Garlic injection with several antibiotics Experimental Study of Compatibility_3194

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Garlic injection with several antibiotics Experimental Study of Compatibility_3194

    Garlic injection with several antibiotics Experimental Study of Compatibility

     Author: Fu Yu Zhou Yajun spine power Xia Hong XIA Zhi Xue

     Key words garlic;, and compatibility;,, stability;,, UV spectrophotometry,

     Abstract: Objective: To investigate the garlic injection with ceftriaxone, ornidazole, and other seven kinds of injection in 5% glucose injection in the stability of compatibility. Methods: The observation at room temperature 25 ? Allicin compatibility with the drug after the

    appearance, pH, changes, and ultraviolet spectrophotometry allicin, ceftriaxone, ornidazole and other changes in drug content. Results: garlic injection drug compatibility process, no color change was found Ng liquid precipitation or produce

    gas, that is, no chemical or physical reactions. Garlic injection with ceftriaxone sodium, ribavirin, azithromycin, gatifloxacin mesylate compatibility, in the 2h to stabilize; with ornidazole, vitamin C, and amikacin sulfate compatibility, the content is not stability; compatibility with other antibiotics within 2 hours when the pH change is very small, in the allowable range; with ceftriaxone sodium, ribavirin, when compatibility amikacin sulfate, pH value is stable. Conclusion: Garlic injection with ceftriaxone sodium,

    ribavirin, azithromycin, gatifloxacin mesylate in 2h in combination; and amikacin sulfate, ornidazole and vitamin C should not be compatibility.

     Keywords: Allicin; compatibility; stability; UV spectrophotometry

     Allicin Garlic, also known as the new prime, chemical, known as diallyl trisulfide, 1987, Chinese scholars isolated

from garlic bulbs of a sulfur-containing compounds. Garlic

    volatile substances, large garlic juice, garlic, allicin leachate, as well as on a variety of pathogenic bacteria in

    vitro, such as staphylococcus, meningitis, pneumonia, meningitis, Streptococcus, and diphtheria, dysentery, E. coli, typhoid, tuberculosis and cholera arc bacteria are inhibited or kill the role of clinical trials in the treatment of

    cryptococcal meningitis has been, lung and digestive tract fungal infection, white beads in children caused by indigestion and so on. Amikacin sulfate is an aminoglycoside antibiotic, for the majority of bacteria are a good role, commonly used in intravenous drip. As the clinical

    complications and speed up the treatment of certain diseases, it is hoped that garlic injection compatibility with other drugs to use, in order to understand the compatibility information and to provide a basis for clinical, we will

    garlic injection with other drugs, compatibility studies, reports are as follows.

     An instrument and Drug

     11 Instruments UV1700 UV-visible spectrophotometer

    (Shimadzu, Japan); PHS3C Precision PH (Shanghai Albert Instrument Factory).

     12 Injection drug Garlic (Shanghai Hefong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., specifications 30mg, batch number 4E38002); ceftriaxone (Shanghai New Asia Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., specifications 1.0g, batch number 060,111); ornidazole (Wuhan Biochemistry pharmaceutical, specifications 0.25g, batch

    number 20,031,001); injection of azithromycin (Hangzhou Macao and Asia Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., specifications 0.25g, batch number 050,117); ribavirin injection (Zhengzhou Cheuk-fung on

    pharmaceutical factory , specifications 100mg, lot number

    0601204); amikacin sulfate injection (Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., specifications 0.2g, batch number 601016FA); Gatifloxacin mesylate, sodium chloride injection stars (Nanjing Chia Tai Ching Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., specifications 0.2g, lot number 0602282); vitamin C injection (drug days, Hubei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., specifications 0.5g, batch number 20,040,822); 5% glucose injection (Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group of the source Changfu Huangchuan Co., Ltd., size 250ml, batch number 06,021,801).

     2 Methods

     21 reserve liquid preparation of precise preparation of 600μg/ml allicin 5% glucose solution, 500μ/ml azithromycin

    5% glucose solution, 2mg/ml gatifloxacin mesylate 5% glucose solution, 50μg/ml ornidazole zole 5% glucose solution, 5mg/ml vitamin C 5% glucose solution.

     22 Determination of wavelength selection [1] to 5% glucose solution as a blank on these drugs, glucose solution in the 200 ~ 400nm wavelength range scanned. Allicin can see from the scan pattern Department has maximum absorption at

    198.5nm, azithromycin Department has maximum absorption at 265nm, gatifloxacin mesylate Department has maximum absorption at 292nm, ornidazole Department has maximum absorption at 319nm, vitamin C at the maximum absorption at 265.2nm. Comparative map we can see that Allicin from the above four kinds of drugs at the maximum absorption of office there was no corresponding absorption determination of no interference between them.

     23 to take the above examination of the linear relationship between reserve liquid, each diluted with 5%

    glucose solution obtained linear relationship shown in Table 1.

     24 recovery tests check store fluid under 2.2, respectively, by 2.3 distilled water plus an accurate method of preparation of allicin with the drug concentration in a

    series of mixed solution were measured in the selected absorption wavelength, and substituted into the regression equation to calculate the recovery rate, the results of Table 2.

     Table 1 drugs such as allicin standard curve and linear

    range (abbreviated)

     Table 2 allicin when the recovery rate of drug compatibility (omitted)

     Preparation of liquid 3 compatibility

     Simulated clinical drug concentrations, taking injection Allicin 30mg, azithromycin 0.25g, gatifloxacin mesylate 0.2g,

    ornidazole 0.25g, Vitamin C0.5g of 5% glucose dissolved and diluted, preparation of Allicin concentration of 60μg/ml,

    azithromycin 5mg/ml, gatifloxacin mesylate 2mg/ml, ornidazole 50μg/ml, vitamin C 50μg/ml mixed solution at room

    temperature to observe the compatibility changes, at 0h, 2h, 4h, 6h observe the solution appearance changes, and measured pH value and content.

     31 appearance of compatibility when adding a large garlic with azithromycin, gatifloxacin mesylate and vitamin C are

    colorless and transparent and to clarify the solution, and in no significant changes within 6h and no precipitation generation; ornidazole injection dissolved light yellow solution of allicin and its compatibility to clarify the post-

    yellowish transparent liquid, and in no significant changes within 6h and no precipitation produced. Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free download http://

     32 pH is not compatibility, when allicin in 5% glucose dissolved in pH = 4.10, Azithromycin 5% glucose dissolved in

    pH = 6.94, gatifloxacin mesylate in 5% glucose dissolved in pH = 7.15, vitamin C5% glucose dissolved in pH = 6.81, ornidazole in 5% glucose dissolved in pH = 3.34, Allicin compatibility with the drug after the change in the results shown in Table 3.

     Table 3 drug-compatibility Allicin slightly after the pH change

     Table 4 Allicin content changes after the drug compatibility slightly

     Table 5 of allicin and other drugs, K-ratio method, such

    as wavelength pairs of absorption standard curve (omitted)

     Table 6 of allicin and other drugs, the recovery rate slightly

     33 content changes will be compatibility of fluid in the selected wavelengths were measured, determination of the results shown in Table 4.