Andrina George Mackay Brown ANALYSIS

By Erica Peterson,2014-12-28 11:25
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Andrina George Mackay Brown ANALYSIS

Andrina George Mackay Brown


Narrator: Torvald Structure:

    as an old man 1. There is a story within a story in Torvald’s life

     (old age;flashback to youth;old age)Inner/outer stories.

     2. There is a dream-like story (Andrina) and

     a story of the realities of Torvald’s life. Style:

     Torvald is like a Storyteller using

     a Tone which is confidential



     Seasons/times love ; betrayal; loss.



    passing; Torvald Torvald: life passing

     Who is loved, betrayed, lost?

     Look at themes from all angles.


    ‘awakened’ in

    his fevered

    dream; ghost already visiting him.


     *Ghosts; Relationships:

     * The sea ; *Torvald and Sigrid

     *The illness ; *Andrina and Torvald

     * Light/lamp. *Torvald and the postman

     and other islanders.

    Andrina George Mackay Brown ANALYSIS

Opening Mood/Atmosphere:

    Narrative Device:Dream Incident:(Stanley)Significance:- Descriptive techniques:


     Key features of this minor character:

    2. Pointing to personality:

3. MOOD at the end of the Stanley incident:


     Techniques to establish mystery : 5. 1.



    Structure: cycles,

    seasons, natural passing 4.

    of time,birth, life , death….. Techniques to establish romance:

Figurative Language: 1.



2.metaphors 3.



    Andrina George Mackay Brown ANALYSIS

    Opening Mood/Atmosphere:opening mood of narrator: wistful, reflective, content,happy etc.

     Imagery of being content/happiness: ‘light’ of lamp-suggests warm glow; ‘old thick jersey’-both suggest warmth /comfort; ‘peat fire in a blaze’ blaze’ suggests warmth; ‘extra peat’ suggests care by Andrina

    Incident:(Stanley)Significance: Stanley represents the Narrative Device:Dream outside world/real world in contrast to (a) the Descriptive techniques: dreamworld of Torvald’s past (b) the fevered 1.Word Choice:

    world of his illness. ‘like a ghost in a Key features of this minor character: hollow stone’; 1.jovial 2.friendly 3. happy 4. bossy / ‘longest night of presumptuous which point to his personality. my life’ 2. Repetition:

    ‘again and MOOD at the end of the Stanley incident: depressed/ again’; ‘time to negative/low

    time’; ‘over


    Techniques to establish mystery : fever of Torvald

    1. Torvald questioning himself about Andrina’s 3.Symbolism:

    background reminds reader of her mystery. 1. ‘images broke

    2.Torvald’s answers that he knows nothing of her and melted’-

    adds to this. symbolic of both

    3.Andrina always asking questions of Torvald the fevered

    suggests Andrina is mysterious. dream leaving

    4. Andrina arriving with shadows, turning the him but also the

    lamp down adds mystery , too. love melting.

    Techniques to establish romance: 4.Similes

    1.Descriptions_-‘lingered there’; ’peace’; ’pure’; like an ancient

    ‘tranced creatures’; ‘spell was broken’ gramaphone

    2.Character: Torvald ‘spices’up his past, adding record’- conveys

    romance-he paints a picture of a reckless, feared noise!pain!

    5.Sentence structure figure; generally ‘boasts’, romanticising past.

    short sentences to Gives picture of traveller/explorer(‘Captain

    convey he wakens Cook’) but also villain of a tale(‘Captain Hook’) in fright.Longer 3.Lists-technique used by Torvald when going sentences with through places he has been-exotic ports or world. parenthesis to

     convey the fever

     Fairytale genre:

    Evidence- a) ‘a long time ago’…typical language of fairytale

     b) the teenagers had known each other all their lives and then………….

     c) time setting-‘midsummer’…….typical magical time of fairy tales; also emphasis on lovers meeting at night time-secret


     d) Language of fairy tales