General pharmacology Duyiwei Pill Study_450

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General pharmacology Duyiwei Pill Study_450

General pharmacology Duyiwei Pill Study

     Authors: Zeng Yong Li Jia-chuan MENG Xian-li

    Miao Shu Yi Zhang Yanyan

     Abstract Objective To further explore the safety of Duyiwei Pill observed Duyiwei pills in general pharmacological

    effects, for clinical treatment information. Methods Bealge dogs under anesthesia, single blind dogs pills right Bealge blood pressure, respiratory rate, respiratory amplitude and the standard ECG leads ? impact; Duyiwei pills effects of

    spontaneous activity of mice; pairs of pentobarbital sodium threshold dose-induced sleep time of impact; pairs of

    subthreshold dose of sodium pentobarbital-induced hypnosis in

    mice whether the obvious synergies; right mouse movement to switch stick a manifest impact. Results Duyiwei pills in 516 mg (bulk drugs) / kg body weight dosage, the right anesthesia Bealge cardiovascular system and respiratory system in dogs had no significant effect; to 688 mg (bulk drugs) / kg body weight dose within the , the central nervous system of mice

    did not significantly inhibit the function of mice had no effect on the coordination of movement. Conclusion general pharmacological studies have shown that animals Duyiwei pills cardiovascular system, respiratory and central nervous system

    were not affected, suggesting little adverse reactions.

     Key words Duyiwei pills; pharmacological effect; cardiovascular system; respiratory system; the central nervous system

     Abstract: ObjectiveTo further study the safety of DuYiwei Dripping Pill and to observe the general pharmacological effects for the reference of clinical therapy. MethodsTo observe the effects of DuYiwei Dripping Pill on Bealge canine

    blood pressure, respiratory and ECG. In the state of paralysis, and the effects of DuYiwei Dripping Pill on rats

    central and somatic motion nerves. ResultsWithin a dose of 516mg/kg, it had no obvious action on canine cardiovascular systems and respiratory system. Within a dose of 688mg/kg, it didn 't inhibit the central nervous system (CNS) of rats

    clearly, and it didn 't affect the harmonious motion of rats' function either.ConclusionThe result indicates that within the above-mentioned dose of DuYiwei Dripping Pill, it has no effect on animal' s cardiovascular systems, respiratory system and CNS. It exerts that the systematic side of DuYiwei Dripping Pill is little.

     Key words: DuYiwei dripping pill; Pharmacological effects; Cardiovascular systems; Respiratory systems; Central nervous system

     Alone blindly, Tibetan called "playing Bubba", is China's

    Tibetan, Mongolian, Naxi and other folk as one commonly used herbs. With bleeding, pain swelling, blood circulation, complement marrow, Qi, renewal tendon bone and other effects [1 ~ 3], clinical primarily for the treatment of soft tissue

    injury, joint sprain, fracture pain, a significant analgesic effect [4 , 5]. To further explore the safety of Duyiwei pills, the author observed the drug dogs narcotic Bealge cardiovascular system, respiratory and central nervous system in mice in general pharmacological effect. Are reported below.

     1 Materials

     1.1 The subjects of drugs and reagents Duyiwei Pill (APIs), from the Chengdu University of TCM in the test center, Lot: 050.71 thousand; pentobarbital sodium, the content ?

    95.0%, batch number: F20030816, China Pharmaceutical (Group ) Shanghai Chemical Reagent companies to import packaging and preparation of experimental sodium chloride injection into the concentration of 3% of the reserve; heparin sodium injection, batch number: 20040205,12500 units / ml / teams, Tianjin Biochemical Pharmaceutical Factory production, prepared using

    sodium chloride injection into 50U/ml standby; estazolam tablets, Tianjin Pacific Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. production, the country medicine accurate H2020291, Spec: 1mg / tablets,

batch number: 050,302.

     1.2 Animal Bealge Dog 24, male and female informal, weighing 4.8 ~ 6.1kg, by the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Medical Sciences Institute laboratory animals, laboratory animal production permit number: SCXK (Sichuan) 2004-15. ICR

    mice, weighing 18 ~ 22 g, male and female in half, from the

    Sichuan Provincial Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of Laboratory Animal. Experimental Animal Production License Number: SCXK (Sichuan) 2004-16.

     1.3 Instrument BIOPAC MP150 multi-channel Bio-Signal

    Analysis System, BIOPAC SS13L invasive blood pressure sensors, BIOPAC SS5LB breathing bandages, both the United States BIOPAC company's products; ECG recorder (ECG-6511), Shanghai Medical

    Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. optoelectronic products; YLS-

    1A Multi-function mice spontaneous activity recorder, YLS-4C

    switch rod-type fatigue instrument, by the Academy of Medical Sciences, Shandong Province, the production equipment station.

     1.4 Statistical Methods SPSS11.5 statistical software for statistical analysis. To (? s), said the results of the data

    with single factor analysis of variance between groups compared with (%) said the results of the data with the χ2

    test detected differences between the two groups was significant.

     2 Methods and Results

     2.1 anesthesia Bealge dog blood pressure, respiratory and ECG effects [6,7] health Bealge dogs, male and female informal, weighing 4.8 ~ 6.1kg, then divided into 4 groups: blank control group and single blind pills high, medium, low 3-dose group [516,258,129 mg (API) / kg]. Gavage, dose volume

    were 1 ml / kg. Experiments with sodium pentobarbital (30 mg / kg) Bealge canine saphenous vein injection of anesthesia, separating the femoral artery, insert the arterial catheter, arterial catheter through containing 50 U / ml heparin

    solution for airtight rubber tubing and blood pressure transducer connected. Will lead ECG electrode and the skin of animals connected with the standard ?-lead ECG measurement of

    indicators. Respiratory bandage will be tied to the chest dogs, measuring respiratory frequency and respiratory depth. 16 of biological function to open experimental system,

    recording blood pressure, ECG, respiratory curve fluctuations. To be blood pressure, ECG, respiratory fluctuations in the stability curve, the trace recorded before the normal curve of

    a drug delivery would be slow catheter inserted through the mouth esophagus and stomach, by gavage, drugs given to subjects were recorded after administration 0.5,1,1.5 , 2,3 h time points such as blood pressure, ECG and respiratory

    values. The results shown in Table 1 ~ 5. From Table 1 to 5 show that the above-mentioned three doses of Duyiwei pills dogs narcotic Bealge blood pressure, respiratory amplitude, respiratory rate and ECG (? lead) and heart rate, P, T waves

    and QRS, QT interval, PR interval , ST interval had no significant effect on administration before and after administration of test time points measured values were compared with control group no significant difference (P>

    0.05), are sinus rhythm. Tip in the 516 mg / kg dosage range drug dogs for narcotic Bealge blood pressure, respiratory, electrocardiogram (? lead) had no significant effect.

     Table 1 Duyiwei Bealge dogs for narcotic pills effects of systolic blood pressure (slightly)

     Compared with the blank control group, P

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