Health education and communication skills of nursing experience_2215

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Health education and communication skills of nursing experience_2215

    Health education and communication skills of nursing experience

     Key Words Health Education

     With the continuous deepening of China's medical system reform, the popularization of knowledge of people's health, medical care and changing attitudes, making health care market competition becomes increasingly fierce. Hospitals, like many service businesses, faced with the challenge of how to determine the quality measure, a widely accepted method of quality measurement is the patient's satisfaction, that is

    relying on the patient understanding of their own health, medical and health requirements, a comprehensive evaluation of the overall the quality of care and its depth, breadth to be comprehensive evaluation [1]. Health education is an important

    part of the overall care of them, but with a mandatory health education itself, color, and some patients with easy to understand, but there are some patients for various reasons, the health education as a sermon, two kinds of understanding,

    two kinds of results [1 ]. Therefore, methods of health education combined with communication skills to enhance the overall care of the depth and breadth, and further improve the overall standards of care.

     Communication between people is the speed of information

    transmission and exchange, that exchange of views between people, ideas, situations or emotional process. Effective communication should be the recipient has received the information and send those who expressed exactly the same

    meaning. Communicate the results is that both sides can not only interact, but the two sides can establish a certain relationship, doctor-patient relationship is the core issue of health care in the interpersonal relationships, it is linked to the service attitude, medical ethics, medical style,

    medical knowledge, each stage will have indispensable. Just talk about the attitude of not, just talk about knowledge, not rows, so education is a prerequisite for communication is the goal, satisfaction is the outcome. Based on the above, we use

    the premise of health education and good communications skills to improve a patient's healing rate and satisfaction rate, so that the quality of care to a new level.

     An evaluation of health problems, to determine the patient's educational requirements, while building

     A good first impression

     Health education is the beginning of when a patient in the hospital, the patient assessment, the main contents of a general physical, nutritional and developmental conditions,

    the patient's level of education, social status, economic situation of medical knowledge about the disease situation and the self-awareness and whether it can be healthy Education to conduct a detailed assessment to determine educational goals and educational projects, according to. In assessing the initial stage, in order to establish a good first impression of communication skills necessary to play well, such as the language of his gentle name, job function and how to call such a concise introduction to the patient's, the patient felt the first impression people have become interested With rely on, with sustenance, leaving the patient a good, perfect impression, in order to lay a good foundation for health education, rather than the patient first met, leaving one of


     2 to the true image of nurses in health education and patient consensus on the objectives

     Medical and nursing staff's every move posture of the patient's emotional expression would play a tremendous role in mental state, but should be a qualified nurse should be a degree of speech and bearing, a rigorous style. In exchange, the attitude should be cordial and amiable, the most important

    thing is polite call patients. According to position, age, elders to call them so that they would be respected and the

    beginning of hospitalization, in the health education should be a consensus that allowing patients to learn from each other, so that the patient will consciously accept the proposed health education requirements and goals, so that

    medical work There I's continue.

     3 Note that non-verbal communication, the health

    education throughout the day to day care workers

     To make every aspect of the

     Communication skills is a sincere and serious about commitment when it comes to certain to do, with sincere eyes closer to the distance the patient [2]. I believe that really is difficult to smile, facial expression, especially the new comrades always feel difficult to achieve, indicating they also do not realize the UK Si Tide said: "Smile was able to

    create a lot of value at no cost," shows a small surface, the importance of the work. A smile can give patients with intimacy, to narrow the physician-patient distance, to

    communicate successfully with patients, good communication

    with patients can make the appropriate health education: (1) population education: for the same kinds of diseases such as cancer patients so that they can knowledge and understanding of cancer incidence, tumor treatment procedures and treatment with importance. Special psychological barriers is a common problem of cancer patients, requires us to mobilize social support for patients and families the confidence to overcome the disease more of a caring, more a source of strength. (2) Individual Education: this kind of education suitable for

    single disease or psychological disorders produce stress response in patients, how to do for their own illness, how to cope with surgery, medication and treatment is important to note the issue during the period, let that they can

    understand, can understand them, can cooperate, until the patient until the master. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     4 with the "three hearts" (love, patience, compassion) to implement health education

     To develop health education programs, implementation

    process is a major part of health education in the implementation process, should pay attention to communication, more importantly, is to use the "three hearts" depending on the patient like family [2]. In patients with a variety of

    sudden and unexpected blow, pain and fear of disease, prognosis and other factors, so that patients, anxiety, irritability, tension and other negative emotions. At this time we need love and compassion, often replacing thinking, "If I were a patient, which is how the mood." Make the "three heart" stay in your mind, and implemented in action, such as education, with the warm sound knowledge of the patient's condition, complications, and no treatment and treatment of the consequences of a correct attitude toward his own illness. In particular, cancer patients are the focus of health education, because patients suffering from cancer, health education is difficult to accept a second, so we need to have patience and love to enable them to receive education, with

    treatment, to reach a consensus from the psychological , improve the quality of life, improve the survival rate after treatment, so that satisfaction among nurses and patients will try to reach 100%.

     5 Evaluation

     Evaluation of health education is an important one nursing procedures, a comprehensive evaluation of patients could be health education activities and implementation of the review, and, to some procedural audit the quality of their care, Shendu, self-esteem, self-improvement and good

    communication skills [3] . Health education in general from the "teaching" and "learning" to proceed. How to make easy to receive patients from the active learning, we must rely on communication technology to Deep from the rational to the

    action, and the patient data collection is good, ongoing assessment, constantly, until the patient has a high satisfaction with the patients smile and discharged from hospital.

     6 Vision and Experience

     The use of nursing process, since early 2002, the author

    of the 1628 cases of severe illness to implement various forms of health education, especially in health, education, I feel: a simple preaching and simple communication between nurses and

patients often can be found, and sometimes cure patients with

    the disease although the , but ignored the medical and nursing staff during the prejudice and resentment; the use of good communication skills and health education, even if the disease can not cure, but patients consistently demonstrated a high

    satisfaction in two ways, two kinds of results, which fully demonstrated in the implementation of health education in the process, and there is emphasis on the two-way nature of

    communication. A good nurse-patient relationship to ensure the

    implementation of health education, good nurse-patient

    relationship is also reflected an overall quality of nursing staff, in particular, communication skills with patients is especially important, the initial contact with the patient is in the language of communication, in the language when the

    focus from five areas: polite language, comforting language, to encourage language, explanatory language and suggestive language, artistic language [4], these five language is a bridge of communication between care treatment, but also

    standards for patient satisfaction. The hospital so that patients feel warm and operation to eliminate concerns of the patient, the operation after the patient feel comfortable, supplementary examination for patients avoid detours, five kinds of language is the language of communication skills, followed by hears suffering into the talk, do a very good the listener, with the patient to establish a good nurse-patient

    relationship. Say, well, so all three are indispensable, it will reflect the significant role, this role is to service the level of awareness, language communication skills, problem-

    solving ability. To meet the patients physical, psychological, social and many other requirements, so that patients achieve the highest satisfaction and the best rehabilitation state.


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