1) Budget Breakdown

By Jean Lewis,2014-12-13 09:17
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1) Budget Breakdown

    Project Budget Breakdown

    1) The overall budget process helps to strategize, manage and monitor your organization’s course of action. A comprehensive budget acts as a long-range financial plan and operations guide. It is another effective way of communicating your organization's mission, goals, programs, activities of your staff, and the communities you serve. This form is intended to help you communicate both the resources and expenses for this project.

    Grant requests of $10,000 or more are required to include a breakdown of the program/project (i.e., dollars requested from Verizon Foundation) by either uploading a budget template or answering the Organization Income, Verizon-Funded Budget, and Overall Project Budget questions below. To enter amounts in the charts, double click anywhere on the grid and you will be able enter values in the Excel spreadsheet. Please enter the dollar amounts in the appropriate boxes. Once data entry is completed, click anywhere off the grid to reenter the Word document. When you have finished working on the breakdown, save the document to your computer, close out of MS Word, and then click on the Upload link to finish attaching this completed document to your application.

    Please note that no more than 15% of the total grant request may be used for general operating and administrative expenses. However, if the operating expense type is considered a direct program expense (e.g., counselor's salary for a domestic violence prevention program), the 15% limit is waived in its entirety.

2) Organization Income

    $0Catalogue & Gift Shop Fees

    $0Community Charities

    $0Foundations/Corporations Funding


    $0Government Funding

    $0Individual Contributions


    $0Total Organization Income

3) Cost of Project (required)

    What is the total overall cost of the program/project proposed and what are you doing to find other necessary funding?

    We focus on the cost relative to the gain as we consider the quality of proposed projects. Therefore, we need to know the total program/project costwhether covered by us or other investors. We also want to

    know if the project is contingent on future funding decisions by other groups.

    $0Verizon Foundation Support

    $0Non-Verizon Foundation Support

    $0Total Support for Project



    4) Verizon-Funded Budget


    $0Marketing/Advertising/Public Relations$0Other Costs Specific to Project$0Printing/Publication Costs$0Project Management (staff)$0Research and Evaluation


    $0Supplies/Support Materials$0Technology (hardware & software)$0Technology Application/Development/Hosting

    $0Training/Professional Development$0Travel & Lodging

    $0Total Verizon-Funded Budget


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