats. If you wish to hold a retreat, you will need to consider: 1) the room rental cost of

    the meeting place; 2) overnight accommodation costs; 3) and the cost of meals and mileage

    for persons attending. Please remember to include the costs of any speakers or facilitators if


    11. Programming. Any programming, distance learning, or video conferencing should be

    discussed with the Director of Professional Development or Executive Director who will

    budget accordingly. This does not apply to your unit budget for the year.

Budget Guidelines 10/05/10 2

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