unit 3 a day out

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unit 3 a day out

    Period 1. Welcome to the unit


    1.需要锻炼 ___________________ 2.保持健康 ______________________________ 3.爬上 _______________________ 4.乘船旅行 ______________________________ 5.走过悉尼歌剧院 _____________ 6.玩得开心 ______________________________ 7.在河边 _____________________ 8.美国总统 ______________________________ 9.白宫 _______________________ 10.埃菲尔铁塔的顶部 _____________________


    1. Nick is having a great time in Australia.!同义句, Nick is ________ ________ in Australia. 2.Janes house is a beautiful building. It has a big garden and many trees.!合并为一句,

     Jane’s house is a beautiful building ________ a big garden and many trees.

    3. The boy isnt young. He can dress himself.!同义句The boy is ______ ______to dress himself. 4. He decided to go to the island by boat.!同义句,He decided to ______a boat _______the island. 5. Lucy often lends her dictionary to Li Hua.!同,Li Hua often ______ a dictionary _______ Lucy. 三、选择填空

    ( ) 1. You needn’t _______ those things if you _______them.

     A. buy ; needn’t B. buy ;don’t need C. to buy ;need D. to buy ;needn’t

    ( ) 2. He is a handsome boy ______ large bright eyes.

     A. have B. has C. with D. having

    ( ) 3. I walked _____a shop on my home yesterday.

     A. passed B. past C. by D. on

    ( ) 4. He looked tired. He ______.

     A. needs rest B. needed to rest C. was in need of rest D need to rest

    ( ) 5. Did you enjoy _______ at the party, my children?

     A. myself B. yourself C. ourselves D. yourselves

     ( ) 6. My uncle lives ______ 105 Beijing street. A. on B. at C. to D. of

    ( ) 7. ----Could I have some water?

     -----Certainly. There is ______ in the bottle.

     A. little B. a little C. few D. a few

     ( ) 8.The window is broken(坏的).Try to ______who broke it.

     A. look for B. look C. find out D. find 四、词形变换

    1.Here is a card for you with our best ________ (greet) . 2.Most of people enjoy _________ (travel) by train because it’s safe and comfortable.

    3.He kept __________(sit) there for tow hours without _________(move) . 4.Our English teacher often tells us ________(do) many _________(exercise) after class.

    5.You can see many ____________(foreign) in Beijing. 6.Nobody else is here. I can’t do it by _________ (I).

    7.Lucy has ________(little) coffee than the other girls. 8.It is not hot today. Please keep the door ________ (close). 9.We can’t live _________ (with) air or water.

    10.I was very ________ (surprise) at that news.

    2课时 Reading


    1.邀请某人做某事 ___________________ 2.看起来像真的金门大桥 _______________

    3.做一个网页 _______________________ 4.在开始的时候 _______________________

    5.把照片放在网上供人们看 ___________ 6.名胜古迹 ___________________________

    7.全世界 ___________________________ 8.歌舞庆祝晚会 _______________________

    9.自学 _____________________________ 10.由金属做成 ________________________


     The Class 1,Grade 8 students would have a ______trip to the ______Park in Beijing.Their teacher Mr Wu _______Linda to ______ in it.They ______ at the school gate. Then they got on a ________. The trip _______ about two hours. It was boring. Kitty and Linda felt ______ for ______ of the trip.They got _______ when they saw the Eiffel Tower from the coach.They had a good time in the park. There were ______ _____a hundred places of ______ from all ______ the world. They were small _____ wonderful. Students couldn’t _______ their eyes when they saw them. The _____ part was the song and dance ______. It was amazing and Kitty wanted to join in the ______ .When they came back, Daniel put some ______ on his own home page for everyone to look at.


    ( ) 1. You neeed ________ fit.

     A. exercise keepig B. exercising keeping

     C. to exercise keeping exercise to keep

    ( ) 2. It was a great trip ______ we didn’t enjoy it ______ the beginning.

     A. and; in B. or; at C. so; at D. but; at

    ( ) 3. The table is made _______ wood.

     A. of B. from C. by D. in

    ( ) 4. They _______the school gate very early.

     A. get to B. arrived in C. reached to D. arrived at ( ) 5. There are some tall trees _______ our classroom.

     A. in the front of B. in front of C. in the front D. at the back ( ) 6. Jim was very busy because he had to do ________housework.

