idioms 2

By David Mason,2014-10-16 21:08
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idioms 2

1. get off (of) my case

    2. not my cup of tea

    3. turn a blind eye

    4. something has your panties in a bunch

    5. like a broken record

    6. I’ve had it up to here

    7. the last straw

    8. a stick in the mud

    9. put it on the back burner 10. like two peas in a pod 11. a hole in the plan

    12. a ghost of a chance

    13. a breath of fresh air 14. better safe than sorry 15. batting zero

    16. you win some and you lose some 17. don’t look a gift horse in the mouth 18. hang on for dear life 19. long story short

    20. breaking the ice

    21. over my dead body

    22. a slap on the wrist

    23. to go the extra mile

    24. put a sock in it

    25. let the cat out of the bag 26. that puts the icing on the cake 27. rubs me the wrong way 28. a big fish in a small pond 29. casting pearls before swine 30. like a fish out of water 31. can’t/doesn’t hold a candle to

    32. whatever floats your boat 33. the grass is always greener on the other side

    34. sew my wild oats

    35. carry on

    36. we’ve won the battle, but lost the war

    37. sticks and stones

    38. in the middle of nowhere 39. it’s no walk in the park

    40. running in place

41. you’re asking for it

    42. beating a dead horse

    43. a shot in the dark

    44. high and dry

    45. the best thing since sliced bread 46. a taste of your own medicine 47. pardon my French

    48. water under the bridge 49. the squeaky wheel gets the grease/oil

    50. cut to the chase

    51. burst my bubble

    52. get something out of your system 53. going round in circles 54. back (up) against the wall 55. it’s not the end of the world

    56. I’m as good as my word

    57. my world revolves around... 58. the shit hit the fan

    59. if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

    60. by the skin of one’s teeth

    61. slip through the cracks 62. like a kid in a candy store 63. bite the bullet

    64. the road to hell is paved with good intentions

    65. bending over backwards 66. they’re attached at the hip 67. let sleeping dogs lie

    68. I wrote the book on _______ 69. There’s two sides to every coin

    70. a blessing in disguise 71. to be in someone’s face

    72. to wear your heart on your sleeve 73. my hands are tied

    74. I’m on cloud nine

    75. you’re off your rocker

    76. lying through one’s teeth

    77. in one's hands/ out of one's hands 78. knocked me flat on my face 79. take the bull by the horns 80. sparks flew

    81. the elephant in the room 82. shoot the breeze

    83. misery loves company

    84. two heads are better than one 85. barking up the wrong tree 86. keep someone at arm’s length

    87. until you get on your feet 88. wrapped around my finger 89. digging your own grave

    90. stick to your guns

    91. up a creek (without a paddle) 92. costs an arm and a leg

    93. What you don’t know (about _________) could fill a book 94. to take the cake

    95. on the same page

    96. Every cloud has a silver lining 97. fly in the ointment

    98. tiptoeing around something 99. to add insult to injury 100. if ___, I’ll eat my hat

    101. tooting one’s own horn

    102. get a monkey off one’s back

    103. fishing for compliments 104. go with the flow

    105. (quiet as a)mouse in a churchyard 106. in the lion’s den

    107. like nobody’s business

    108. butterflies in my stomach 109. to kill two birds with one stone 110. do I need to paint a picture for you?

    111. sweeten the deal

    112. put all your eggs in one basket 113. you reap what you sew

    114. to get cold feet

    115. food for thought

    116. on a silver platter

    117. to butter someone up

    118. when pigs fly

    119. Rome wasn’t built in one day

    120. we’re all in the same boat

    121. the sky's the limit 122. what comes around goes around 123. back to square one 124. like a bat out of Hell 125. in a nutshell

    126. hit a nerve

    127. throw the baby out with the bathwater

    128. break a leg

    129. I would give my right arm for…

    130. put my foot in my mouth 131. jumping on the bandwagon 132. in my mind’s eye

    133. head over heels

    134. when hell freezes over 135. to be caught red-handed 136. to miss the boat

    137. to hit someone below the belt 138. to spill the beans 139. once in a blue moon 140. to put one’s blood, sweat and tears into something 141. music to my ears

    142. to steal someone’s thunder

    143. on the fence

    144. to bite one’s tongue

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