Integration and utilization of the traditional - On the Practical Significance of Confucian ethical culture _13652

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Integration and utilization of the traditional - On the Practical Significance of Confucian ethical culture _13652

Integration and utilization of the traditional - On the

    Practical Significance of Confucian ethical culture

     Key Words thesis of cultural relevance of Confucian ethics

     Abstract In this paper analyzes the grind of studying morality

    and ten feet of practical significance. Accumulated valuable as a national cultural heritage, Ming Xue and moral culture has suppressed and enslaving the limitations of human nature, but its de-huan, re-sault concept of

    justice and moral significance of cross-age will help to overcome the

    official, Xu doctrine digestion extremely personal ism, helping establish the sheep mentality, strengthening collectivism is to study and shape the ideal personality.

     Su said the ceremonies in China, its traditional culture imbued with

    strong moral tone, but as the mainstream culture of the Chinese Confucian culture, but also a classic history of morality, even if the ethical culture is the core and essence of Confucianism, nor appear excessive. In the crucial period of social transformation, to re-examine the Confucian

    ethical culture, digestion, beyond its dross, critical absorb their essence, to be useful in today's society. Of course, not at the highlight the theme of traditional moral doctrine, Confucian ethical culture as a

    service in the ancient hierarchical societies, with the times, should be critical, negative, but its profound accumulation is still passing, reflected the spirit of the national heritage still deeply soak into every Chinese person's soul, and it's ahead of its time with the universality of the spirit, principles and ideas, there is still a general universal significance, if they are integrating innovation, will be a new era of content. As we all know, there is no traditional society is hard to

    imagine, but have deep traditional roots of society although the traditional culture of cohesion and identity would delay the process of social transformation, and even the traditional dross will be catalyzed negative social factors, but the tradition and can not be fear, the key is

    how to introduce new, positive discard. As the Hills said: "Tradition is indispensable; but they also are rarely perfect." Indeed, the total negation of traditional national nihilism and fully abide by the ancestral teachings of conservatism lattice, are not acceptable in the current If because of potential lead, eliminating residues, carry forward the

    Confucian ethical culture of the positive factors that can play a correction correction to prevent the positive effects of moral anomie.

    This paper from the following points, a cursory look at the Confucian ethical culture to explore the practical significance.

     1, Government by virtue of the rule of virtue, in order to overcome the official standard, and foster awareness of China-based and civil

    servants provided a reference for the cultivation of morality executives and Services Administration provides a reference implementation of

     Confucian sages all ages pay attention to the moral Jianlv, the rule of virtue as a fundamental rule. They hope that the inherent moral enlightenment and moral binding force, to achieve the coordination of social morality and social stability and harmony. Of course, the idea for the government to Germany in a feudal society often pay the water flows

    east, but this does not affect the Rule of Virtue its own inherent vitality, especially in the people-headed present, the Confucian ethical

    culture will have a practical significance. Let us first recall the founding fathers brilliantly Rule of Virtue in order to draw nutrients.

    Confucius said: "He who governs by virtue, such as North Star, home of their arch of the trans-pacific. Road to governance, Qi them with

    punishment, and the public to avoid the shameless; Road to Germany, Qi with propriety, there is shame and the Grid . "ruling the country to be virtuous example, moral enlightenment can make people completely convinced, on the contrary, if the advocates of tyranny, it is difficult from the heart to make people subservient. Of course, in today's must be

    the rule of law-based, virtue and the rule of law interact in order to complement each other. In this connection, Mencius also said: "in order to convince the people who force non-convinced, force is not age support;

    virtuous example, who, the center also Yuet and admiring. Rely on the power to conquer others, not people from the heart to obey him, but out of lack of strength reasons, only by virtue of virtue in order to enable others to be convinced; only with moral line benevolence can only be kings

    in the world, is so-called "virtuous benevolent king." can be said that precisely because of emphasis on virtue, oriental ancient civilization that they do not As for the history of annihilation, on the contrary, still enduring, steady modernization of power; also is the number of

    recognized the inherent ethical bind only to ensure the orderly and continuous prosperity of society. So, Comrade Jiang Zemin, in order to Rule of Virtue and the rule of law simultaneously, as an important guiding ideology of the country, their good intentions cherished natural implicit, while the morality in Ampang in the status of the country will be self-