     A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too

    ( ) 7. It _______ me 2 hours to finish my homework yesterday.

     A. will take B. spent C. took D. cost

    ( ) 8. This apple is ______ redder than that one.

     A. very B. too C. much D. more

    ( ) 9. We do morning _______ every day.

     A. exercise B. exercises C. exercising D. exercised

    ( ) 10 .The baby needs _______more.

     A. sleeps B. to sleep C. sleep D. to sleeps


    1.He ________ ( get ) on the train and ________ ( leave ) his hometown ten days ago. 2.Come on, Hobo. Let’s _______ ( enjoy ) ourselves.

    3.Yesterday he_________ (fall) off a big tree and hurt badly.

    4.The shirt is too small for me. Give me a _______ ( big ) one.

    5.She was ________ ( amaze ) at the beautiful fish under the sea.

    6.What an __________ ( amaze ) result it is!.

    7.He makes a living by ________ ( make ) toys.

    8.It _________ ( take ) me 2 hours to finish my homework yesterday.

    9.The students spend 2 hours in _________ ( plant ) the young trees.

    10.The places of interest are _________ ( bore ).


    Americans think much about time. From children they learn to value(重视) time. As children, they

    are taught to be on time to go to school, to work and to do everything. When they are having a good time, they say that time goes easily. When a person is dying( 快要死了), they say he is

    living on borrowed time.

     Time is money. Time is knowledge( 知识).Time is everything in America. A working

    American has to work hard for eight hours a day or forty hours a week. This is the money. In his spare time, he also works hard for more money. Even on Saturday and Sunday he also works hard as usual. In the street you can hardly see that a man walks slowly. They walk very fast. In fact, they are running.

     They love time because time can bring them money and a lot of things. But sometimes they feel they have become servants!仆人,of the clock.

    ( ) 1. A working American has to work _______hours a week in his working time.

     A. seventy B. eighty C. five D. forty

    ( ) 2. An American always walks _______.

     A. easily B. fast C. slowly D. quietly

    ( ) 3. He is living on borrowed time means _______.

     A. he is dying B. he is dead C. he has a lot of money D.he has no time ( ) 4. In his spare time, an American usually ________.

     A. has a good rest B. plays cards with their friends

     C. stays at home all day and watches TV D. gets more money by working ( ) 5. Which of the following is NOT true?

     A. The Americans think much about time.

     B. All Americans always have a deep love for time only.

     C. The Americans even value their spare time.

    D. Some of the Americans hate time.

    3课时 Vocabulary


    1.颐和园 _______________________ 2.天安门广场 ______________________

    3.更多地了解 ___________________ 4.在过去 __________________________

    5.看一看 _______________________ 6.感受…的美 ______________________

    7.乘地铁旅行 ___________________ 8.北京市中心 ______________________

    9.欣赏京剧 _____________________ 10.人民英雄纪念碑 _________________

    11.茶室 ________________________ 12.在高速公路上 ___________________

    13.不再 ________________________ 14.整个下午 _______________________

    15.从一地到另一地_______________ 16.城市之间的主要公路 _____________


    1. Im not afraid of dogs any more.(改为同义句)


    2. Miss Green rides her bike to work every day.!对划线部分提问,


    3. I tink it will rain tomorrow.!改为否定句,


    4. Daniel taught himself how to make a home page. (改为同义句)


    5.It took me about two and a half hours to walk there. (改为同义句)


    6. Its half an hours walk from my home to school. !对划线部分提问,



    1. Tom invited me go swimming with him. ______________

2.The puppets are very beautiful, don’t they? ______________

3.The all family were happy and they asked us to go there. ______________

    4. He needs only a small room to live. ______________

    5. What a great fun we had in the World Park! ______________


    ( ) 1.She was late for the meeting because she _______ the bus.

     A.failed B. missed C. missing D. lost ( ) 2. No one taught ______ English. He learned it _______.

    A. him, by himself B. his, by himself C. him, himself D. his, by himself ( ) 3. The trip _____ about 3 hours from the school to the park.

     A. cost B. used C. spent D. took

    ( ) 4. ______ elephant is ______useful animal.

    A. An, an B. The, an C. An, a D. A, an

    ( ) 5. This maths problem is too hard. I think ______ students can work it out.

