Safety at Work

By Ricky Hamilton,2014-07-05 23:22
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Safety at Work

To: The Managing Director

    From: Yvette Forbes, Safety Officer

    Date: 10 July 1999

    Subject: Safety at Work


    Following the request of the Managing Director to compile a report on the company’s safety record, I have consulted the statistics and spoken to many

    members of staff in the company.


Accidents Statistics 1997-1998

    With 29 men and 37 women per 100 employees involved in accidents in the last year, the figures make pretty depressing reading. The accidents are spread across all departments but there are concentrations for men in the Dispatch department and for women in Production. Compared to other local firms, our firms are almost 3 times higher.

Staff Opinions

    A selection of members of staff were questioned from various departments. In the Dispatch department, in the last 3 months, there have been 10 accidents involving drivers with inadequate training. In Production, there were 30 accidents in the last year. Here the monotony of piecework is a particular problem for married women who seem to be the most accident prone. Tiredness amongst workers caused by lack of sleep, overeating, overheating of the factory and stress are all given as reason, but in general it must be said that workers are not safety conscious.


    1. To check that the company is complying with all the relevant Health and Safety


    2. To encourage greater staff awareness with regard to accidents

    3. To hold safety courses for staff

    4. To carry out research on causes of accidents

    5. To ensure all workers are adequately trained

    6. To turn down the heating in the factory

    7. To investigate ways of relieving the monotony of piecework.

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