Ice Queen

By Tina Mason,2014-07-17 17:49
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Ice Queen Ice Queen Ice Queen Ice Queen

Red part of the scripts.

    Writer: Song Meng.

    Translator: Gao Yunfei.

    Proofreader: Gao Yunfei.

    Fully considering of the spoken language.

    Ice Queen;However, suddenly one day, there came a monster. Not knowing what spells it cast, the monster made our villages world-shaking. The ice began to melt, the sea level continued rising up. Seepers in the lakes began to boom and heavy rainstorms never stopped, causing frequent and severe flooding. Look at these days, the rainstorms have lasted for several years. The suffering of people’s lives is unspeakable. The flooding makes the fields littered with corpse. And we can only be anxious but unable to do anything. We watch the iceberg being melted and our hometown being ruined. We are going to be homeless! (Covering her face and sobbing) Then look at me, know what, people used to say that I am

    the image of Zhang Ziyi. My skins are as smooth as jade. But look at now, my figure is becoming thinner and face becoming shriveled ever since being ruined by the monster. Now I am as weary-looking as Feng Jie. (Covering her face, looking pitiful) (Place the photos of Zhang Ziyi and Feng Jie.)

     Bajie: Ah!! How can that be? You look a million times better than

    Feng Jie!! Stop being sorrowful, my dear girl. As long as I am here, no matter what monsters can be subdued. I will go and fetch the monster now!!(Looking ambitious)

    Ice Queen: Ah!!! Thank you, my elder!!(Looking moved)

    Bajie: Then will you come with me to home after I put the monster to death? Look, I am still single. (Looking shy) I can cook well, I can take the housework and I earn a lot, having my own house and car. Ice Queen: (Looking scared) I can feel this. There it comes!! There it comes!!!(Pointing to the distance)

    Bajie: Who?

    Ice Queen: The Mon...Mon...Monster!! There it comes!!

    Bajie: (Swivel to see) But there is nothing but airs.

    (Carbon Dioxide goes around the stadium)

    Carbon Dioxide: HaHaHaHa!!! You will not see me. You come to

    my territories, you become dead corpse!!

    Bajie (Looking scared): YouYouYou come out!! III will tell

    you that we are not afraid of you. Da Shixiong, you go to kill it. I have to protect our master first.

    (Run away then run back, calling the Ice Queen) Come with me, I will protect you!

    Wukong: You idiot! Take care of Master!

    Wukong (To Carbon Dioxide): What monsters you are?

    Carbon Dioxide: I am the car exhaust, deflowering the best from the burning coals. Originally I need one hundred to become a monster, but humans help me put down my enemies. They keep chopping down forests. Ha-Ha. I take only seventy-nine years to finish my practice. Now I can make the field as hot as burning steamers. You just wait to be made into meat dumplings. Ha-Ha. Sea level. Rise up!! Rainstorms!! Come more furiously!! Desert!! Can you hear my summoning? I will make the world a big steamer!! Wukong: Dont be glad too early. Taste this beating!!

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