    A. a few B. a little C. few D.little

    ( ) 6. There ______ a lot of traffic in the daytime.

    A. are B. is C. are going D. will have

    ( ) 7. He needs to stay healthy, _______?

     A. doesn’t he B. isn’t he C. needn’t he D. needn’t him

    ( ) 8. ---- _____ good time we are having! -----Yes. And ______easy life we are living!

    A. What a, what an B. What, what C. How, what D. What, how

    ( ) 9. I wonder _________ himsef.

    A. where is Simon hiding B. where Simon hiding

    C. where Simon is hiding D. what is Simon hiding

    ( ) 10. ----Let’s go out and enjoy the sunshine.----___________.

    A. That’s a good idea. B. Very well C. That’s OK. D. No


    1.There are many __________ (interest) places in China.

    2. _______ (luck), he didn’t pass the exam.

    3. When I walk slowly around the lake at the sunset, I feel the _______(beacutiful) of this city. 4. He writes ___________ (care) in his class.

    5. After the PE class, the teacher gave them something _________ (drink). 6. We are both interested in ________ (chat) on line

    7. Believe ________ (you), you are the cleverest student.

    8. Yesterday he ________ (drive) to his office, but this morning he _____ (ride) there. 9. I _________(plan) the trip to the Temple of Heaven at present.

    10.They _________ (climb) over the mountain when I saw them.

    11. I’m afraid he ________ (not be) able to play basket in three months.

    12.Do you know how ________ (make) a model plane ?


    When you travel in Hongkong, you must be c______ of the traffic rules, because the traffic there keeps to the left and its d_______ fom that of the interior(内地)of China. Before c_______ the

    street, you must look to the right and then to the left. If the traffic lights are red, the traffic must stop, people can go arcoss the zebra line. If the lights t______ green, the traffic can go, people m_____ cross the road. In the morning and in the evening, when people go and from w______, the streets are very busy. The traffic are the most d_______.When you go somewhere by bus in Hongkong, you have to be careful, too. Always remember the traffic keeps to the left. Have a look first, or you may go the w_______ way.In Hongkong, there are a lot of big buses w_______ two floors. You’d better sit on the s_______ floor. From there you can watch the city well.

    4课时 Grammar


    1.做…玩得痛快 ____________________ 2.捉迷藏 _______________________

    3.把自己拉上去 ___________________ 4.同意干某事 ___________________

    5.弄伤自己 ______________________ 6.拍照 _________________________

    7.随便吃…… ______________________ 8.在车的前部 ___________________

    9.攀岩 ____________________________ 10.自学 ________________________

    11.决定呆在家里 ___________________ 12.保守秘密 ____________________

    13.看日落 _________________________ 14.去骑马 ______________________

    15独自 ___________________________ 16.暗自 ________________________


    1.Tom and Jerry are famous cartoon stars.!对划线部分提问,

     __________ are famous cartoon stars?

    2.Must I finish doing this work?!作否定回答,____, ____________.

    3.The Olympic Games are really amazing. I have lots of fun watching it.!用and, butor连接,

     ______________________________________________________________ 4.She wonders what she should do next.!同义句转换,

     She _______ ________ ________ what ________ ________ next. 5.The trip was very boring at last.!改为感叹句,

     _________ _________ the trip __________ at last!

    6. Daniel doesnt feel well today. Daniel studies very hard. !用and, butor连接,

     ___________________________________________________. 三、选择填空

    ( ) 1. Beijing Zoo is an interesting place _________.

     A. visit B. visits C. to visit D. visited ( ) 2.The Palace Museum is _______. These foreigners are all _______ in it.

     A. amazing, interested B. amazed, interested

     C. amazed, interested D. amazing, interesting ( ) 3. My mother is a teacher ________ my father is a teacher, too.

    A. and B. but C. or D. so ( ) 4. After drinking a glass of hot milk, I felt _______.

     A. good B. better C. best D. tired ( ) 5. Work hard, _______ you will fall behind others.

    A. and B. or C. but D. so

    ( ) 6. Liu Ruru, a Mongolia leader, always thinks more of ________ than of _______.

    A. him; other B. the other; him C. himself; the other D. others; himself

    ( ) 7. Will you choose ______ in the front of the bus ______ in the back?

