How to Graph Implicit Equations

By Russell Chavez,2014-01-07 06:39
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How to Graph Implicit Equations

    How to Graph Implicit Equations

     23Example: Graph x + y 2y = 3

1. Make a table of values (pick values for the “harder” variable, then solve for the easy


2. Solve for x = f(y), if possible, then graph that.

3. Use Winplot by choosing an Implicit Equation, then entering the equation in the dialog

    box, and then beholding the graph.

    4. Use the solve( function on your TI-83. Notice that the calculator doesn’t like you to use

    the variable Y, the graph is wrong because the solve( function produces one value instead

    of the 2 or 3 solutions required for some x values, and this graph took 5 minutes to draw.

5. Try to find a parametric expression of the equation.

     23x + y 2y =3 23 x =3 + 2y y3x = ;SQRT(3 + 2y y) 3; if we let y = t, then x = ;SQRT(3 + 2t t)

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