NSAC will advocate for federal farm policy reforms in the 2012

By Ellen King,2014-12-13 08:54
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NSAC will advocate for federal farm policy reforms in the 2012

    NSAC 2012 Farm Bill Priorities

    NSAC will advocate for federal farm policy reforms in the 2012 Farm Bill to achieve a healthier, more just and environmentally sustainable food and farming system. This Farm Bill should advance a broad set of values and objectives that promote:

    ; natural resource conservation and incentives to farmers for providing environmental and

    climate change mitigation benefits.

    ; farming opportunity, fair competition, widespread ownership of land, and support for small

    and mid-sized farms and beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. ; local and regional food system development, production diversification, specialty crop

    production, public health, and long-term food security.

    NSAC has identified twelve reforms for the 2012 Farm Bill that can achieve this new vision for agriculture. The 2012 Farm Bill should:

Include a robust and well funded Conservation Title to support working lands

    conservation programs, conservation easement and farmland preservation programs,

    sustainable agriculture, and organic transition assistance.

Re-align a portion of current production subsidies to programs that reward farmers

    and ranchers for the multiple and ongoing environmental and climate benefits delivered by

    their farming systems and practices.

Strengthen conservation compliance measures to ensure federal farm program and

    crop insurance recipients are achieving basic soil and water resource protection.

Create climate-friendly program options that fully recognize the inherent value of

    sustainable and organic farming systems in addressing climate change.

     Increase research and extension efforts to foster organic and sustainable agriculture

    systems, economic viability for small and mid-sized farmers and ranchers, public

    breeding initiatives for regionally adapted cultivars, and sustainable economic and

    community development.

Facilitate rural entrepreneurship and strong, streamlined rural economic and

    community development initiatives.

Reinvigorate local and regional agricultural economies and food systems to improve

    processing and distribution channels that create new market opportunities for small and

    mid-sized farms and healthier food choices for consumers.

Ensure fair and competitive agricultural markets which are viable over the long-term.

Support the entry and development of beginning farmers and ranchers through

    significant investment in innovative programs that facilitate access to land, credit,

    technical assistance and, and markets.

Support socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers including women, minorities

    and farmworkers and the organizations that serve them; identify barriers to their

    participation in USDA programs and remove them.

Maintain and strengthen farm credit options and access and availability of innovative

    farm financing.

Create workable crop and whole farm revenue insurance options for diversified

    farming operations, value-added agriculture, direct marketing operations, organic

    agriculture, and new and beginning farmers.

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