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    Business Essentials teaching syllabus

    Course Title : Business Essentials

    Course type: Compulsory

    Object teaching: Undergraduate first-year students

    Study period: 36

    Credit: 2

一?Requirement and the goal of teaching

    This course is meat for undergraduate first-year students majoting in business.Through this course

    students will learn about the temporary business environment and have a knowledge of all the fields of business including marketing,accounting,human resources management,finance and financial management so as to help the students to find what they are interested in. 二?Teaching Material

    Business Essentials(8th edition),Ronald J.Ebert and Ricky W.Griffin

    三?Teaching Content

    Mainly classroom teaching with video watching.

    Part 1:The Contemprory Business World 8 hours

    Chapter 1:The U.S. Business Enviroment

    Chapter 2:Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

    Chapter 3:Entrepreneurship, New Venture ,and Business Ownership

    Chapter 4:The Global Context of Business

    Part 2:The Business of Manament6 hours 6 hours

    Chapter 5:Business Management

    Chapter 6:Organizing the Business

    Chapter 7:Operation Management ang Quality

    Part 3:People in Organizations 6 hours

    Chapter 8:Employee Behavior and Motivation

    Chapter 9:Leadership and Decision Making

    Chapter 10:Human Resource Management and Labor Relations Part 4:Principles of Marketing 5 hours

    Chapter 11:Marketing Processes and Consumer Behavior

    Chapter 12:Pricing,Distributing,and Promoting Products Part 5:Managing Information 4 hours

    Chapter 13:Information Technology for Business

    Chapter 14:The Role of Accountants and Accounting Information Part 6:Financial Issues 5 hours

    Chapter 15:Money and Banking

    Chapter 16:Managing Finances

    四?Ways of Assessment

     Class Attendence 30%

    Midterm Exam 30%

    Final Exam 40%

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