     However, the meaning of rule of virtue is far from being just that. Rule of virtue, in essence, is to ask those people-oriented

    administration, so that "caring for the public danger, ', reflecting the ultimate concern of the people. Therefore, Mencius pointed out:" people are, social Sakura followed the king of light. "Indeed, the power of this comes from the people, and only serves the people, are right." Jun those

    who boat him; common people who water is. While the water is contained in a boat, while the water is capsize. "(" Xunzi "Jun Tao" If the executive should not the people of the need to reverse public opinion, it will cover

    the political death boat. So that "people are Bomben, without the shake and the leaves, not mover." Only listen to public opinion, If Lay letters will not be as suicidal, but the situation of Lay sealed, it is their loss of popular support of the contingent. Therefore, they concluded Mencius said: "Lai Feng has also lost the world, missing the people also; missing the people, they missing the heart. "people are Bomben, is to ask the administration to establish people-those who thought and sense of public

    service, and only such and such to be able to get the people to achieve virtue; only do grindstead protect the people, care about people's hardships and in order to achieve "the joy of music the people who the people are glad of their music; concern for the people of the bad news, people also worry about their priorities. On the contrary, if focusing only on personal interests, high above, establish official standards, they will be spurned by the people. Of course, the Confucian ethical culture in

    the thought of the people in the final analysis is to rule by the monarchy, but its emphasis on people, people-based proposal of this idea,

    there are significant cross-age, if they are integrating the use of, in

    order to eliminate some of the administrative person Officer-based

    thinking, cultivate their "power to grant China", "fed and clothed the people to support" the administration of moral consciousness, have far-

    reaching impact.

     And for the government in Germany, the key to achieve the rule of

    virtue is to raise the administration's moral self-cultivation. Confucian

    moral culture with virtue officials and self-cultivation of statecraft to

    Germany famous for today's executives moral integrity and moral improvement of the quality is also significant. In building a modern

    market economy of today, due to the relative rationality and relative human selfishness, often Dizhibuzhu difficult to extricate itself from the interests of the temptation, of course, executives are no exception. In

    order to achieve the government clean and prevent the abuse of public power and corruption to spread, it is necessary to learn from the history of the mirror, to learn the experience of history. Opening ancient Confucian classics, you can see its always emphasize virtue officials and

    by virtue self-cultivation. As politicians, legislative affairs, only for the public, justice more important than profits, in order to achieve the government honest, and to eradicate rape-bit villain, truly rule of

    virtue. As Xunzi says: "fair up to the private door plugs carry on. Justice and carry on tomorrow and the private business interest. And if so, then the speaker is a person Dehou ended, Money-Lured by those who

    retreat from honesty." "Xunzi. Monarch", and , the only legislative

    affairs for the public in order to win people support the so-called: "The

    body is not to make the trip, their body is not correct, although the order is not from." executive's authority is shaped by their own virtue, and nepotism a good, good swing Guan Jiazi executive who not only can not set a good example, adverse acts of subordinates and their families will be affected, resulting in adverse impact, we can see "Monarch of the good, then Robinson whom. Shanghao greedy Lee, then Chenxia is then multiplied

    by 100 lai Feng take engraved with, to take excessive and the people. "

"Xunzi. Jun Street," the university that "self-cultivation, regulating the

    family, ruling the state and the world" rule of virtue is also the "self-

    cultivation" as a top, and only raise their virtue in order to Qijia; only manage the home, in order to control the world, "does not get their homes, while those who can teach people forever.

