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Site Authorization/Cooperation Guidelines for off campus research

    1. Obtain an authorization letter for each location where research will be conducted. The letter must

    be on file with the IRB before research can be conducted at each location.

    2. The letter should include the investigator’s name and title, the title of the research protocol, with a

    brief summary of the protocol to confirm their understanding of the study. Include a statement that

    they will receive a copy of the IRB-approved, stamped consent document. The letter must define

    whether the investigator will contact and/or recruit employees and if permission is granted to

    collect data at the location.

    3. The letter should state what they have agreed to allow the investigator to do, including any

    restriction or limitations and what responsibilities, if any, they are assuming, and whether they will

    receive any benefits, including a copy of any aggregate results.

    4. Include the time frame involved or any time restrictions.

    5. The letter must be on company letterhead and include the title and signature of the company

    representative who gives the authorization.


    Sample Letter of Authorization/Cooperation


    3333 Main Street

    Anytown, USA 00000


    Auburn University Institutional Review Board

    c/o Office of Human Subjects

    307 Samford Hall

    Auburn, AL 36849

    Please note that Ms. Jane Martin, AU Graduate Student, has the permission of the XYZ Company to conduct research at our Anytown facility for her study, “Employee Opinions Concerning Restroom Cleanliness and

    Toilet Efficiency”.

Ms. Martin will contact employees to recruit them by approaching them as they leave the campus at the end of

    each shift, handing out a packet of information, including a survey which will be returned to her by postal service (via a self-addressed, stamped envelope). Her plan is to have all packets distributed by the end of the month. Our human resources office will provide de-identified information regarding employee breaks for use in her research. Ms. Martin’s on-site research activities will be finished by _____(date)___.

    Ms. Martin has agreed not to enter any of our buildings or restrooms or interfere with the flow of pedestrians or vehicles. Employees will not be allowed time from their work duties to complete the surveys. Mrs. Martin has also agreed to provide to my office a copy of the Auburn University IRB-approved, stamped consent document before she recruits participants on campus, and will also provide a copy of any aggregate results.

If there are any questions, please contact my office.


Mr. Port A. Pottee, President

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