Balanced budget journal

By Edwin Daniels,2014-12-13 09:31
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Balanced budget journal

GLBGT-07 13/12/2010

    Using the ADI Budget Journal Template to uploads Budgets

    The ADI Budget Journal Template, is an excel spreadsheet designed to automatically fill in a Budget Multiple (UOM) Web ADI journal. A copy of the template can be found in G:\FIN\ADI

    Budget Journal Templates

The Spreadsheet contains 3 worksheets

    Template: This is a data entry sheet to allow you to input your budget BUDGETXXXX Only: This is an ADI budget journal which will upload just the Budget XXXX BUDGETXXX & FUNDSCHECK: This is an ADI budget journal which will upload to the Funds Check

    budget as well as the Budget XXXX

Inputting the Budget

1 Enter the Activity code (or Bucket Code) in the Activity Code Field

    2 Set the factor in the Budget Values box that the budget is going to be entered. This will multiple the

    values held on the template so that the journal will be the correct value 3 The IE Code and SOF Code boxes contain the suggested IE and Source of funds code for the

    reporting line. In come cases these are bucket code. If you want to enter on a specific IE or SOF code

    these can be amended by entering the code in the relative blue IE or SOF box

     The Depreciation IE Code will need to be set to the relevant 65XX IE code for the Activity 4 The budget data should be entered in columns under the correct month. These can be entered as

    numbers or formulas to other spreadsheets.

    a. Income values do not need to be entered as negatives, as the template will recognise these as

    credit values.

    NOTE: the Template has been set to show the full calendar year in a

    single window. If this is too small you can change the size by going to ;

    View-zoom and setting the number to a high number. A Zoom setting of

    60% will show the full calendar year

GLBGT-07 13/12/2010

    Uploading the Spreadsheet

    You only need to upload one of the ADI budget Journal sheets, however they both will be updated from the template

    The Budget Journals are the same as the ones described in GLBGT-06. Before they can be uploaded the blue area needs to be completed.

    1. The first field entered has to be the bottom one, i.e. the budget organisation. Double click and search

    for the relevant budget organisation - pick from the list.

    a. You may be asked to sign into oracle to access the list. Login with your regular Oracle username

    and password, and select the GL Budget Manager responsibility

    2. Enter in text the Journal Name. Please follow all the same rules that you would do in the core system,

    i.e. make it meaningful to describe what you are doing, and include your initials for searching. 3. Enter any further information required in the Journal Reference field. This is not easily searchable in

    the core system, but is useful to hold more information if it is useful.

When you are happy with it, select ‘Oracle – Upload’ from the main menu and follow the steps through as

    for a ‘normal’ journal upload.

The journal will now upload like any other journal.

    NOTE: A single journal for each period and budget name combination ; within the spreadsheet. Thus if you use BudgetXXXX & Funds

    Check, 24 journals will be created.

Please note the journal is created, but not posted. You need to do the following:

    ; Consider whether you want to add any attachments to the journal in the core system, if so, go into

    the core, find the journal (searching on journal name), review the journal and add the attachment

    (see GLJNL-03).

    ; Find and post the journals in the core system. (see GLJNL-05)

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