Gui pain capsule attached to the anti-inflammatory analgesic effect of_8

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Gui pain capsule attached to the anti-inflammatory analgesic effect of_8

Gui pain capsule attached to the anti-inflammatory analgesic

    effect of

     Authors: YUE Xing-for example, Ruan, Liu Ping, Wang Shu-Song

     Abstract Objective To study the capsule attached to Gui bone pain (FGC) of the anti-inflammatory analgesic effect.

    Methods were used anti-inflammatory experimental rat paw edema method, mouse peritoneal capillary permeability law and mouse granuloma hyperplasia; analgesic use of formaldehyde-induced

    experimental pain, hot plate and acetic acid writhing France.

    Results FGC 60 mg * kg-1, and 200 mg * kg-1 can significantly

    reduce the egg white-induced paw edema percentage. FGC 100 mg * kg-1, and 300 mg * kg-1 can effectively inhibit capillary permeability in mice, suggesting that the drug has anti-

    inflammatory effects. Analgesia experiments, FGC 20 mg * kg-1,

    and 60 mg * kg-1 can significantly reduce the formaldehyde-

    induced pain in rats carrying the full number of times, FGC 100 mg * kg-1, and 300 mg * kg-1 could significantly increase the hot-plate induced pain threshold, reduce the number of writhing; FGC 300 mg * kg-1 group also significantly prolong the incubation period of twisted body. Conclusion FGC has obvious anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

     Key words attached to Gui pain capsule; anti-inflammatory;


     Abstract: ObjectiveTo study the anti-inflammatory and

    analgesic effect of FuguiGutong Capsule (FGC). MethodsAnti-

    inflammatory effect of FGC was studied with the model of egg white induced swelling in rat paw and of dye exudation induced by acetic acid. Using the pain model in mice induced by acetic and hot plate, the analgesic effect of FGC was

investigated.Results FGC (60,200 mg * kg-1) significantly

    reduced the degree of the swelling induced by egg white in rat, and FGC (100,300 mg * kg-1 ) inhibited the dye exudation induced by acetic acid in mice, which indicated its anti-

    inflammatory its effect. FGC (20,600. mg * kg-1) obviously

    decreased the number of rats, lifting paws. The number of writhe induced by acetic acid decreased significanlty and the pain threshold of temperature stimuli increased markedly in mice when administrated with FGC (100,300 mg * kg-1); FGC (300

    mg * kg-1) also prolonged the latency of writhe.ConclusionFGC has obvious anti-inflammatory and analygesic effects .

     Key words: FuguiGutong Capsule; Anti-inflammatlry;


     FGC is already listed on a proprietary Chinese medicine for many years, with Onyang cold-dispelling, Qi blood

    circulation, swelling pain of the function is mainly used for

    clinical treatment of cervical spine and knee proliferative arthritis, local pain, flexion and extension and unfavorable. From the pharmacological point of view to validate its effectiveness, we have anti-inflammatory analgesic effects of

    FGC carried out the experiment.

     1 Materials

     1.1 Drugs FGC, provided by the Shaanxi Kang

    Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., lot 051,101, per-capsule weight

    330mg; prednisone tablets, Nanyang Pukang chemical pharmaceutical production, batch number 2006.02.12. Anti-

    inflammatory pain (powder), Shanghai 17th Pharmaceutical Factory production, batch number 2006.01.17. Evans blue, Shanghai and New Chemical Plant production and batch number 2005.04.02.

     1.2 animals, thoroughbred NIH mice, from Nanyang

    Polytechnic Medical Experimental Animal Center, weight (20 ?

    2) g, healthy, male and female were randomly assigned. SD rats, from Henan University Medical Experimental Animal Center, weighing 200 ~ 250g, healthy, male and female were randomly assigned. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     2 Methods and Results

     2.1 Anti-inflammatory test

     2.1.1 on the egg white-induced paw edema of [1,2] healthy rats 60, ? ? can, weighing 200 ~ 250g were randomly divided into six groups; ? normal saline (NS) control group; ? the

    model group; ? prednisone 5 mg * kg-1 group; ? ~ ? FGC

    20,60, respectively, and 200 mg * kg-1 group. Each group were

    ig administration, a time / d, continuous 6d. The first 5 days after ig left rear ankle of each mouse pen to make a clear and positive upper horizontal line, the volume determination of paw volume before inflammation. After the last administration 1 h, left rear paw sc10% of fresh egg white 0.05 ml-induced

    inflammation, respectively 0.5,1,2,4,6 h left rear paw volume

    measurements to calculate the percentage of paw edema [the percentage of paw edema = (post-inflammatory paw volume -

    volume of proinflammatory plantar forefoot) /-induced

    inflammatory paw volume before × 100%]. Table 1 The results

    showed that in inflammation after 30 min, 1,2,4,6 h, FGC can be significantly reduced egg white-induced paw edema

    percentage, expressed as a anti-inflammatory effect. Table 1

    FGC on rat paw edema egg white of the impact of (omitted)

     2.1.2 on the capillary permeability of mice [1] mice were 50, ? ? evenly divided, stratified according to body weight were randomly divided into five groups: ? normal saline (NS)

    control group; ? ~ ? FGC 30,100, respectively, and 300 mg * kg-1 group; ? of prednisone 5 mg * kg-1 group. Each group

    were ig administration, a time / d, consecutive 5 d. After the last administration 30 min, ip acetic acid (0.6%, 0.25 ml / only), 30 min after the intravenous injection of 0.56% Evans blue saline solution, 10 mg * kg-1, 20 min after the removal

    of cervical executed cut the abdominal cavity, abdominal cavity with 6 ml saline washing, suction aspiration washing liquid 4 ml, by adding normal saline to 10 ml, 3 000 r * min-1

    centrifuge 15 min, the supernatant at 578 nm colorimetric determination of reading absorbance value, comparing treatment group and control group differences. Table 2 shows, FGC 300,100 mg * kg-1 group absorbance value compared with the normal control group, the difference was significant, indicating that FGC can inhibit the increased capillary

    permeability in mice with anti-inflammatory effects. Table 2

    FGC right mouse peritoneal capillary permeability effects (abbreviated)

     2.1.3 on the impact of the proliferation of mouse granuloma take male mice, 23 ~ 28 g, after anesthesia, the

    left and right armpit subcutaneously into the precise yield, respectively, said given 10 mg sterile cotton balls. After the mice awake until the election activities of the normal model mice were randomly divided into five groups: ? saline control

    group; ? ~ ? were FGC30, 60,120 mg * kg-1; ? prednisone 5

    mg * kg-1 group. Each group were ig administration, a time /

    d, continuous 8 d (delivery period, the wound scratch disposable cotton balls to escape from the sample), in the first 9 days the mice were sacrificed, stripping granuloma. The left and right of each rat granuloma dry weight mean that

    the impact of proliferation of granuloma. The results in Table 3. FGC 60,120 mg * kg-1 dose group was able to significantly inhibit the proliferation of granuloma in mice, its low-dose

    had no significant effect. Table 3 FGC right mouse granuloma hyperplasia (omitted)