     To sum up, for the government to Germany, pay attention to the concept of rule by virtue of the proposed ultra-era sense, although hardly

    be able to honor in ancient China, but the theory itself would not arise in the feudal era to lose its intrinsic value. For the government in Germany, people-oriented, legislative affairs for the public, self-

    cultivation, etc. Rule of Virtue Qijia Chaintech flat world of modern civilization and traditional moral integration, until today, are still those who have made reference to the meaning of the executive.

     2, Chung Tak Chongyi, meaning after the first groups to take the

    supremacy of values, helping to eliminate the negative effects of a market economy and the increasing expansion of ablation individualism, the principle of collectivism helps to strengthen and enhance national cohesion,

     The growing development of the market economy, moral values and profound changes have taken place. On the one hand, human nature can be a great liberation, individuality has been highlighting and respect the concept of fairness and justice has also been established and developed

    the other hand, under the conditions of market economy, the principle of profit-driven to varying degrees, also the breeding ground for selfish behavior. Some one-sided, over-emphasis on personal values, negative

    collective values, even the selfish nature of man as a driving force of social development.

     The expansion of individualism, segregation of national integrity is bound to pose a threat to society and others, making social and moral decadence, and social disorder. And the Confucian value system of moral

    supremacy, the bear with rich content, such as Chung Tak Chongyi, first take, etc. after righteousness, for ablation of the current negative trends have a positive effect. Because it emphasizes the relationship between the individual soluble groups among the groups required to obey the value of personal values, thus ultimately individuals, countries and the structure, people the same as me, and everyone up scene. Confucian sages believe that the inherent nature of man as man, to the moral.

    Understand Noriyoshi "human birds of the identified" the fundamental criterion, precisely because human beings know that "pro-father and son,

    Junchen Youyi, couples are different, old and young orderly, friends

     Letter "ethics and morals of the people only stay away from poultry, it was Road. Morality as the essential characteristic of breed, but also constitutes the inner life of each member of the driving force and value

of goal-oriented, so since ancient times as" high ideals, no Survival harm

    to Jen, there are killing themselves in order to pay the price of the feat. Mencius also said, the moral: the material interests can only satisfy the need of human flesh, the only moral order to meet the "general" (spirit) of the need, so he actively advocated the "riches can

    not be prostitution, force can bend, can not be poor and lowly penny," Mencius anal Light "noble sentiments. This time warned the number of people with lofty ideals gave birth to righteousness, can say there is no

    reference to today's meaning? to my Yikongzhixian, heavy German Mazzoni's traditional morality, has only to abandon it, will certainly contribute to a rational morality is now generation, the overall concept of enhancement and integration of suppression of self-interest. Therefore, someone who

    wrote that "the traditional ideology and culture in the Sung Tak re-

    defined values, enriching the Chinese people's moral reasoning, prompting people to consciously perform good deeds, to enhance moral cultivation , beyond the fetters of fame and fortune, pay attention to etiquette, a rich culture and spiritual life of people. The traditional Chinese morality and civilization is perfect, mature, and is re-defined values Zonta catalytic

    inseparable. It is this value orientation, from an objective to guide the

    people to march towards a common goal, thereby enhancing the strength of national cohesion. "Reposted elsewhere in the paper for free Download Center http://

     After the first, meaning the moral concepts of profit, also has

    practical significance. Confucius said: "Gentlemen Yu Yu Yi, Yu Yu Lee villain." "On the consultation squid" means that a gentleman is advocating moral, bad people are asking for is self-interest. Morality is based on

    altruism, and devotion-oriented, while the pursuit of profit is a kind of for my behavior. If everyone can first altruism, or at least not harming others, this world is not true that the United States, extreme individualism has no place in it. "Gentlemen's sense that", I mean a gentleman to justice as a noble character, if the "unjust and the rich and expensive, to me, such as clouds," while only "see Leith justice, righteousness and then take" is desirable. The emphasis on individual choice of material interests should be channel to the ethical values to

