From the holographic theory, Tan Qian Yi's "surface Permit"_427

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From the holographic theory, Tan Qian Yi's "surface Permit"_427

From the holographic theory, Tan Qian Yi's "surface Permit"

     Abstract The biology of the holographic theory and Qian Yi's "surface Permit" combined together, with the holographic theory to elaborate the money B "surface Permit" content and

    theory of modern biology that its potential theory-based,


     Key words Qian B; surface card; holographic theory

     Qian B Song famous doctor that delicate organs of children, without the stain of Bazhen Gomi, who have no mortal

    world abounds with the offensive and win by dirty air and the reality is more likely to be reflected in the appearance of the body; and because many children can not be made, his words not yet enough to win the trust, combined with more children crying Nu Qiemo compounded earned, affecting breath pulse, it is difficult for the was, so Wenzhen, cutting the value of consultation worse than the adults, so while attending Hope is particularly important. Qian Yi Wang on pediatric clinic has a very rich, very long period, is expected to smart and watch posture, Hope 2 will be, the trial Miao awakened, and distinguish the rash, observing, looking, etc., play an important role in the diagnosis. Diagnosis in sight so, on the face diagnosed as to hope.

     Qian Yi in the "Pediatric Drug Card straight tactic" in accordance "Su asked thorn fever theory" point of view that "the surface of cards." In his "surface certificate" that: "the right cheek as the liver, the left cheek as the lung, the amount for the heart, the nose for the spleen, kidney chin. Red are hot also, those who plot is also yellow, white and

    those who are cold, blue pain who are also black, with the permit rule. "such as the liver, heart, spleen, lung, kidney five internal organs, corresponding to the complexion and the

    lesions were blue, red, yellow, white, black and left cheek (cheek), the amount of the ( heaven), nose, right cheek (right cheek), places (bearing plasma), the primary disease, as were convulsion, fire and excess heat, damp, and the injured food,

    Deficiency, Leng Tong and Shenqi lost. "Twelve meridians, 365 network, which are on the blood-gas injection in the face to

    go blank awakened" ( "Lingshu evil form of Visceral Disease Chapter", access the most important body meridians are brought

    together in the face, 12 meridians , 365 network of blood all over the face. the so-called "first for Zhu Yang of the

    Council, Lotus's case" and its color is the blood of the outer-wing organs, five organs belong to flavor, can be on the face displayed on a face with the internal organs, limbs, the distribution of joint position. so that the face should be within the organs for the meridian of the Council, gasification of the pass, issued by the special part of the gods. the body organs of each organization's physiological and

    pathological information , can be reflected in a specific area on the face.

     Qian Yi said: "The disease although not hair, its color people see." Evil can be seen among the V in the blood, with blood and not feel popular. This "outside as inside should be" the diagnosis method is to inherit the "Plain Questions on the barbed hot" "Su asked to be refined on the pulse" "Lingshu big puzzled" theory and other theories, combined with the five internal organs put forward by the Treatment , practical, not

    only can be used to seek a result of the trial license, do not cold and heat, actual situation, off disease-bit, fixed

    treatment, can also be used to predict disease prognosis. Facial color is subtle and out-run disease light, color

    stagnate while the haggard was seriously ill. Five-color

    spread from the bottom up, it prompts the disease will increase. Five-color gradually faded from the top down, then the tips will cure the disease. Colored on the face of the performance, with the main organs of the corresponding parts of the whole face is divided into two levels of internal and external, internal attribution of Wu Fu, external to make attribution Six Hollow Organs. Such as the five-color change

from the outside to go inside, then disease and dirt from the

    internal organs, such as the five-color change from the inside

    to go outside, then lesions and internal organs from the dirty. In addition, Qian Yi stressed that diagnosis in sight while, in conjunction with other syndromes, respectively,

    reflecting the different organs, different nature of the disease. The "red hot who also" "yellow donor spleen cowardly" and "green who convulsion," "white God becomes nervous," "black person kidney." The same Mianchi, another wind-heat,

    phlegm-heat, stomach Xure of the gang; with white, while the chief, "the mouth air-cooled, non-thinking food and spit

    water" together stand Wei Qi discord, and "abdominal pain, under Lee "together stand empty stomach cold, and" heart abdominal pain, mouth foam and water out, the incidence

    sometimes "together stand insects card. Qian's focusing on the color of each additional identification in order to detect diseases, such as that "their lips and white, when Bufei", "Pifei sick a long time, then the virtual and the lip white,"

