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    Employee Section

    Please print. Complete and forward with your contribution to the organization.

     ___________________________________________ __ __ __ __ __ __ Employee Name Aspect Employee Number

     ___________________________________________ ___ / ___ / ____ Home Address Gift Date (Month / Day / Year)

    ____________________________________ Gift Type: ? Cash/Check/Credit Card City / State, County or Province / Postal Code ? Securities

     _____________________ ____________________ __ __, __ __ __00. __ __, __ __ __ ._ 00 Country Email Address Currency Gift Amount Amount to be Matched

    (____)______________________________________ _____________________________________________ Daytime Telephone Number Name of Securities / No. of shares / Date of Transfer

     Organization Name / City / State

     Designation, if any (Examples: Annual Fund, Disaster Relief, etc.) I hereby certify that (1) the above gift is entirely my personal contribution and is not in whole or in part the gift of another individual or the sum of the gifts of other individuals. I also certify that all information is accurate, the contributions are not in lieu of tuition, fees or other personal obligations, I have not received personal benefits in exchange (i.e. dinner, raffle and/or event tickets, parking privileges, dues, credits, memberships, etc.) and that I have read and understand the guidelines of The Aspect Matching Gift Program. I understand that failure to comply may result in suspension of gift matching privileges.

     ___________________________________________ ___ / ___ / ____ Employee Signature Date (Month / Day / Year)

    Organization Section

    Please print. Complete and forward to the address below.

     ___________________________________________ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Organization Name US Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) or National Charity Registry Number

    ____________________________________ Gift Type: ? Cash/Check/Credit Card Mailing Address ? Securities

     ___________________________________________ __________ __ __, __ __ __ . 00 City / State, County or Province/ Postal Code Currency Gift Amount

     _____________________ ____________________ __ __, __ __ __ . 00 Country Email Address Tax Deductible Amount

    (____) _____________________________________ __________________________________________ Telephone Number Name of Securities / No. of shares / Date of Transfer

    (____) _____________________________________ Fax Number Organization IRS Status - Please check one: __ The above organization holds 501( c)(3) status in its own name. First time applicants please provide proof of tax status. __ The above organization is part of a covered group. First time applications submit proof of group membership. The group number is ____________________________. __ The above organization is a registered tax exempt charitable organization in ____________________________. (country of operations). __ The above organization is a government agency (e.g. public school) and does not require a 501( c)(3) determination. First time applicants must submit a statement of exemption on the exempt agency’s letterhead.

    By signing and submitting this form, I certify that a) I have read and understood the guidelines of The Aspect Matching Gifts Program; b) this is a qualifying institution; c) the gift meets all of the requirements listed in the guidelines; and d) gifts to this organizations are tax deductible. .

     ___________________________________________ ___ / ___ / ____ Signature Date (Month / Day / Year)

     ___________________________________________ __________________________________________ Name (Please Print) Title Organization - Please mail the completed application to: The Aspect Matching Gifts Program PO Box 7516 Princeton, NJ 08543-7516 United States Phone: (800) 480-GIFT (4438)



The Aspect Matching Gift Program enables Aspect employees to provide financial support to nonprofit organizations and schools. This

    program is designed to leverage employee contributions in all of our communities.

    Who Can Participate? Which Organizations are Eligible? Any regular, full or part-time Aspect Employee, in any location Organizations located in the US or one of its possessions must be world-wide, with 6 months of employment at the time of the gift. recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt and

    designated as a public charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS What Gifts are Eligible? Code or as an instrumentality of a state or local government as

    provided by Section 170(c)(1) of the Code. Organizations ? One-time personal contributions in the form of cash, check, outside the US are required to have an equivalent tax-exempt credit card or negotiable securities made to an eligible status. organization. ? The minimum eligible gift is $25 (or the equivalent in a

    foreign currency). Which Organizations are Ineligible? ? Eligible gifts will be matched on a 1:1 basis up to a total of ? Any veterans, fraternal or service organizations; alumni or $1,000 per employee per calendar year. athletic associations; honor societies or professional ? Gifts which count toward an employee’s $1,000 yearly associations; political parties or political action committees. matching total include: ? Government agencies, except public schools or universities. ? One-time gifts made to eligible organizations

    ? Aspect Software may approve special matching How Does the Match Work? opportunities for disaster relief efforts or Aspect-sponsored

    programs. ? The employee completes and signs the Employee Section of

    The Aspect Global Employee Giving Program Form and What Gifts are Ineligible? sends the form, along with their contribution, to the recipient

    organization. Volunteer activities are documented in the ? Gifts which result in a benefit to the employee. Examples same way. include: dues, subscriptions, fees, loan repayments, ? An officer of the organization completes and signs the bequests, insurance premiums, tuition, tickets and dinners. Organization Section of the form and forwards it to The ? Gifts made to or through third parties. This includes gifts Aspect Matching Gifts Program at the address shown. First using family trusts, donor-advised funds at community time applicants should include proof of tax status. foundations and any other contribution which is not the ? The form is processed. Donors are notified immediately of direct gift of the employee’s personal funds to the recipient ineligible gifts. organization. ? Eligible requests received by the first of March, June, ? Gifts made, in whole or in part, with funds received from September, and December are included in the current other people. This includes funds raised in walk-a-thons and quarter’s payment. Forms which arrive later or which are similar fundraising events. Only the employee’s personal incomplete are processed during the following quarter. contribution can be matched. ? The interpretation, application, and administration of The ? Gifts made to university/school alumni associations, school Aspect Global Employee Giving Program will be athletic programs, athletic scholarships, athletic building determined by Aspect Software, whose decision will be funds, or extra-curricular activities. final. ? Gifts which have not actually been made (i.e., pledges). ? Aspect Software may at any time amend, suspend, or Once the funds have been transacted, the gift will be eligible discontinue The Aspect Global Employee Giving Program.for the program if it meets the program guidelines.

    ? Gifts or payments for primarily political or religious

    purposes, unless specified for a community outreach

    program, such as a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

    ? In-kind gifts or gifts of real estate.

    Contact Information

    If you have questions about eligibility or any other questions about The Aspect Matching Gifts Program, please contact us at: The Aspect Matching Gifts Program Phone: (800) 480-GIFT (4438) 9-6 Eastern time, 24-Hour Voice Mail PO Box 7516 Fax: (609) 799-8019 24-Hour Facsimile Princeton, NJ 08543-7516

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