jockey club music & dance fund

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jockey club music & dance fund

    For Official Use


    Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund

    Music and Dance Scholarship Scheme 2004-2005 Application Form for Dance Scholarship

    Please affix a recent



    (a) Applicants should read the `Guidance Notes to the Scholarship Scheme’ before completion of this

    application form.

    (b) Applicants should preferably complete an application form in both Chinese and English (especially for

    item 32).

    (c) Application forms should be either typewritten or written legibly in black. (d) Please append additional sheets to this application form if necessary. Please write `Not Applicable

    (N.A.)’ or `Nil’ for item(s) which you deem appropriate.

    (e) Documents and materials submitted with your application will not be returned.

Section A - Personal Particulars

1. Name: Mr/Miss/Mrs* ( )

     (Name in English) (Name in Chinese)

2. Age 3. Date of birth 4. Place of birth

5. Marital status 6. Nationality

    7. Length of residence in Hong Kong (with dates in chronological order) (Please provide a copy of relevant supporting documents.)

     From (month/year) To (month/year) Duration


8. Hong Kong Identity Card/Passport number*

9. Date and place of issue

10. Permanent address


     11. Telephone number

12.Correspondence address * Please delete as inappropriate. (if different from the address given above)

    13. Contact telephone/pager number*

14. Fax number 15. E-mail address

* Please delete as inappropriate.

Section B - Parent

    (This section should be completed if applicant is under the age of 21.)

16. Name of father

17. Occupation

    18. Name and address of employer

19. Signature of father

20. Name of mother

21. Occupation

    22. Name and address of employer

23. Signature of mother


    Section C - Qualifications and Working Experience (in chronological order) (Please

    attach a copy of your university/college/school grade reports and a copy of

    your degree, diploma and/or certificates of dance examinations.)

24. Academic qualifications

Present and previous Class attended/

    school, college attended qualification obtained Major subject From To

25. I have studied dance for years.

26. My present dance teacher(s) is/are .

27. My present dance school is


    28. The types of dance classes I am taking are


29. Results of dance examinations taken

    Institute of issue Grade Date Result


30. Have you ever joined any dance company/organisation? If yes, please list the details


    Name of

    organisation Position held From To Remarks

    (e.g. paid, unpaid, etc.)

31. Full employment record to date


    Name of organisation Position held salary From To