Fire Prevention on Campus

By Cheryl Holmes,2014-07-06 22:50
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Fire Prevention on Campus

Fire Prevention on Campus

    Recently, fire disasters often happen on some campuses which always lead to the significant losses of lives and possessions. It is very distressed. And it is time to pay attention to fire prevention on campus.

    It is not only an accident and there are many factors resulting to the fire disasters. First and foremost factor is that many students like to use the electronic equipments which used out of line. It is very easy to stir up fire disasters. Second, our school lack of necessary and complete fireproofing installation. So when the fires happen, it is no method to put out it in time. Then the losses would not be avoided. Last, many students and faculty don’t have the awareness of preventing fires. They often destroy the fireproofing installation unintentionally and don’t care the results of their dangerous deeds.

    As students, what we can do to help fire prevention on campus? We should realize it is important to prevent fires on campus. Then we have to develop the habit of fire prevention gradually. It is better not use the illegal electronic equipments. And we should take care of the fireproofing installation. What’s more, it is not anything to do with the university administers. We should urge the school to improve the students’ living conditions, remove the

    exiting dangerous factors in campus and ensure the fireproofing installation available.

    Just like an old saying, prevention is much better than cure. It is duty not only students but also schools to pay attention to fire prevention on campus.

    In recent years there has been a marked growth of fire accidents in big cities of our country, which caused loss of lives and property. Therefore, It is utmost important to strengthen the analysis of the current situation of campus safety. What are the causes of fire accidents? Most of the fires are brought about by carelessness and violation of fire safety regulations. Others are due to the poor quality of home electrical appliances. By the way, some people don't know how to use them properly. Besides, there are, of course, quite a few businesses which focus so much of their attention on profits that they tend to neglect and even ignore fire precautions. In the view of the seriousness of this problem, effect measures must be taken before things get worse .In the very beginning, the relevant authorities should make some new

    rules and regulations to solve this problem. What is more , administrative department and school leaders should organize learning in order to foster both teachers and students the fire-fighting knowledge. Last but not the least, we are to improve the existing fire engines and add more fire facilities to high-rise buildings. In this way, a reliable fire prevention system will be formed. As we college students, we should take care of use fire and study fire prevention measures concentrated.

    Recently, campus thefts have become increasingly annoying as they occur far more often than before. The past student dormitory stolen most is something happened small computers, clothes, meal ticket, stationery, and such items are different now and commit crime molecules is targeting in high-grade goods. For instance, cash, tiny radio, senior camera, cell phone and BP machine, etc.

    The reasons are not hard to find. But I believe of all these reasons, the lack of anti-theft alertness is the most important. First, social experience and guard consciousness are little . From the statistical theft case material analysis, the school theft case 80% stolen reason main is not ready to social experience to prevent these thefts. For example, bicycle are disorderly Parking, money and valuables are not keep well, ect. Second, Gate sentry management are difficulties. Vehicles are much and the school culture and sports facilities sound , socially mixed personnel with a variety of reason go and out school. These acts undoubtedly have increased their exposure to the light-fingered monsters.

     How do we prevent the occurrence of campus theft? I think that our must stay on guard in the first place, as awareness of the thefts around often makes a big difference. First of all, Keep our valuables. we lock the valuables into small ark, or carry. If the indoor is no person, we should lock the door and close the window. Besides, it’s advisable to develop a neighbourhood watch programme with other students in the dorm and neighbouring dorms. In addition, public security and defend departments should enhance the strength of management of campus theft. the school also should tighten propaganda and urged teacher-student awareness.

    Nowadays how to cultivate the secure sense among university students proved to be a serious problem, for some cases concerning campus theft have occured in numbers of universities ,that warn us to be alert against stealing in universities, admittedly the security precaution is necessary and it has become more and more manifest.What makes students the easy targets? The reasons are not hard to find. But I believe of all these reasons, the lack of anti-theft alertnessis the most important one. For lack of alertness, the students tend to leave the doors and windows wide open during sleep at noon or at night in summer. For the same reason, they’ll also leave their bikes unlocked outside a store or by a road, or forget to take away their personal stuff before they go out of the classroom to make a phone call. These acts undoubtedly have increased their exposure to the light-fingered monsters.

     Universities must heighten security activities, more guards have to be employed to prevent victims from theft,and security broadcast is another means to highlight students against theft. At the same time, students do have responsibilities to take good care of belongs of themselves or others alike.

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