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    Arizona Green Business


    Application and



    The goal of the Arizona Green Business Program is to recognize those Arizona businesses that are going out of their way to prevent pollution and to conserve our natural resources. We call them “green” businesses.

    As you know, all establishments must meet certain environmental standards mandated by the government. Most reputable businesses make sure they are complying with those standards. A “green” business, however,

    goes beyond those requirements and takes additional measures to protect the environment, save resources, and keep Arizona clean. And, here’s the good news – most of those “green” measures, while they might cost

    money to implement initially, will ultimately save money by recycling materials, reducing repair and maintenance costs, and making your business a safer, healthier place to work.

    Customers and communities increasingly welcome and support environmentally friendly businesses. Studies have shown that even consumers who don’t think much about the environment will choose a “green” company to do business with, all things being equal. And, many consumers even if they are not

    environmental activists will actually pay a little more for goods and services from environmentally responsible firms.

    So, we congratulate you on your decision to pursue certification as an Arizona Green Business. The simple act of completing this application and checklist will help you get used to “thinking green.” When it is

    completed, submit it to AAA/ASA and one of our trained Field Representatives will contact you for a site inspection.

    To become a green business you must take three steps:

    1. Be in substantial compliance with all applicable regulations.

    2. Implement enough of the pollution prevention measures contained in this checklist to

    accumulate 300 points.

    3. Pledge to continue complying with the pertinent regulations and implementing the measures

    chosen from this checklist.

To verify and maintain your status as an Arizona Green Business:

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    Updated on 7/17/09

    ; Upon initial application, AAA Arizona will inspect your facility to verify that it qualifies as a green


    ; Each shop will be asked to re-sign the Certification Statement and update their checklist every two


    ; Every two years, AAA/ASA will re-verify your green business qualification through an on-site


    ; If there is a change in ownership, the shop must be recertified as a Green Shop and a commitment

    made by the new owners. This should be done within 60 days of an ownership change.

    ; All certification statements and checklists must be kept on-file for the life of the certification, and

    must me made available to ADEQ upon request. These documents will be handled by ADEQ as

    public records.

    ; As new shops are certified, AAA/ASA will notify ADEQ. (Upon any changes in the list of certified

    shops, e-mail the new list to the ADEQ project manager.) The list of certified shops will be handled

    by ADEQ as a public record.

    ; ADEQ’s logo may be used only for programs and shops that use this checklist, meet the appropriate

    score, and are part of a green business certification program with written approval from ADEQ.

    ; ADEQ and AAA/ASA may modify, withdraw from or terminate this checklist or the program at any


    ; Any shops with substantial environmental violations will be dropped from the program.

    ; ADEQ and AAA/ASA will meet at least annually to review and update this program. We welcome

    your comments and suggestions.

Please mail your completed package to:

    AAA Arizona:

    AAA Arizona Green Business Program th3144 N. 7 Avenue

    Phoenix, AZ 85013

    Questions? Call 602-650-2716 or


    ASA Arizona:

    Green Business Program

    ASA of Arizona th5060 N. 19 Avenue, Suite 216

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    Updated on 7/17/09

    Phoenix, AZ 85015

    Questions? Call 602-544-2600 or


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    Updated on 7/17/09

    Arizona Green Business Program


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