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     “Used by permission of the State of Connecticut”



    FY 2008 2009


    ANNUAL REPORT FY 2008-2009

Executive Summary

Savings Report

The State Properties Review Board realized savings to the State in the amount of $7,211,075 in

    FY 2009. The savings were from Board requirements on modifications or cancellation of

    proposed contracts, resulting in a cost savings. These savings exceed the Board’s total annual

    operating budget of $463,073 by 1,557%.

Total savings achieved on behalf of the State over the 34 years that have elapsed since the Board’s

    inception are $79,519,212 or 755% in excess of a cumulative operating budget during the same period.

The Board approved 363 agency and quasi-public agency proposals during the Fiscal Year 2009.

    Average review time during the fiscal year was 12.61 calendar days. The corresponding statistics for

    FY 2008 are 351 proposals with an average review time of 13.2 calendar days per contract.

Consolidation of State Properties Review Board and the Department of Administrative Services

HB 6802, passed on August 31, 2009, provided for an appropriation for the State Properties Review

    Board as a function of the Department of Administrative Services.

As of today, implementing legislation is being discussed which places the Board within the

    Department of Administrative Services. The Board would no longer be an independent agency, but

    become a part of one of the Executive Branch agencies whose real estate activities the Board was

    created to oversee.

While these extraordinarily difficult times require cost saving measures to balance the State budget, the

    new structure imposes within an Executive Branch agency a board whose mission is to be a watchdog

    over this and other Executive Branch agencies. In addition, the merger will not result in any additional

    savings, but will impair the Board’s ability to review agency proposals effectively and cause costly

    delays in the time it takes to process agency proposals.

The Board recommends that in remain, as it has for 34 years, an independent agency.

    Respectfully submitted,


    Edwin S. Greenberg


    September 30, 2009



The Connecticut General Statutes, Section 4b-2(a), require the Commissioner of Public Works to

    submit to the State Properties Review Board on September 1st each year a report covering the previous

    fiscal year, which is to include “all pertinent data on her operations concerning realty acquisitions, the

    projected needs of the State and recommendations for statutory changes which may be appropriate.”

    The Board received the Public Works report for the FY 2009 on September 8, 2009.

The Statute also requires the Board to submit the above report with recommendations, comments,

    conclusions and other pertinent information to the Governor and members of the Joint Standing

    Committees on Appropriations and Finance of the General Assembly on or before October 1st of each


    Part I is a summary of the Board’s activities during the past fiscal year. Part II contains the Boards

    review of the Public Works Annual Report. In accordance with the Governor’s “Executive Directive

    #3” the Board will transmit this report to the Governor and Committees in its electronic version and

    publish it on the Board website: