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Administration - Welcome to LMC ...



     Level 3 Advanced Level Covers: NVQ 3 in Business and Administration, What are Apprenticeships? Being paid while you learn and gain Level 3 Certificate in Business and qualifications in your chosen career Administration, plus Key Skills at Level might sound too good to be true but 2 in Application of Number and as an Apprentice you really do get the Communication. best of both worlds! You have the ? You will receive tuition to support opportunity to gain real experience in the underpinning knowledge the work place with your employer required for your NVQ and whilst studying theory and practical technical certificate. skills at College, working with the new ? You will receive regular monitoring vocational qualification system. and assessment in the workplace. Apprenticeships are designed by ? There are no formal examinations employers to meet the needs of the within the NVQ, your work is modern business environment and assessed on an ongoing basis. focus on the whole job, not just ? Assessment of Key Skills will individual skills. They offer quality work consist of a formal examination based training as an alternative to full and gathering a portfolio of time study, leading to nationally evidence. recognised qualifications sought by ? Assessment of the Technical employers throughout industry. They Certificate is formal examination. are suitable for well motivated people

    who are focussed and know which What is covered in the NVQ career path they want to follow. They 2 and 3 in Business and give you the opportunity to earn while

    you learn. Administration?

     The NVQ 2 consists of five units and This programme is aimed at people NVQ 3 consists of six units. who are employed, or are seeking employment, in an administrative NVQ Level 2 capacity. You will need to be 16 years 2 compulsory units: of age or over. ? Carry out your responsibilities at work Who employs Apprentices in ? Work within your business Business & Administration? environment 3 Optional units either: Any employer requiring administration ? Ensure your own actions reduce and clerical staff. Recently, the College risks to health and safety has trained administration apprentices ? Manage customer relations in a wide range of companies including ? Manage diary systems local hotels, medical centres, educational establishments, ? Organise business travel and accountants and estate agents etc. accommodation ? Deal with visitors What is involved? ? Process customer financial ? Employment, for a minimum of 30 transactions hours per week, with training fully ? Operate credit control procedures in the workplace and at College. ? Store, retrieve and archive ? You will work towards a National information Vocational Qualification (NVQ) Key ? Research and report information Skills and a Technical Certificate. ? Organise and support meetings Level 2 Apprenticeship Covers: ? Use IT systems NVQ 2 in Business and Administration, ? Use IT to exchange information Level 2 Certificate in Business and ? Word processing software Administration, plus Key Skills at Level ? Spreadsheet software 1 in Application of Number and Level 2 ? Database software in Communication. ? Presentation software Business and Administration Apprenticeship

? Specialist or bespoke ? Provide leadership for your team What qualifications do I software ? Prepare text from notes d to get on to the ? Use a telephone system ? Prepare text from shorthand neeApprenticeship in ? Operate office equipment ? Prepare text from recorded audio

    ? Prepare text from notes Administration? instruction

    ? Prepare text from shorthand You should be able to demonstrate that If you, or your employer would like ? Prepare text from recorded you have good communication skills. further information about the course audio instruction Apprenticeship Level - 4 GCSEs at content or assessment, please ? Produce documents grade D-G including Maths and English contact Paula Foster, Administration ? Work effectively with other and preferably IT. Advanced Training Co-ordinator on 01524 people Apprenticeship - 5 GCSEs at grade A*-66215 Ext. 279. C including Maths, English and NVQ Level 3 preferably IT would be of benefit, When can I start? 2 compulsory units: although consideration will be given to Once you have gained employment ? Carry out your responsibilities prior learning and experience identified you could start this programme at any at work in the initial assessment and interview. time of the year. You will also need enthusiasm for the ? Work within your business

    subject, a proven interest in the environment How long will the vocational area and good interpersonal 4 Optional units: Apprenticeship take? skills. ? Ensure your own actions

    reduce risks to health and There are no time limits, however we What do I need to do next? safety expect most Apprentices on the Level 2

    Programme to complete in 6 to 12 ? Manage diary systems ? Complete and return a Learning

    months and the Advanced Apprentices ? Organise business travel and Skills Council Application Form for

    on the Level 3 Programme to complete Work Based Learning accommodation

    in a further 12-18 months, depending ? Contact Paula Foster Training ? Use IT systems upon your skills, qualifications and how Coordinator at the College who will ? Use IT to exchange quickly you progress. be happy to arrange a visit to you information If you already have been awarded an and your employer (if you have one) ? Database software NVQ Level 2 in Administration, it might to discuss the Apprenticeship in ? Presentation software be possible to go straight onto Level 3 more detail. She can be contacted ? Specialist of bespoke Advanced Apprenticeship and on 01524 66215 extension 279. software complete the training more quickly. ? If you are unemployed visit your ? Supervise an office facility local Connexions Centre and ? Procure products and What will it cost me? Jobcentre Plus to see if there are services If you are aged 16 to 18 when you are any vacancies in Administration ? Manage and evaluate signed up to the Apprenticeship and look in the local papers customer relations Programme your local Learning and ? If you are already employed, you ? Managing the payroll function Skills Council will fund your training in will need to discuss the possibility ? Completing year-end full so there is no cost to you or your of attending College and procedures employer. undertaking an Apprenticeship with ? Monitor information systems your employer ? Run projects If you are aged 19 or over at the start of ? Research, analyse and report your Apprenticeship Programme your Lancaster and Morecambe College information employer may be asked to contribute operates a policy of equal ? Plan, organise and support towards the cost of your training. opportunity in employment and meetings Lancaster and Morecambe College learning to all persons irrespective ? Make a presentation currently does not ask for a financial of gender, race, age, marital status, ? Organise and co-ordinate contribution towards the cost of training sexual orientation, religion or events but does expect employers to make disability. ? Word processing software time to support and train Apprentices in

    ? Spreadsheet software the work place. Last Updated: ? Website software 15/03/2010 ? Artwork and imaging software

    ? Design and produce documents

    ? Plan and implement innovation and change

    ? Develop productive working relationships with colleagues

     Business and Administration Apprenticeship

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