Does Your House Measure Up

By Michelle Myers,2014-08-09 02:28
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Does Your House Measure Up

    Does Your House Measure Up?

    A Great Assessment


    1. Students will demonstrate their ability to first

    draw a simple square 6X6 house on one inch

    grid paper with a 1X3 door and two 1X1


    2. Students may also extend the lesson by

    drawing the same house in a group using a



    ; An overhead transparency of one inch grid


    ; One yardstick per group of students

    ; Three colors of sidewalk chalk for each


    ; A one inch grid sheet for each child

    ; A ruler for each student

    ; One sheet of story paper for each student


    1. The students will need to understand the

    concept that 12 inches equal 1 foot and that 3

    feet equal one yard.

    2. The students will need to have an

    understanding of what a square and rectangle

    look like and be able to reproduce them. 3. The students will need to understand how to

    use a ruler with or without a leading edge.


    1. Tell the students that today they are all going

    to become architects and are going to design a

    house as part of a class neighborhood.

    2. Give each student a sheet of one inch grid

    paper and have them draw a 6X6 square. This

    is the house’s frame. Model on the overhead.

    3. Next, have them draw a door in their house that

    is 3 squares tall and 1 square wide. Again,

    model on the overhead.

    4. Finally, have them draw two 1X1 windows on

    their house. Model on overhead. They may

    draw a roof of their choice.


    1. Take the class out to the blacktop to draw our

    neighborhood. Divide the class into groups.

    Give each team three colors of sidewalk chalk

    and a yardstick.

    2. Using their plans, they are to draw a house that

    has a 6ft.X6ft. frame, a 3ft.X3ft. door, and two

    1ft.X1ft. windows. They may draw any type of

    roof they like and decorate it in anyway.

    3. As students finish their houses, have them

    walk through their new neighborhood

    observing each other’s homes.

Writing Connection:

    Have students write a make-believe story about their new neighbors and neighborhood. Share.

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