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    rooster. (The rooster crows again.) Ross: Now, how will they know if 4We‘re getting a second opinion. you‘re ready? Phoebe: Oh, they‘re just gonna, um, [Scene: Monica and Rachel's; it’s look to see if my endometria later that morning, everybody has 10layer is thick. gotten up, and Ross and Phoebe has Chandler: Oh, I can, uh, check that joined them for breakfast. Rachel is for ya. returning from shopping.] Phoebe: Okay, everyone, think 11Phoebe: Hey! thick. Huh. Ross: Hey, what are you doing All: Good-bye! Good luck! (She TOW the Embryos: 4 / 2 shopping at eight in the morning? opens the door to reveal Monica Rachel: Well, I‘ve been up since six. [Scene: Monica and Rachel's; it’s and Joey.) 5Thanks to somebody‘s dumb-ass very early in the morning. Phoebe: Hey! Wish me luck! rooster. Everyone’s asleep, except for the Monica: Oh, good luck. Phoebe: You guys, you really chick, which turns out to be a Joey: Good luck. (to Monica) And 6should get rid of those animals. rooster, and it is crowing as the sun I‘m still right! 12They shouldn‘t be living in an is about to rise. This noise awakens Monica: That is so not true! apartment. Monica and Rachel, who rush into Rachel: What? Rachel: Yeah! Especially not with their living room, searching for the Joey: She‘s mad because I know 1all of these knives and cookbooks cause of the racket.] today‘s her laundry day, and that 7around.2 means she‘s wearing her old-lady Rachel: What the hell is that? (to 13Phoebe: All right. I‘m gonna go to underpants. Monica) What the hell is that? Is the fertility doctor and, ah, see if Chandler: I can check that for ya. that you? (Monica nods her head no, I‘m ready to have Frank and Alice‘s Monica: I justI just can‘t believe and Rachel realizes what is making 8embryo transferred into my that you think that you and Chandler that sound.) Ohhhhhhh! (She storms 9uterus. know me and Rachel better than we angrily over to Chandler and Joey’s

    know you. apartment, with Monica in trail.) 4 a second opinion = If you seek a Chandler: Well, we-we do. You Monica: Boy, you are really not a 14second opinion, you ask another can only eat Tic Tacks in even morning person. 153qualified person (usually another doctor) numbers. Rachel: (angrily) Just back off! for their opinion about something such (She starts banging on their door.) as your health. Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up, get 5 dumb-ass = stupid; idiotic; adjective a baby grows before it is born. Frank, up, get up, get up, get up! (Chandler + ―-ass‖ is often used for emphasis. Phoebe‘s half-brother, and his much opens the door, finally.) Example: that was a silly-ass movie. older wife, Alice, are unable to have 6Rachel: What is that noise? get rid of = When you get rid of children, so they asked Phoebe to be a Chandler: You! something that you do not want or do surrogate mother. 10Joey: It‘s the chick! She‘s going not like, you take action so that you no endometrial layer = this technical

    longer have it or suffer from it. term refers to the lining of the uterus through some changes.

    However, Phoebe, being a vegetarian where the ―baby‖ attaches himself or Monica: What kind of changes?

    animal-lover, is saying this out of herself. Check Wikipedia for details, if Chandler: Well, the vet seems to

    concern for the animals‘ welfare. you are interested, or Click Here. think that she‘s becoming … a 711 knives and cookbooks around = think thick = the thicker the layer is,

    because someone (namely, Rachel) the more likely pregnancy will occur;

     might get the horrible idea to kill and Phoebe, a New Ager, believes in the 1 racket = loud, irritating noise cook the two animals power of ―mind over matter.‖ It‘s a 28 the hell = used for emphasis when embryo = An embryo is an unborn superstition, of course. 12irritated; ―the heck‖ is a milder form. animal or human being in the very early so = very; used for emphasis 13Example: ―Who the hell do you think stages of development. (Click Here) old lady underpants = the kind of 9you are, anyway?‖ uterus = The uterus of a woman or baggy underwear only your 3 back off = If you tell someone to female mammal is her womb; a grandmother would wear 14back off, you are telling them to stop technical term in biology. A woman‘s Tic Tacks = breath mints mentioned interfering; an informal use. womb is the part inside her body where in a previous episode (Click Here)


    16Joey: Yeah, what’s that about? Chandler: Diet soda. Monica: That does not mean you Chandler: (to Rachel) And you, Ross: Yes. Yes. Yes. (They’re know us better. I-I want a rematch. Ross, I believe, if you check perfect so far.) Rachel: Yeah, and none of these Rachel‘s bag, you will find a half-Chandler: