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    rooster. (The rooster crows again.) Ross: Now, how will they know if 4We‘re getting a second opinion. you‘re ready? Phoebe: Oh, they‘re just gonna, um, [Scene: Monica and Rachel's; it’s look to see if my endometria later that morning, everybody has 10layer is thick. gotten up, and Ross and Phoebe has Chandler: Oh, I can, uh, check that joined them for breakfast. Rachel is for ya. returning from shopping.] Phoebe: Okay, everyone, think 11Phoebe: Hey! thick. Huh. Ross: Hey, what are you doing All: Good-bye! Good luck! (She TOW the Embryos: 4 / 2 shopping at eight in the morning? opens the door to reveal Monica Rachel: Well, I‘ve been up since six. [Scene: Monica and Rachel's; it’s and Joey.) 5Thanks to somebody‘s dumb-ass very early in the morning. Phoebe: Hey! Wish me luck! rooster. Everyone’s asleep, except for the Monica: Oh, good luck. Phoebe: You guys, you really chick, which turns out to be a Joey: Good luck. (to Monica) And 6should get rid of those animals. rooster, and it is crowing as the sun I‘m still right! 12They shouldn‘t be living in an is about to rise. This noise awakens Monica: That is so not true! apartment. Monica and Rachel, who rush into Rachel: What? Rachel: Yeah! Especially not with their living room, searching for the Joey: She‘s mad because I know 1all of these knives and cookbooks cause of the racket.] today‘s her laundry day, and that 7around.2 means she‘s wearing her old-lady Rachel: What the hell is that? (to 13Phoebe: All right. I‘m gonna go to underpants. Monica) What the hell is that? Is the fertility doctor and, ah, see if Chandler: I can check that for ya. that you? (Monica nods her head no, I‘m ready to have Frank and Alice‘s Monica: I justI just can‘t believe and Rachel realizes what is making 8embryo transferred into my that you think that you and Chandler that sound.) Ohhhhhhh! (She storms 9uterus. know me and Rachel better than we angrily over to Chandler and Joey’s

    know you. apartment, with Monica in trail.) 4 a second opinion = If you seek a Chandler: Well, we-we do. You Monica: Boy, you are really not a 14second opinion, you ask another can only eat Tic Tacks in even morning person. 153qualified person (usually another doctor) numbers. Rachel: (angrily) Just back off! for their opinion about something such (She starts banging on their door.) as your health. Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up, get 5 dumb-ass = stupid; idiotic; adjective a baby grows before it is born. Frank, up, get up, get up, get up! (Chandler + ―-ass‖ is often used for emphasis. Phoebe‘s half-brother, and his much opens the door, finally.) Example: that was a silly-ass movie. older wife, Alice, are unable to have 6Rachel: What is that noise? get rid of = When you get rid of children, so they asked Phoebe to be a Chandler: You! something that you do not want or do surrogate mother. 10Joey: It‘s the chick! She‘s going not like, you take action so that you no endometrial layer = this technical

    longer have it or suffer from it. term refers to the lining of the uterus through some changes.

    However, Phoebe, being a vegetarian where the ―baby‖ attaches himself or Monica: What kind of changes?

    animal-lover, is saying this out of herself. Check Wikipedia for details, if Chandler: Well, the vet seems to

    concern for the animals‘ welfare. you are interested, or Click Here. think that she‘s becoming … a 711 knives and cookbooks around = think thick = the thicker the layer is,

    because someone (namely, Rachel) the more likely pregnancy will occur;

     might get the horrible idea to kill and Phoebe, a New Ager, believes in the 1 racket = loud, irritating noise cook the two animals power of ―mind over matter.‖ It‘s a 28 the hell = used for emphasis when embryo = An embryo is an unborn superstition, of course. 12irritated; ―the heck‖ is a milder form. animal or human being in the very early so = very; used for emphasis 13Example: ―Who the hell do you think stages of development. (Click Here) old lady underpants = the kind of 9you are, anyway?‖ uterus = The uterus of a woman or baggy underwear only your 3 back off = If you tell someone to female mammal is her womb; a grandmother would wear 14back off, you are telling them to stop technical term in biology. A woman‘s Tic Tacks = breath mints mentioned interfering; an informal use. womb is the part inside her body where in a previous episode (Click Here)


    16Joey: Yeah, what’s that about? Chandler: Diet soda. Monica: That does not mean you Chandler: (to Rachel) And you, Ross: Yes. Yes. Yes. (They’re know us better. I-I want a rematch. Ross, I believe, if you check perfect so far.) Rachel: Yeah, and none of these Rachel‘s bag, you will find a half-Chandler: Orange juice. stupid grocery questions; real eaten box of cookies in there. Rachel: No! There‘s no orange personal questions. Ross: (He does so, and finds a half-juice in there! We win! Monica: Yeah! And the winner gets eaten box of cookies.) You‘re good. Monica: Ha-ha! a hundred bucks.

    (He tries a cookie.) These are not. Ross: They have another guess. Joey: S-Serious?

    Rachel: I‘m so not impressed. Rachel: Okay, well, we won that Monica: Are you scared? Everybody snacks when they shop. one. Joey: N-no! All right, who-who Monica: Yeah. Joey: Okay, the last thing is makes up the questions? Joey: Oh, yeah? Ross, how many Chandler: Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh! Monica: Rossll do it.

    items left in that bag? (Whispers something in Joey’s ear.) Ross: Oh, sure, "Ross‘ll do it!" It‘s Ross: Five. Joey: No-no, not like for another not like he has a job, or a child, or a 1723Chandler: Okay, ten bucks says two weeks. life of his own.

    that we can name every item in that Chandler: I got it! Scotch … tape. Rachel: Fine! We‘ll ask Phoebe. bag. (They’re right.) Ross: No-no-no, I-I wanna play. Rachel: How many guesses do you Ross: How did you know she would [Scene: The Doctor’s office; Dr. get? buy scotch tape? Zane is examining Phoebe by Joey: Six. Chandler: Well, we used theirs up sonogram, as Frank and Alice 1824Ross: Challenge extended. last night making scary faces. watch.] 19 Monica: Deal! Monica: Oh, man! 20Dr. Zane: Looks like your uterus is Ross: Challenge accepted. Chandler: All right! Ten bucks! 292526ready for implantation. Joey: All right, we‘ll start with Fork it over! Cough it up! Pay 2728Phoebe: Oh! I knew it! I knew it! I apples. the piper! Gimme it. felt really thick this morning. Ross: We‘ll be starting with apples. Frank: Well, okay, so what‘s Chandler: (to Ross) Stop that 2122nowgo get, go get the eggs, put tortilla chips = a salty, spicy snack now! (Ross reveals a bag of ‗em in there. made out of corn. Joey mispronounced apples.) Dr. Zane: Okay, it‘ll take just a the word. (Click Here) Ross: Yes! 2322little while to prepare the embryos. another two weeks = when Monica Joey: Okay. Uh, tortilla chips, 30will be having her period / menstruating Phoebe: Embryos? As in, "More yogurt. (and in need of a box of tampons) than one?" 24 making scary faces = if you put Dr. Zane: Um-hm. Five, actually. 15 in even numbers = two at a time, or strips of Scotch tape on certain parts of Phoebe: Five? Okay, where am I four at a time, and so on. Perhaps your face, you can look frightening giving birth, in a hospital or a big Monica has a slight case of obsessive-(like a Zombie). If you have a strong 31box under the stairs? compulsive disorder. stomach, watch this gross YouTube Dr. Zane: We do five because that 16 what’s that about? = explain that video: (Click Here) 25gives you a 25% chance that at least strange behavior, OK? fork it over / also: fork out = If you 17one will attach. ten buck says = I bet you ten dollars fork out for something, you spend a lot

     that … of money on it; an informal expression. 1826will be done. Pay the piper simply challenge extended = We challenge cough it up = If you cough up an

    means pay the money. you … amount of money, you pay or spend 2819 gimme = give me deal = it‘s a deal = it‘s a bet. Monica that amount, usually when you would 29shakes hands with her opponents to prefer not to; an informal expression. It implantation = insertion of the confirm the deal. means about the same as fork out or embryos into Phoebe‘s uterus (in vitro 20 challenge accepted = We accept the fork over. fertilization, or IVF) 2730challenge … pay the piper = If you say ‘He who as in … = in other words 2131 Stop that now! = Stop right now pays the piper calls the tune,’ you big box under the stairs = like the trying to act and talk like a game show mean that the person who provides the family house cat would do when giving host (e.g., like Alex Trebek, the popular money for something decides what will birth to a litter of adorable kittens, like host of Jeopardy). be done, or has a right to decide what these (Click Here)


Phoebe: That‘s it! Twenty-five that any minute now, Phoebe could Ross: That is correct. 39percent? Then that means that‘s it‘s, be pregnant? Joey: (to Chandler) The Irish jig

    like, 75 percent chance of no baby at Joey: Huh. guy?! 40all! Rachel: I know! I know, it‘s such a Chandler: His legs flail about as Frank: Hey, y‘know I was thinking? huge, life-altering thing. if independent of his body! What are the odds, like, if-if, if you Joey: I know. (They all pause and Ross: Gentlemen, your pick. stuff, like, 200 of them in there? think about it.) Joey: ―It‘s All Relative.‖

    Alice: Sweety, now, she‘s a woman, Ross: The test is ready. Ross: Monica and I had a 32not a gumball machine. All: Yeah! Yes! (They all right into grandmother who died; you both Phoebe: Okay, well, y‘know what, the living room, all excited.) went to her funeral. Name that don‘t worry you guys, ‗cause I‘m-Ross: Okay, each team will answer grandmother!

    I‘m gonna do this as many times as ten questions. The first team to Joey: (to Chandler) Nana?

    it takes to get it right. answer the most questions wins. Chandler: She has a real name. Frank: Well, you see, the-the thing The categories are, Fears and Pet Joey: (answering the question) 35is, we-we only, we kinda only have Peeves, Ancient History, Althea! 33one shot. Literature, and ―It‘s All Relative.‖ Chandler: Althea? What are you Alice: Um, it-it costs $16,000 each Now, the coin toss to see who doing?

    time you do this. goes first. (He flips the coin and Joey: I took a shot. Phoebe: Sixteen thousand dollars? they all watch it hit the table and Chandler: You‘re shooting with Dr. Zane: Well, it‘s, it‘s 20 in stop. Then they all look up at him, to Althea?

    California. see who goes first.) Okay, Ross: Althea is correct. 36Alice: We‘re, we‘re kinda using all somebody call it this time. Chandler: Nice shooting! (Ross the money we have just to do it this All: Oh, yeah! (Ross flips the coin motions for the girls to pick.) one time. again.) Rachel: We‘ll take ―Literature.‖ 41Phoebe: Whoa! That—okay, that‘s Rachel: Tails! Ross: Every week, the TV Guide

    a lot of pressure on me and my Ross: It‘s heads. (The guys comes to Chandler and Joey‘s uterus. (to Dr. Zane) So, well, okay, celebrate.) Gentlemen, pick your apartment. What name appears on so is … maybe there is something category. the address label? that I can do, y‘know, just to, like, Chandler: Fears and Pet Peeves. Rachel: Oh! Chandler gets it! It‘s help make sure I get pregnant? Ross: What is Monica‘s biggest pet Chandler Bing!

    Dr. Zane: No, I‘m sorry. peeve? Monica: No!

    Phoebe: Wow! You guys really Joey: Animals dressed as humans. Ross: I‘m afraid the TV Guide

    don‘t know anything! Ross: That‘s correct. Ladies? comes to ―Chanandler Bong.

    Frank: I know! Why doesn‘t she Monica: Same category? Monica: I knew that! Rachel! Use get drunk! That worked for a lot of Ross: According to Chandler, what your head!

    girls in my high school. phenomenon scares the bejeezus Chandler: Actually, it‘s ―Ms 37out of him? Chanandler Bong. [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, the Monica: Michael Flatley, Lord of game is about to begin.] 3838 Michael Flatley = an Irish-American the Dance! Monica: So how‘s the test coming? tap dancer and choreographer who Ross: Hey, hey, hey, hey! You‘re created the musical, Lord of the touching the game board. Dance‖ (Click Here) 3439 You freak. = You weird, bizarre, odd Irish jig = unique Irish dance. A jig Monica: Sorry. (to herself) You 34person. is a lively folk dance. (Click Here) freak. Hey, guys! Do you realize 3540 pet peeve = least favorite flail about = If your arms or legs

     annoyance or irritation, such as one of flail or if you flail them about, they 32 gumball machine = when I was mine: talkative DJs. wave about in an energetic but 36young I spend a small fortune trying to call it = call heads or tails (while the uncontrolled way. 41get gum out of this beautiful device coin is still spinning in the air) (Click TV Guide = a weekly magazine that (Click Here) Here) features TV program listings, plus 3337 one shot = one chance; one scare the bejesus out of = frighten celebrity interviews, TV and movie opportunity half to death reviews, and so on. (Click Here)


     Monica: Viva Las Gaygas! Monica: I‘m just trying to spice it [Scene: The Doctor’s office; Phoebe 48Chandler: Unfortunately, that is up! is giving a pep talk to the Petri 42correct. Rachel: Okay, so let‘s play for dish containing the embryos.] 49 The Girls: (shouting excitedly) Yes! some pepper! Stop spending my 43Phoebe: Hello, teeny embryos. Ross: All right, we have a tie. money! Well, I‘m-I‘m Phoebe Buffay. Hi! Luckily, I have prepared for such an Monica: I got it! How about if we 50I‘m-I‘m-I‘m hoping to be your event. (He opens up an envelope win, they have to get rid of the uterus for the next nine months. You and holds up some note cards.) The rooster? 45should know that we‘re doing this Lightning Round! Rachel: Ooooh, that‘s interesting. for Frank and Alice, who you know, All: Oh! Joey: Hey, no way. That rooster’s 51you‘ve been there! Um, y‘know, Ross: Thirty seconds, all the family! 52they want you so much, so when questions you can answer. Rachel: Throw in the duck, too! you guys get in there, really grab on. Monica: You guys are dead. I am Joey: What do you have against the Okay, and-and I promise that I‘ll so good at lighting rounds. duck? He doesn‘t make any noise! keep you safe and warm until you‘re Chandler: I majored in lightning Rachel: Well, he gets the other one 53ready to have them take you home, rounds. All right, we‘re gonna all riled up. so … Oh! And also, um, next time destroy you. Joey: Look, we are not gonna you see me, if I‘m screaming, don‘t Monica: Huh, wanna bet? Chandler: (interrupting) All right, worry, that‘s what‘s supposed to Chandler: Well, I‘m so confused as hold on! If you win, we give up the happen. to what we‘ve been doing so far . bird. Dr. Zane: Ready? Monica: How about we play for Joey: (shocked) Dah! (Chandler 46Phoebe: Uh-huh. (To the embryos) more money, say, $150? motions for him to calm down.) Good luck. Ross: One hundred and fifty dollars. Chandler: But if we win, we get

    [Scene: Monica and Rachel's; the Chandler: Say, 200? your apartment. game is coming to a close.] Ross: Two hundred dollars. Joey: Oooooh! 4754Monica: You‘re doing it again. Monica: Deal! Ross: All right, the score is nine to Ross: Excuse me. Rachel: What? That‘s crazy. eight in favor of the guys. Ladies, if Rachel: Monica, I don‘t want to There‘s no way we are betting the you miss this, the game is theirs; lose $200 dollars. apartment. (the rooster crows) All pick your category. 55Monica: We won‘t. right, I’m in. Because either he Rachel: (shouting) ―It‘s All 56Rachel: OK. goes, or I‘m buying a coyote. Relative!‖ Monica: (to Chandler) $300? Ross: You don‘t have to shout Rachel: Monica? 48everything. spice it up = make it more interesting Rachel: (shouting) I‘m sorry! and exciting (spicy) 49 pepper = a spice (see footnote 44 to all transvestites are gay, though that is Ross: What is the name of

    understand the joke) hard to believe. Chandler‘s father‘s Las Vegas all-504544 get rid of = When you get rid of lightning round = (take a deep male burlesque? something that you do not want or do breath because this explanation is

     not like, you take action so that you no tedious) a game or contest in which the 42longer have it or suffer from it. Petri dish = also called a cell culture duration of the round is a pre-51 that rooster’s family = that bird is a dish; named after, if you call to know, determined length of time, and the goal

    member of my family; it is a family German bacteriologist Julius Richard is typically to accomplish as much as

    member, too Petri (Click Here). possible within that period. The most 5243 throw in = add teeny = tiny = very small common format of a lightning round is 5344 riled up = If something riles you, it burlesque = A burlesque is a in a question-and-answer game, to

    makes you angry. performance or a piece of writing that answer as many questions as possible 54 deal = it‘s a deal; it‘s a bet makes fun of something by copying it within a given time limit (stolen from 55 I’m in. = I‘m in the game. I will in an exaggerated way. Chandler‘s Wikipedia). 46participate in the bet. father is a transvestite, by the way. A say = for example 4756transvestite is a person, usually a man, doing it again = annoying me by coyote = A coyote is a small wolf who enjoys wearing clothes normally repeating everything and trying to act which lives in the plains of North worn by people of the opposite sex. Not like a game show host America. (Click Here) (Click Here, to


     Ross: Correct. In what part of her Ross: Joey, had an imaginary [Scene: Monica and Rachel's; 64body did Monica get a pencil stuck childhood friend. His name was? continued from earlier, only slightly at age 14? Monica: Maurice. later.] Chandler: Oh! (Whispers Ross: Correct, his profession was? 61Rachel: Monica, betting the something lewd in Joey’s ear and Rachel: Ooooh! Space cowboy! apartment, I don’t know about then in Ross’s ear.) Ross: Correct! What is Chandler 5762this. Ross: Eww! No! Her ear! All Bing‘s job? (The girls are 65Monica: Rachel, I have not missed right, Monica categorizes her towels. stumped.) one question the whole game. I own How many categories are there? Rachel: Oh, oooh, gosh; it has 58this game! Look at my hand. (She (They both confer.) something to do with numbers. holds up a very steady hand.) Joey: Everyday use. Monica: And processing. Rachel: Why? Do you have the Chandler: Fancy. Rachel: And he carries a briefcase. answers written on there? Joey: Guest. Ross: Ten seconds; you need this or Monica: No! Steady as a rock! Now, Chandler: Fancy guest. you lose the game. are you with me? Ross: Two seconds… Monica: It‘s, um, it has something 66Rachel: All right, let‘s do it. Joey: Daah, 11! to do with transponding. Monica: Come on! Ross: Eleven; unbelievable. Eleven Rachel: Oh-oh-oh, he‘s a Rachel: Okay. (They go into the is correct. (The guys celebrate and transponcetranspondster! living room.) shout, “Yes.) All right, that‘s four Monica: (shouting) That‘s not even 63Ross: All right, gentlemen, you‘re for the guys. Ladies, you’re up. a word! I can get this! I can get this! up first. Rachel: All right! (Ross stops the clock, signifying the Joey: Okay. Monica: Come on! (As they change end of the lightning round.) Chandler: Okay. (Starts jumping places, they give each other an Monica: (in pain) Noooo! around.) obscene gesture, similar to giving Rachel: Oh, my God! Ross: You have 30 seconds. And someone the middle finger.) Chandler and Joey: (celebrating, the lightning round beginsstop it Ross: Thirty seconds on the clock. and dancing) Yeah! Yes! (Chandler stops jumping)now. Five correct questions wins the [Scene: Monica and Rachel's; now What was Monica‘s nickname when game. The lightning round Chandler and Joey's; Chandler and she was a field hockey goalie? begins now! What is Joey‘s Joey are carrying in the foosball Joey: Big fat goalie. favorite food? table.] Ross: Correct. Rachel claims this is Monica: Sandwiches! 67her favorite movie. Joey: I call Monica‘s room! Ross: Correct. Chandler was how 59Chandler: Dangerous Liaisons. Chandler: You can‘t just call old when he first touched a girl‘s Ross: Correct. Her actual favorite Monica‘s room. breast? movie is ... Joey: Sure I can, standard shotgun Rachel: 14? 6068Joey: Weekend at Bernie’s. rules, I‘m in sight of the room and Ross: No, 19.

    Chandler: Thanks, man. 64 imaginary childhood friend = some see the cartoon characters, Wile E. American kids pretend to have a friend 60Coyote and his nemesis (bitter enemy), Weekend at Bernie’s = a 1989 they play with, but who doesn‘t the Roadrunner) comedy about a dead person! This is a actually exist (it‘s made up out of their 57 I don’t know about this = I think comedy? It‘s incredibly gross, and not fertile imaginations). Do Korean kids this is a bad idea. that funny. (Click Here) do this, too? 586165 I own this game = This game is lewd = If you describe someone‘s stumped = If you are stumped by a mine. I control it. I dominate. behavior as lewd, you are critical of question or problem, you cannot think 59 Dangerous Liaisons = a highly rated them because you think they are of any solution or answer to it. 661988 film (Korean adaptation, Untold interested in sex in a crude and transponding = communicating (see Scandal (스캔들 조선 남녀 unpleasant way. Do we need this kind transponder) 67상열지), perhaps due to its eroticism of joke here? I call … = I claim … = … is mine, 62and violence. My humble movie review: Eww = an exclamation meaning, because I said it first 68it‘s pure Hollywood crap. Watching it ―That‘s disgusting!‖ shotgun rules = the term "shotgun" 63will pollute your mind, for sure. you’re up = it‘s your turn refers to the front passenger seat of an


    76I called it. (Chandler grunts and Monica: Really? How much? Phoebe: Nope, not knocked up

    turns around, sees that he’s in sight Phoebe: All right, I‘m gonna go yet.

    of the room, and mouths, “Damn!) take a, a pregnancy test, right now. Monica: It‘s only been a couple Monica: Man, I feel like I‘m Joey: Oh, wow! You can tell this hours, so just give it some time. 69coming down with something. soon. Phoebe: Yeah, all right. Meanwhile, Joey: What? Phoebe: Well, the doctor says it I‘m gonna do whatever I can to help Monica: Yeah. (to Chandler) I bet takes a couple days, but I mean my this, so I‘m just gonna, y‘know, lie

    you can‘t guess what color my body‘s always been a little faster in your chair, OK? (She climbs into 7075tonsils are? I bet the apartment! than Western medicine, so … the chair and drapes her feet over Chandler: Oh, I would never bet Rachel: (entering from now the back of the chair.) Y'know? Just. this apartment. It‘s too nice. Chandler’s bedroom, clearing her Yeah, good, I‘m gonna let gravity, Phoebe: (entering) Hey! throat, and she sees the foosball y‘know, do its jobs. I, I won‘t get in Chandler: Hey! table.) Oh, my God! I can‘t believe the way. It‘ll be just like that time I Joey: Heyooooh, Pheebs, are you guys actually think you‘re tried to count all the bugs (bumps?) they in there? moving in here! on your ceiling, so …

    Phoebe: Um, yeah, uh-huh; I‘m Chandler: (dancing around, Chandler: You know, Phoeebs, if implanted. ridiculously) Well, believe it, baby! you sit there long enough, you‘ll be Monica: How do you feel? Rachel: Well I-I-I‘m not, I‘m not sitting in our apartment. 71Phoebe: Well, freaked. ‗Cause it moving. Rachel: I can‘t believe this. 7277turns out the odds are really Joey: What? Joey: Oh, Rach. FYI. Your new 73sucky. And, this is Frank and Rachel: No, it was a stupid bet! We apartment hasn‘t had hot water since Alice‘s, like, only shot. I mean, like, were just playing a game! Christmas. they are literally putting all their Joey: You can‘t just ignore the bet! [Cut to later, and the moving 74eggs in my basket. It‘s a bet! You bet on a bet, and you process is progressing steadily. Chandler: Yeah, but I bet it works. lose the bet! Monica is trying to lift a heavy box, Monica: Look, Rach, we have to as Rachel comes in from Chandler’s move. I mean if they had lost, we automobile (considered the best place bedroom.] to sit in a car). "Calling Shotgun" is the would‘ve made them get rid of the Monica: Hey, Rach, can you give act of claiming the position of Shotgun birds. Right? 78me a hand with this box? for one's self. Joey did this not call for a Rachel: Ah. No. Rachel: No! Put that box down! We seat in a car, but for Monica‘s room. Monica: All right, look, I hate this Check Wikipedia for details. are not going anywhere! This is as much as you, but if it makes you 69 coming down with = starting to my apartment and I like it! This is a feel better, this is all your fault. develop (an illness, such as a cold, the girl‘s apartment! That is a boy‘s Rachel: What? flu, and so on) apartment; it‘s dirty and it smells. 70Monica: Chanandler Bong! Come tonsils = Your tonsils are the two This is pretty. It‘s-it‘s so pretty! on; we steal that TV Guide every small soft lumps in your throat at the And look, and it‘s-it‘s purple! And week! back of your mouth. (Click Here) I‘m telling you, you with the steady 71Chandler: I knew it! freaked = upset 72hand, I am not moving, and now I the odds = You refer to the Rachel: I don‘t care; I‘m not going have got the steady hand. (She holds probability of something happening as anywhere. out her hand, which is shaking the odds that it will happen. In Chandler: Cool! Girl roommate. uncontrollably.) gambling, if you bet one dollar on a (Phoebe comes in from the horse whose odds are ‗10 to 1,‘ you Monica: OK. OK. Shhhh. I‘ll take bathroom as Rachel sits down in will receive ten dollars if the horse wins. care of it. disgust.) 73 sucky = terrible; the odds suck Rachel: That‘s right! You do what Monica: Well? 74 putting all of their eggs in my the hand says! basket = If someone puts all their eggs 75 in one basket, they put all their effort Western medicine = Phoebe, a New 76 knocked up = pregnant. Also the or resources (say, money on the stock Ager, prefers Eastern (Oriental)

    name of a 2007 comedy. (Click Here) market) into doing one thing so that, if medicine. By the way, the actress who 77 FYI = For your information, … it fails, they have no alternatives left. plays Phoebe is actually pregnant in 78(Click Here) this episode. give me a hand = help me, please