    A. to sit; and B. sitting; but C. sit; or D. to sit; or ( ) 8. The boy ate some bread and wasn’t _______ hungry.

    A. any more B. no more C. some more D. not any more ( ) 9. It’s too hot _______ the coat.

    A. to put on B. put on C. to wear D. wear ( ) 10 .Let me introduce _______.

    A. yourself B. myself C. my D. mine


    1. He tried ________ (open) the door with a knife,but he failed ________ (do) it. 2. Please remember __________ (close) the window when you leave.

    3. Did your mother agree _________ (go) with me?

    4. The students saw a lot of old things people _______ (use) thousands of years ago. 5. I hope _________ (see) the beautiful sunset and I want _________ (take) photos of it. 6. Thanks for __________ (agree) me __________ (join) you.

    7. Help ________ (you) to some fish, Tom and Linda.

    8. The mother made the poor girl __________ (play) the piano for eight hours a day. 9. ---- Whose book is this? ----It’s _______(me),and it doesn’t belong to ________(he).

    10.Mother is very busy, I often help ________ (she) with the housework.


     When you go on a holiday, there is a lot to see and to do. There are many interesting places, (1)____________parks and museums to visit. (2) You can go shopping but buy some nice souvenirs for your friends. There are also a lot of theatres and concert halls to go. You can see many films and listen to music.

     Do you like to play computer games? Do you enjoy watching films? What kind of activities do you like to do when you are on holiday?

     If you have one day to visit London, please follow me.

     First you can go shopping in Oxford Street. You can walk through Hyde Park. There are many restaurants over there. Then you can have lunch there. There are many museums in Oxford Street. The British Museum is near the street. You can visit it in the afternoon. In the evening you can go to the theatre. Many theatres are in Shaftsbury Avenue.

     Don’t forget Buckingham Palace. (3)I think you’ll have a good time.

    1. How can you go to the Hyde Park? ______________________________________.

2. 将文中!2,句中的一处错误找出并改正。___________________________________.

3. 在!1,处填上适当的词!组,使句义完整正确。_____________________.

4. 写出!3,句的同义句。 _________________________________.

5. If you have one day to visit London, what can you do there?


    5课时 Integrated skills


    1. 得到奖杯和奖牌 ___________________ the end of ___________________

    3. cost of the trip _____________________ 4.发生 ___________________________

    5.返回到 ___________________________ 6.进入篮球赛的决赛 _______________

    7.别忘记带上你的朋友 __________________8.在饭店前上车 ___________________

    9.需要你的支持 _____________________ 10. 到达南山学校 _________________


    1.I’m p________ for the trip to Guangzhou.

    2. Our team ________(赢得) the basket final today.

    3.I’m a_______ I can’t pass the exam.

    4.They a_______ at the stop too late, so they missed the bus. 5.It’s a secret. You can’t telll a_________.

    6.The teacher __________ (想知道) who broke the window.

    7.Thanks for __________ (同意) to let me watch the match on TV.

    8.Who taught him to sing the song? Nobody. He taught h________. 9. You must speak English as much as p_______.

    10.Lets go and __________ (喝彩) for them.


    ( ) 1. It is ______ rainy in summer.

     A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too ( ) 2. Father went to the doctor for _______ about his heart trouble

     A. an advice B. some advice C. advices D. many advices ( ) 3. What are they talking _______ the teacher ______?

     A. to, with B. with, to C. to, for D. to, about ( ) 4. My teacher’s new hair style makes her ________.

     A. to look young B. looks young C. look young D. looking young ( ) 5. I often spend a lot of time _______ softball after class.

     A. practisng play B. to practise to play C. to practise playing D.practising playing

    ( ) 6. I think diving is ______ dangerous than cycling.

     A. very B. much C. more D. as

    ( ) 7. Why ________ come to school earlier? A. not to B. not C. don’t D. don’t to

    ( ) 8. ---The bus has stopped. Let’s _____ .---OK. Take care not to fall to the ground.

     A. get on it B. get it on C. get off it D. get it off ( ) 9. The bridge is made______ stones and paper is made _______ wood.

     A. of, of B. from, from C. of, from D. from, of ( ) 10 .Shall I get someone ______ her lessons?

    A. help B. to help C. help with D. to help with


    1.Please write down the ________ (win) names on this piece of paper. 2.They ________ (choose) to sit at the back of the classroom,so they couldn’t see clearly.

    3.The dog threw ________ (it) at the foot of the tree.

    4.The _______ (climb) on the rocks are crying for help. Let’s go and save them.

    5.There’s a ________ (present) of the cup and medals at 11:45 a.m.

    6.We are very sad that he’s even ________ (ill) today.

    7.I’ll spend as much money as I can _________ (buy) you a computer.

    8.I hope _______ (become) a doctor _______ (treat) all patients. 9.It’s two _______ (hour) coach ride from here.

    10. It is ________ (interest) to see so many old things.


    A Frenchman was once having his holiday in Japan, but he could not speak Japanese. 1 day he

    went to visit some places. 2 he came back, it was twelve. He felt tired and 3. He went to a

    restaurant and 4 down at a table. When the waiter came 5 , the Frenchman opened his

    mouth, put his fingers in it and took them 6 again. 7 this way he wanted to say,Bring me

    something to 8 . The waiter 9 brought him a cup of tea. The Frenchman shook () his

    head and the waiter 10 that he didnt want tea, so he took it away and brought him a glass of milk. The Frenchman shook his head 11 . He was very hungry now and looked 12 hen another man came in. When this man 13 the waiter, he put his hands 14 his stomach(肚子).

    After a few minutes, there was a large plate of bread and meat on the table in front of him. The

    Frenchman smiled and 15 he had his meal in the same way.

    ( )1. A. One B. A C. On one D. In a ( )2. A. While B. When C. During D. As soon as ( )3. A. well B. strong C. thirsty D. hungry ( )4. A. lay B. sat C. put D. lied ( )5. A. over B. again C. on D. to ( )6. A. up B. out C. off D.down ( )7. A. By B. In C. At D. On ( )8. B. play with C. drink D. take ( )9. A. slowly B. soon C. first D. always ( )10. A. told B. understood C. answered D. said ( )11. A. again B. either C. yet D. still ( )12. A. tired B. interested C. worried D. surprised ( )13. A. saw B. caught C. shouted D. laughed at ( )14. A. into B. on C. out of D. in ( )15. A. at first B. last time C. long ago D. at last

    6课时 Main task


    1.回到美国 __________________________ 2. 在下半场 ______________________

    3一天外出游玩的计划 ________________ 4.使它成为有趣的一天 _____________

    5.尽可能 ____________________________ 6.最后 ___________________________

    7.代替…… __________________________ 8.换乘公共汽车 ___________________

    9.攀岩 _____________________________ 10.下定决心 ______________________

    11.算出 ____________________________ 12.每个人旅行的费用 ______________

二、改错 (在错误下划线(并把正确答案写在后面的横线上)

    1. Let’s join in the computer group. ______________

    2.Which foreign country will you go this summer holiday? ______________ 3.What did the teacher ask Tom to speak at the meeting? ______________ 4.Why not we go to the Palace Museum? _____________ 5.We will meet our friends at the Moonlight Town in March 1. ______________ 6.Remember not to play water or fire. ______________ 7.He only needs a small room to live. ______________ 8.Look, there is a road in the front of the building. ______________ 9.I am not feeling well. Can you give me any hot water? ______________ 10.Would you please not to stand here? ______________


    ( ) 1. I didn’t like the trip, because it was hot ______ boring.

    A. but B. and C. or D. so

    ( ) 2. Students in our class always ______ home at five.

    A. get to B. reach to C. arrive at D. arrive

    ( ) 3.There were ______ friends of hers at the gate. So she left quickly. A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

    ( ) 4.Millie likes Maths best. So she does her best ______ it well. A. to learn B. learn C. learning D. of learning

    ( ) 5. Our playground is about 150,000_______.

    A. squares metres B. metre square C. squares metres D. square metres ( ) 6. Don’t worry. I’ll send you the email ________.

    A. as soon as possible B. as soon as possibly

    C. as soon as can D. as quick as possible

    ( ) 7. Why ____ you _____ to enjoy the Beijing Opera?

    A. did, not to go B. didn’t, go C. not, go D. won’t, to go

    ( ) 8. “The Great Wall is beautiful. It’s the most beautiful place of interest in China” This sentence is ______

    A. an opinion B. a fact C. not an opinion D. not a fact

    ( ) 9. They hope ______ the Summer Palace next week.

    A. hope me to visit B. hope visiting

    C. hope to visit D. hope themselves to visit

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