    "White and Ze are Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, such as skeletons are dead." kidney then "white heads, eyes more." Such as rickets card, face yellow cheek red, the body Zhuang enthusiastic rickets; body yellow-bellied big, fresh mud for the spleen

    rickets. If the meet white, ignoring the naked, mouth air-

    cooled, non-thinking catering for Stomach discord; surface white weak, abdominal pain, do not think of food as the stomach empty cold; face yellow and white, the mouth temperature, ignoring nothing left for the belly of the plot

    such as pain; face white, heart attack and sometimes abdominal pain, vomiting of water, mostly insects pain.

     Although Chinese medicine does not explicitly put forward the "holographic" this statement, but in fact very early on

    the use of forward to working with this very theory. As early as 3000 years ago in China's "Book of Changes" has hidden a wealth of holographic concepts. 6th century BC, the "Yellow Emperor" pointed out that, in the face, tongue, ears, pulse,

    etc. Cunkou local small area, a microcosm of internal organs with the body, there is an overall information, which built the structure of holographic model of the human body. Chinese medicine has a long history of pulse diagnosis, but also through the body of a small portion of relatively independent, to understand the state of her health, and disease. This

    theory is the idea of not only the theoretical basis of medical diagnosis and treatment, but also for its holographic effect to explain the man's heaven and man in harmony with

    nature and the human-specific features. Doctors have been some of the "Nei Jing" looking face consultation clinic of the holographic method are discussed, and now I am used to explore the concept of holographic Qian Yi's "surface Permit", which

    is "the surface of certificate" diagnostics basic principles, but also "the surface of cards" on the theory of a holographic presentation.

     Western medicine, Hippocrates, the father (Hippoctates, about BC 460 ~ 377 years) has pointed out: "If someone even a

    small part of the body, causing damage to the body feel pain, the reason for this is because the largest part of the body exists, also exists in the smallest part of ... ... the smallest parts of itself all the parts, which are in part

    related linked, and some changes can spread to all parts. "The Greek's those what have been vaguely pointed out that the human body part is a microcosm of the whole pattern. Holographic biology that creatures, including human organisms, including somatic cells came from embryos that potential embryo holographic composition. The human body in all long limbs and large joints of relatively independent parts, and all are related to all parts of a whole, there is kind of like the second metacarpal side corresponds to all points of each

    part of the whole group. When the internal environment to make an exception occurred in the main part of a disease, at a higher level on the overall high correlation of the holographic holographic holographic element and the main

    corresponding to the location of this site will inevitably be the occurrence of certain to detect the pathological response.

     Therefore, the human body on the face of a relatively independent part can be used as a holographic embryo research.

    The human body is a big hologram, while the organs, meridians, qi, blood, pulse, etc. is a small holographic, holographic information on these small changes is reflected to the holographic surface, as on the SAR. Face is a holographic element, one of the SAR, while the five internal organs is a

    holographic element in miniature. Holographic element changes, its information can be directly transferred to the appropriate face on the SAR holographic element, the formation of the corresponding surface like a 5 heart disease. Qian B

    corresponding to the totality of the ministries in the region on the facial features of pathological changes produced carried out face-related parts and viscera division of

    stature. Organs and various tissues and organs with lesions in

    the corresponding parts of the face reflected. Therefore, the face as a whole a "microcosm", which can reflect all the information as a whole can be more sensitive to reflect the systemic health status. Therefore, it can checkup accordingly systemic diseases, it is the "surface Permit" holographic practical value of attending law. This is also the principle of traditional Chinese medicine where looking face medical consultation.

     Facial hope the whole patient is a partial perspective of

    the most typical holographic diagnostics, each of the body organs can be in accordance with their own tissues and organs in the whole space-arranged manner information on the

    activities of their projected onto the face corresponding to the respective specific location on the to face a mirror of the overall perspective, the image to show the full face is a microcosm of the whole person. Holographic theory of diagnosis, namely, "see around corners," from "each part" and "fr