Better Over Best

By Roger White,2014-08-22 19:57
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Better Over Best

     Better Over Best

     Most people in the world spend their lifelong time to pursue those so called best, such as the best car, the best house, the best job. These are regarded the best way to prove ones capability or position. However, there is a good saying that goesonly

    better, no the best.

    The speed of the fastest man in the world is 19-23kilometers an hour, and the bears average speed is 48-64kilometers an hour. That means if a bear decides to chase you, even though the fastest man cant escape. But as the proverb saysIf you

    want to escape with a whole skin, you don’t need to be the fastest man, just faster than

    the pursuer.

    In the business world, we always see some advertisements in TV, radio, news papers, and on the Internet. To my surprise, most of them claim that their products are the best, for instance, a KTV declares that their service is the best in the field, and a shoes store asserts that their shoes price are the lowest in the city. Of course, these are false. As we known, there is no a certain standard to test those so called the best. If

    they change the word best to better, I think it would be more credible and


    Thankfully, we dont need to be the best one, the better one is enough. To be

    better can keep you warning. Just like a bear is chasing you, you have to run faster than it, or you will be eaten. Better also means that you still have potential to improve so that you can achieve higher. Once you think you are the best, you will loss the passion to struggle and keep going, laziness and arrogant will full of your life, finally, you must be the loser.

    Every great person, no matter tycoons or leaders, they can keep their leading positions are not because they are the best, but they try their best to be better than their competitors every day.

    To remind yourself and the people around you to be the best can not endure; To remind yourself and the people around you to be better is beyond the best and the only way to escape from a bear.

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