Why I Like Dog

By George Arnold,2014-08-22 19:56
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Why I Like Dog

    Why I Like Dog

     When we think of dog, several words will come to our mind——honest, lovely,

    clever. Dog has always been regarded as the best friend of human beings. I like dog, so do my parents. Dog is a necessary member of my family. If someone ask me why I like dog, I think there are a lot of reasons.

     I watched many movies about dog, one of them impressed me deeply, named Ten

    Appointments With Dog. A sentence is still fresh in my memory You have a lot of

    friends, you can play with them, study with them, but I just have you, so please do not forget me when you are with your friends. I also remember someone told me that

    when you beat your dogs, they do not have the ability to bite you, they just dont want

    to do this, because you are their masters, the one they can depend on and love.

     Dog is one of my best friends since I was a very little girl. I can share with them my happiness and sorrow. Sometimes they seems understand what I was talking about. When I feel sad, they will sat beside me and put their heads on my leg; When I feel happy, they will jump up and down, and wiggle their tails. I really believe that dog is not only a pet, but also a close friend. They just can not communicate with us, in fact, they know us very well.

     Last year, a little dog came to my family. He is black and blunt, but lovely. My parents treated him as son, and I treated him as my little brother. He loved different kinds of delicious food, just like me, especially meat and milk. When we are at table, we would put his bowl beside us; When we watched TV, he would watch it together. Unfortunately, we lost him a month ago. We looked for him almost everywhere, but in vain. My father said that he wouldnt breed dog in a long time, because if the dog is

    dead or missing, the feeling of sorrow will last a long time.

     I like dog, they make my life colorful and meaningful, I cant imagine what my life

    will be like without dog.

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