    guide the allocation of material benefits, there is still a sense of extreme individualism, the inhibition can play a similar effect. Mencius on the basis of Confucius, but also put forward the "hygiene, but also my objectives; justice, but also my objectives. Two can not be chief, homes are born for justice also." Confucian sages raised the value of these re-

    defined orientation, training the "man for me, and I for all," the whole doctrine of national spirit, this community-based thinking, emphasis on

    individual soluble groups, among groups of requiring individuals to obey the value of the value of certain historical conditions, significant national affinity and cohesion features, which makes it so someone wrote: "Confucian thought in this sense, instead of re-thinking of the overall

    interests of the closely related. righteousness is to regulate the main ethical conduct standards, is to safeguard the overall interests of the regulator,. through the defined Gao Yang, highlighting the overall

    interests of the integrity and absolute, supreme, thus making the overall interests of the individual interests are subordinate to the overall

interests in order to regulate and control the individual interests. "

     Third, saint outside the king's ideology, can promote the improvement

    of individual morality, moral sentiments, and lofty moral cultivation of the establishment, and ultimately to promote the establishment of the ideal personality

     Confucianism advocated the adoption of "saint outside the King" ideal

    specifications in order to achieve the ideal of individual personality. "Saint" refers to individuals through the heart of "propriety, benevolence, righteousness, loyalty, faithfulness, honesty" and other ethics of introspection and insight in order to meet Jen, perfection, Holy spiritual realm.

     "Foreign king" refers to an individual derived from the introspective morality, push and others and society, in order to achieve benevolent, Wang. "Saint outside the King" the essence of the pursuit of the

    individual with others, the state with the structure so as to achieve and the group has been and social integration. Of course, "three cardinal guides and the five permanent members" of feudal dross and its past repression and mutilation of human nature are undesirable, but if the inhibition of human nature aside Gangchanglunli right side of the abstract universal, general sense of ethics, it is through the World Zhiyong, is the Chinese nation, and even can be said that an ethical culture in a

    world treasure. Such as "benevolence", calling for restraint on their own selfishness, so that their own actions in line with the general ethics of society in order to achieve "love" point of view, is a positive and reasonable. Today, if everyone can do it love, care for others, then the

    decline of morality are set to stop power. Look at "justice", and its emphasis on fairness and justice, and stressed that a proper way, under the conditions of today's market economy, fair competition, to achieve a

    positive effect. And "wisdom, the letter" and stressed that Wei Ren must know how to distinguish right from wrong, be honest and trustworthy, this is undoubtedly a market economy and the market operation of the cultivation of contract provides a Road Norisuke guided, while the

    negative effect of a market economy under the credit crisis, but also greatly improved, counterfeiting and selling fake and harms the people of the abnormal activity may also be able to stop at the same time, but also to safeguard the legitimate operators and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. In short, by the "saint" in pursuit of a single individual can achieve Shou-Jen lines of social justice, honesty and

    trustworthiness, loyalty with restraint, tolerance, humility, honesty and

    self-ideal personality, and then by the "foreign king" to promote enlightenment, so that the whole society to form good moral atmosphere of the entire nation has been strengthened cohesion and affinity.

     In summary, the Confucian ethical culture as the ancient feudal

    hierarchy should be the product of in terms of community needs, with the times, class nature, limitations, by Gangchanglunli suppression and

    persecution of human nature and ethics of the civil population under the guise of enslaving, is alien to today's moral requirement, but at the same time, we must recognize the duality of the Confucian ethical culture, their side ahead of its time, is the ability to blend with the current social ethics, and its integration of the social order, stability and

    interpersonal relations between the co-ordination, there is still a very

    strong practical significance. Confucian emphasis on ethics is human nature, which for the government to Germany, re-Yi Sung Tak and the Sage

    and External Emperor and moral culture in the new historical conditions, to be critical inheritance, make the best use, integrated innovation, and will be able to broaden the social and moral heritage, further degree of civilization of the whole society.


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