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Service Apartments in Mumbai

    Service Apartments

Correct as on Sunday, July 12, 2009

For those people who wish or have to make a longer stay, sometime it

    makes sense to take on a fully furnished and functional apartment.

    Though the concept of a ―service apartment‖ is rather recent in India,

    it is catching up. Some hotels are also now providing special rooms/

    suits/ apartments for more permanent guests at more economical and

    special weekly / monthly rates.

    Though almost all hotels have suites with small kitchenette

    facilities, these specialty apartments cater more for individual


    The idea is especially attractive to expatriate families and other

    executives who come to the city for rather longer periods.

    The purpose behind it is to give more homelike facilities with

    minimum hassle.

The apartments can range from 1 room studio to 4 bedroom fully

    furnished flats.