e ae ei

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e ae ei


    Spelling hints: e: beg egg edge get

    ea: dead lead measure bread

    ai: said again

Sound practice

    bed best sez evri

     els held

Seven beds

    Get ready

    Press the bell Wet with sweat The next lesson A television set The next best

    1. They are selling pens and pencils. 2. He slept in a red and yellow tent in the desert.

    3. Ten men fell into the Thames. 4. I can’t get to my best friends


    5. We ate bread and eggs for breakfast. 6. That fellow sells bells.


    Spelling hints:

a: add bad narrow

    ai: plaid格子布 plait发辫


    Sound practice

    Cat happy national narrate has

     have and practice marry

Hand in hand

A happy marriage

    Caps and hats

    A handsome young man

    Bags and sacks

    Jack had his hat on Saturday.

    stand under that ladder. Don’t

    The black cat ran after the rat. They were happy listening to the band.

    He crashed into the back of the tram.(


    The crab came out of the sand.

Read and compare:

    Bet bat

    Set sat

    Met mat

    Pen pan

    Mess mass

    Let latch

    Guess the gas

    Eggs and apples

Repair the bad bed

    Get the map

    Let the cat out

    Bend the iron band

[ei] p28

    Spelling hints:

    a: late ache paper ancient ai: rain pain fail straight


    ei: eight neighbor ay: pay stay may say ey: hey obey they convey


    ea: steak break great


Sound practice:

    [plei] [eid] [weist] [feis] [leibә]

     [tәdei] [geit]

May Day the lady on the

    plane the name of the play a railway station

    April rain take away

    1.They stayed in Spain for eight days, 2.The train came late.

    3.The rain stopped them playing the


    4.They waited for a plane.

    5.The plates fell off the table in the


    6.There are many railways in the United


    7.The actors left the stage and their play


Read and compare

[let] [leit] [det] [deit]

    [pen] [pein] [les] [leis]

    [get] [geit] [test] [teist]

[tel] [teil] [sel] [seiliη]

heavy rain a terrible case

    table tennis lend some tapes a game of chess an ancient letter

    1.He made a name for selling pens. 2.Tell them Im in great pain.

    3.Thats the best place to test the plane. 4.Ten men waited for the train.

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