sample business plan

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sample business plan

(sample business plan)

     Baikal Inc.

     Ima A. Korec

     567 West Hillshire Rd

     Oxtail, UV 87896

     (999) 123-4567

     (999) 891-1112 fax

    This sample NxLevel Entrepreneur Business Plan was originally written by a class participant, and subsequently modified to protect proprietary information. As it is primarily a student’s work, it is not represented to be a ―perfect‖ business plan, although the

    presentation is in keeping with the NxLevel format and content. It can be used as a

    sample of what a business plan might contain, and as a model for constructing the various sections.

    A table of contents is good if the business plan gets larger. For a small

    plan it is not necessary and does not look professional.

    Table of Contents


    Section I. Executive Summary 3

     Section II. Mission, Goals and Objectives 4

     Section III. Background Information 4

    Section IV. Organizational Matters 6

     A. Business Structure, Management & Personnel 6

     B. Operating Controls 7

    Section V. The Marketing Plan 8

     A. The Service 8

     B. The Market Analysis 9

     C. Marketing Strategies 12

    Section VI. The Financial Plan 13

    A. Financial Worksheets 13

    B. Cash Flow Projections 18

    C. Financial Statements 22

Appendices 23

     Appendix A - Resume 24

     Appendix B - Pricing Information 25

     Appendix C - Sample Agreement 26

End notes 29


    A summary of the business. Summarize what the business does/offers. Should include highlights from all sections and can be written last.


    Baikel Inc., provides individuals non-profit organizations with assistance in finding through clearly and precisely written and biographies. Baikel’s mission is to create clear compelling biographies for


    Baikel Inc. straddles two business categories: writing and research. While no single trade association focuses on this type of work, several organizations focus on particular aspects of the work.

    Baikel Inc., began as an idea several years ago while I was reviewing biographies written by another agency. At this time, I worked for a state agency which reviewed many biographies written by other agencies. The particular biography I was reading was poorly done and did not include any accountability measures or mechanisms. This scenario changed and will change further with the extended biography approach.

    The supply of effective biography writers in the Rocky Mountain area is limited according to personnel in the Auror, Herstate office of Associated Writers of America. While researching the industry, I discovered that the number of biography writers was not large and that there is a demand for effective biography writers in this area of the country.

    The business structure of Baikel, Inc., will be a sole proprietorship. The primary record keeping functions are income, customer service, pricing and quality controls. All of these functions will be supervised by the owner.

There is no seasonality of the business.

    Location is not a critical factor for Baikel, Inc. Availability and timing are far more important than the physical location of the business. Reliable access through phone inquiries and personal meetings as well as Baikel Inc’s ability to come to the customers site are the key factors.


    Description of the business should include the type, status of the business (startup, expansion, existing business, etc.) the form of the business (sole proprietor, corporation, limited liability company, etc.) when the business opened or will open, hours of operation, any seasonality. Goals and objectives should be realistic and precise.

    Section II. Mission, Goals and Objectives

    General Description of the Business

    Baikel Inc., provides individuals with assistance in research and precisely written biographies. The Business will be set up as a sole proprietor. Baikel will be a open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and will be in operation through out the year. I will meet with clients at their place of business or at my home where I have temporarily set up my business until I can secure a professional business location which will be within the next month.

    Mission Statement

Baikel Inc’s mission is to create clear compelling biographies for individuals.

    Goal and Objectives

    Goal 1: To grow Baikel, Inc., into full time work in three years through superior work for

     Individuals and networking effectively within the community.

    Strategy 1: Build a solid network of associates within the business community

    through membership in the Chamber of Commerce and participate in committee


    Strategy 2: Build a solid network within the private, non-profit sector within Yourtown

    through work with a selected private, non-profit and associations with others.

    Strategy 3: Provide a limited amount of work at cost to create a showcase of caliber

    of work available from Baikel Inc.

    Goal 2: To provide exceptional service to customers demonstrated by a 75% rate on

    biographies written over the next three years.

    Strategy 1: Know the biography sources for research.

    Strategy 2: Know the current economic climate and population in Yourtown and

     Hill County.

    Goal 3: To give customers solid reasons to return and recommend the services of Baikel

    to others through good service, clear communication, and mutual satisfaction.

    Strategy 1: Talk with customers and after working with them, gather information and

    feed back on what they liked or what could have been improved with their specific



    General background information about you, as the owner of the business, background of

    the business.

    Section III. Background Information

    Personal Background

    Mrs. Korec has a proven track record in supervising annual work goals, developing methods of achieved goals and objectives, planning for change and supervision of employees and budgets. This experience occurred while working for a large publishing firm in New York City which has provided Mrs. Korec with an understanding of differing research techniques, the need to work simultaneously on more than one project and other critical elements of working with biography applications, biography performance reporting and planning to effectively meet these demands. This experience makes Mrs. Korec uniquely qualified to assist in the preparation of biographies which will meet the criteria set down by sources.

    The Industry

    Background Industry Information

    Baikel Inc. straddles two business categories: writing and research. While no single trade focuses on this type of work, several organizations focus on particular aspects of the work. The trade associations include: National Society of research executives for aspects, and Society

    of Biography Editors and Writers, Associated Writers of America, the National Writers Union - for the writing aspects of the biographies.

    Some of the industry publications which are helpful in biography research and writing include The Chronicle of Biography, ―The Biographiesmanship Center Magazine.‖ Publications such as the Catalog of Biography Research and Catalog State Biography Programs are also critical if state biography sources are needed. Other entities such as the Foundation Center publish directories which also list foundations and others who offer biography sources and research data.

    Current and Future Trends

    Current trends in the business are difficult to gauge since this is not a category of business listed separately but rather usually enclosed within another type of business. Biography writing in general, however, is not increasingly competitive for two reasons. The first is reduced availability and sometimes scares records. The second is the extended amount of time it takes to gather and research data.

    Many small private businesses of this type also struggle to have employees who can run their organizations on a day-to-day basis and write biographies. Both of these situations provide the potential for a contract biography writer to be useful if the contractor has expertise in developing biographies which are outcome based and when the skills can be added as needed and not be a continuing cost to the organization.