    [Cut to later; Phoebe is still in the Phoebe: Great. (She goes to take the Rachel: Oh, well, I think I saw chair, and Rachel is lying down as test.) (The door opens and Joey and some in here. (She opens a door and Monica enters.] Chandler ride in on the big dog they both scream at horror at statue in triumph.) what’s inside.) Rachel: How‘d it go? Rachel: Y‘know what? You are Monica: What is it? Monica: (in another failed bet) I mean boys, who are just being mean! Rachel: I don‘t know! But maybe if lost our mattresses. Joey: Hey, don‘t get mad at us! No we keep that drawer shut, it‘ll die. [Cut to still later; Rachel has now one forced you to raise the Monica: I can‘t believe we‘re living 81resigned herself to move, and is stakes! here! helping Monica. Phoebe is still on Rachel: That is not true. She did! [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, now the chair, singing and playing her She forced me! Chandler and Joey's; they’re both guitar.] Monica: Hey, we would still be unpacked. The big ceramic dog has Phoebe: (singing) living here if you hadn‘t gotten the found a new home in front of the "Are you in there, little fetus? question wrong! window. Joey shouts and runs into In nine will you come greet us? Rachel: Well, it was a stupid, unfair the living room.] I will buy you some Adidas." question! Chandler: What? What-what is it? (There’s a knock on the door and Ross: Don‘t blame the questions! Joey: Did you see the size of the Monica answers it.) Chandler: Would you all stop 83closets? Monica: Hey! yelling in our apartment! You are Chandler: I can‘t believe we live Frank and Alice: (entering) Hi! ruining moving day for us! here! (They both sit down on the Alice: Oh, hi, Phoebe! Um, we were Rachel: Will you stop calling it chairs, and put up the foot rest.) just at the drugstore, so we got you a your apartment! Chandler and Joey: Aw! (They little present. Joey: But it is our apartment! lean back all the way, happily.) Aw! Phoebe: Whoa. Whoa. That‘s Rachel: No, it‘s not! (They all 82 where all my blood was. descend into noisy bickering as 79THE END Frank: Um, it‘s a lollipop and a Phoebe returns from the bathroom.) ah, a home pregnancy test. Phoebe: You guys! You guys!

    Monica: Hey, don‘t mix those up, You‘re gonna have a baby! They‘re you could really ruin that lollipop. gonna have a baby!

    Alice: So, um, you feel like taking a Frank: (shouting insanely) My

    test? There‘s only one question. sister‘s gonna have my baby! (They

    (Frank and Alice laugh stupidly.) all go over and hug Phoebe.)

    Phoebe: All, all right, I will. No, I Phoebe: OK, but this can‘t be good will. But, um, y‘know, just for the baby.

    remember that it‘s still really early, All: Oh! (They stop hugging her to OK, so, if it says that I‘m not let her out and resume the hugs pregnant, that doesn‘t mean that I‘m without her.) not gonna get pregnant, OK, and, [Scene: Chandler and Joey's, now and just please, just so I don‘t go Monica and Rachel's; Monica and 80completely nuts, just try not put Rachel are busy unpacking.] all your hopes on this. OK? Monica: I can‘t find garbage bags! Alice: OK.

    Frank: OK. (They both squeal in expectation.) 81 raise the stakes = The stakes

    involved in a contest or a risky action

     are the things that can be gained or lost. 79 lollipop = A lollipop is a sweet treat The Korean SAT is a high-stakes test: 83consisting of a hard disc or ball of a do or die. size of the closets = they are huge 82sugary substance on the end of a stick. bickering = When people bicker, (on average, women have 10 times It‘s also called a sucker. (Click Here) they argue or quarrel about unimportant more clothes, not to mention shoes, 80 nuts = crazy; nutty; lunatic; insane things. than men) (Click Here)


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