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Jan Hollmann exemplified citizen leadership of Land Trusts in Maryland. She co-founded the

    Severn River Land Trust and the Arundel Conservation Trust, and served on the Severn River

    Commission. She was Izaac Walton League’s Conservationist of the Year in 1989 and the

    Capital newspaper’s Person of the Year for 1990. Jan died of cancer in April 1990 at age 44.

Jan Hollman Grants are supported by funding from the State Highway Administration and are

    administered by the Maryland Environmental Trust to support Land Trusts within the State of


Guidance to Applicants

    Who may apply:

    ? Organizations must be a "qualified organization" as defined under Section 170(H)(3) of

    the Internal Revenue Code;

    ? Organizations must be recognized by Maryland Environmental Trust with a cooperative

    agreement and have executed a Cooperative Agreement;

    ? Organizations must be in compliance with any agreement with Maryland Environmental

    Trust, including the easement monitoring provisions of Cooperative Agreements.

    ? Organizations must confirm approval for the application by the governing body or person

    of the organization, eg meeting minutes or board vote.

    ? Organizations must confirm 100% match for the amount of grant requested from funds

    or volunteer hours.

How to apply:

    ? Complete attached application form.

    ? Sign and return to:

     Maryland Environmental Trust

    100 Community Place

    Crownsville, Maryland 21032

    Fax 410-514-7919


    ? Deadline for applications is March 31, 2010.

    Guidance to Applicants contd.

    What may grant money be used for:

    ? Monies must be used for the direct targeting, solicitation, processing and stewardship of

    donated conservation easements;

    ? land parcel targeting, identification of easement donor prospects, outreach,

    solicitation, easement negotiation and deed drafting, baseline documentation,

    deed of easement recordation, and real estate transaction expenses such as

    appraisals and surveys. Staff time dedicated to easement work; travel related

    to easement projects; purchase of maps, photos, and publications; costs of

    producing and distributing outreach/solicitation materials, costs of setting up

    home meetings and public information meetings and property research

    expenses. Easement monitoring and stewardship costs are eligible ? A maximum of 30% of the grant can be allocated to activities to support the land trust, in

    one or more of the following categories:

    ? Technical training for staff or volunteers - limited to registration fees, meals

    and travel within Maryland;

    ? Technology costs for GIS software and connectivity costs (e.g. a high-speed

    T-1 phone line to accommodate GIS), and GPS equipment and software for

    baseline documentation and monitoring;

    ? Land Trust operating and organizational development expenses including

    such items as office supplies, office equipment, computers and peripherals,

    software, reference materials, office rent and utilities, telecommunications.

    Membership in the Land Trust Alliance or Maryland Association of Nonprofit

    Organizations, land trust insurance, and bookkeeping. ? Cost evidence is required for any single item totaling 50% or more of a grant application.

    Maryland Environmental Trust has discretion in whether to award the full amount


    No funds shall be used for expenses incurred in the acquisition of purchased easements.

    Grant Selection Criteria: ? Preference will be given to applications:

    ? Those from starting or fledgling land trusts;

    ? Those from land trusts whose geographic area has high potential for donated


    ? Joint applications from two or more land trusts;

    ? Applications which will help an organization achieve a stated goal or business

    plan objective.

    ? Those applications which will help an organization achieve implementation of

    any stated Land Trust Standards and Practices guideline (Land Trust Alliance


    ? Those applications which address organizational progress towards

    accreditation with the Land Trust Accreditation Commission.


Name of Land Trust(s)

We request(s) a grant from the Maryland Environmental Trust’s Jan Hollmann Administrative

    Grant Fund (“Grant”) for the expenses below.

We confirm a 100% match with (please indicate at least one matching source):

    Funds that are on-hand

    Funds that are anticipated

    Volunteer hours

We confirm that:

    ? This application is from a "qualified organization" as defined

    under Section 170(h)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

    ? The organization is recognized by Maryland Environmental Trust

    with a cooperative agreement and has executed a Cooperative


    ? The organization is in compliance with any agreement with

    Maryland Environmental Trust.

We confirm that:

    ? The application has been approved by the governing body or person YES / NO

    of the organization.

    ? The organization has not received more than three consecutive years YES / NO

     of funding from the Grant.

    ? This application is a joint application. YES / NO

    ? This application achieves:

    o Stated goal or business plan objective YES / NO

    State goal or objective

    o Implementation of Land Trust Standard or Practice guideline YES / NO

     Detail guideline

    o Advancement towards accreditation with the Land Trust YES / NO

    Accreditation Commission

    Detail indicator

    I enclose a list of Board Officers/ Members of my organization

Please declare

    o Are any Officers or Board Members of your organization, YES / NO

     or close family members, employees of the State of Maryland,

     or affiliated to any State Agency?

    o Are any Officers or Board Members of your organization YES / NO

    also members of the MET Board of Trustees?

Grant Fund Request

The total amount requested is:

Does any item total 50% or more of the total amount requested: YES / NO

    If yes, provide cost evidence with this application.

1. Easement Activities and Expenses requested

Direct targeting, solicitation, processing and stewardship of donated conservation easements:

A. Cost:


B. Cost:


C. Cost:


D. Cost:


List additional items and expenses separately.

2. Support Activities and Expenses Requested

    (Not to exceed 30% of the total Grant Fund Request)

Technical training for staff or volunteers:

E. Cost:


F. Cost:


G. Cost: