Large Commercial services

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Large Commercial services

From: Chris Burns

    To: Michael Wickenden, Contract Administrator

    Date: 12/07/09

    Subject: BED‟s October 2009 Report

Dear Michael,

    We are pleased to submit the following report covering the period of October 1, 2009 to October 31, 2009. The report includes highlights over the period and the attached table covers costs and savings for the period.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Chris Burns

    CC: TJ Poor of the VT DPS, Ann Bishop, Ed McNamara, Andrea McHugh of the VT PSB

BED Energy Efficiency Highlights

Large Commercial Services

    ; FAHC McClure Had a meeting with the re-commissioning agent in regard to building

    ventilation control improvements. There is much potential for savings, as the main air

    handler utilizes many hundreds of horse power of fan energy. The intent is for BED to stay

    closely involved to ensure a complete understanding of the savings strategies and that

    appropriate electrical and process data is gathered to support any claimed energy savings. ; Burlington Airport/Geo-Targeting Project The audit report has been completed, and a

    meeting between Airport Management, EVT and BED was held in to discuss the list of

    proposed energy saving measures. EVT presented a proposal which packaged a number of

    the most cost-effective measures together, and which provides a rebate should all measures

    be completed within 2 years. A total investment of roughly $1.3M is involved, with an

    annual electrical savings estimated at over $200,000. Estimated electrical reduction: 1,400

    MWH of annual electrical energy, and about 250 kW.

    ; Burlington School District / Flynn School Boiler Upgrade - Obtaining paperwork and

    documentation to allow rebate forms for the project to be processed, and payments made to

    the customer.

    ; ICF Macro International Performed energy audit for customer recommending efficiency

    improvements in the area of lighting.

    ; UVM Performed energy analysis of site safety „Blue Light‟ fixtures where an LED retrofit

    kit is being proposed.

    ; Fortieth Burlington LLC Started the compressed air optimization improvements as

    recommended and is approximately 90% complete. BED completed the pre test on the

    existing 25 HP air compressor and is waiting for the four energy efficiency measures to be

    completed before a final post test is conducted. Project is still ongoing. ; Waste Water Treatment Plant North Plant: Energy usage data was downloaded from the

    logging equipment attached to the new K-Turbo aeration blower, which included over one

    month of operation history. This has been combined on a spreadsheet with additional logged

    process data, which includes blower cfm, water dissolved oxygen levels, process temp., and

    plant effluent flow. Additional energy data will be gathered again later in the year, to view

    energy usage during colder weather. This will help to estimate energy usage and savings

    throughout a full year of operation.

    ; Waste Water Treatment Plant Main Plant Installed data logging equipment for the

    monitoring of the energy use of the existing 200 HP aeration blower, which will be used as a

    baseline for energy savings calculations associated with the future install of a Turbo-style

    aeration blower. Data will be collected for several weeks, to gather long-term kW trend

    information across variations in process water temperature and plant flow loading. ; Leahy Center (ECHO) Completed a building walk-through hosted by the Facilities

    Manager. A second visit allowed BED to install temporary energy monitoring equipment to

    estimate the cost of running a number of small fish-water cooling units used in the rear of the

    facility for special aquarium projects. The intent is to calculate savings associated with the

    use of the central chiller plant to obtain the cooling process water instead of these small,

    expensive, and inefficient cooling devices. BED also estimated the savings associated with

    replacing several hundred MR16 type low voltage track lamps in the facility with “IR” type

    versions using less wattage. Other energy saving measures are in the process of being


    ; City Market Provided a proposal to the customer with savings associated with replacing

    75W metal halide track lights with LED-based track light assemblies. Also packaged with

    the proposal is replacement of their fluorescent reach-in case lighting with LED models.

    Combined annual savings are 92,000 kWh and 12 kW, which amounts to a savings of over

    $8,000 per year.

    ; Gilbane / General Dynamics Assisted a consultant engineer to obtain representative foot-

    candle light meter readings for locations throughout this facility. The info is required

    because the customer is completing a process to obtain an Energy Star rating for the building.

Smaller Commercial Services

    ; Select Design Working with a local compressor distributor to obtain logging data that will

    help determine the most efficient approach to upgrading the customer‟s compressor system.

    Installation of new machinery has increased the air compressor load, and purchase of a right-

    sized compressor with variable loading capability will likely have a financial benefit with

    attractive payback.

    ; BED Re-Commissioning Continuing to work on savings projections and project cost

    estimates for various energy saving measures uncovered in Phase I of the building re-

    commissioning process. Presently looking at the best options for packaged boiler

    replacement, to maximize efficiency and also rebate money from Vt Gas Systems. The Ideal

    meter was installed to the AHU East SA fan to determine the electrical consumption as well

    as the operating hours. This information will assist in analyzing the savings for reduced

    operating hours as was recommended by CX Associates in their re-commissioning report. ; USPS Educating the customer as to the process of obtaining a rebate for a lighting retro-fit

    which upgrades lighting throughout this facility. The project is expected to be completed in

    early 2010.

    ; Momentum Physical Therapy Performed energy audit for customer recommending

    efficiency improvements in the area of lighting and HVAC controls.

    ; Tax Max - Performed energy audit for customer recommending efficiency improvements in

    the area of lighting and lighting controls.

    ; Creative Habitat (moving to former Ashley‟s Furniture space) working with customer on

    new major renovation project on energy efficiency measures in the area of lighting power

    density and HVAC equipment efficiency.

    ; Skinny Pancake Performed follow-up review of implemented energy efficiency measures. ; Burlington College Completed a lighting survey energy audit of the entire facility. A cost

    benefit energy savings analysis was completed for retrofitting fluorescent T12 light fixtures

    with HPT8 lamps and ballasts

    ; Burlington Country Club Starting the refrigeration upgrade for two walk-in coolers and

    one freezer along with some lighting upgrade improvement recommended by BED. Ongoing. ; Fern Hill (62-unit senior housing complex)- completed energy audit and made several

    recommendation to improve lighting and HVAC controls.

New Construction/Equipment Replacement Services

    ; Marriott Working with the customer to obtain documentation and supply rebate

    information concerning a 34-room expansion at the existing building. This is a planned

    Phase II portion of the original project, which was completed several years ago. ; UVM (Jeffords Hall) Continued with energy savings analysis for the lab hood variable air

    volume exhaust system. Working with Vermont Gas as there are strong gas savings

    opportunities. Still ongoing.

    ; Burlington Country Club A new addition to the main facility is now in progress. A set of

    architectural drawings will soon be set to BED for EE code compliance review. ; Vermont Energy Star Homes (VESH) - There are currently seven on-going

    projects enrolled in the program.

    ; North Avenue (former Thayer School)- Have been contacted by Cathedral Square

    Corporation to discuss their plans for 40-unit senior housing development project.

Efficient Retail Products

    ; Energy Star Refrigerator rebates In 2009: 54 refrigerators.

    ; Energy Star Clothes Washers: In 2009: 138 washers.

    ; Energy Star Air conditioner rebates In 2009: 82 air conditions.

    ; Energy Star Dehumidifier rebates- In 2009: 80 dehumidifiers.

    ; ECOS 80 Units (Internal Power Supply PC savings) rebates - In 2009: 375 units.

    ; Energy Star CFL bulb rebates- In 2009: 14,130 units.

    ; Energy Star Hardwired CFL fixtures (including table and floor lamps, ceiling fans and LED

    downlights) rebates- In 2009: 176 units rebated.

Existing Residential Buildings

    ; Since Jan 1, 2009, 3 electric space heat conversions have been completed. ; Since Jan 1, 2009, 26 electric hot water conversions have been completed. ; Since Jan 1, 2009, 12 high efficiency\ECM motor ENERGY STAR furnaces have been


    ; Since Jan 1, 2009, 3 ENERGY STAR Central AC systems have been installed. ; Since Jan 1, 2009, 5 electric to natural gas clothes dryer replacements have been completed. ; Residential Energy Services - use of power cost appliance meters continues. 12 power cost

    appliance monitors are out on loan to customers as of this time. This is typically a busy time

    of year as folks prepare for the heating season. There were over 56 incoming calls. ; High bill investigations - visited 7 locations.

    ; All fuels Energy Audits- Completed seven audits.

    ; Processed 7 fuel switch domestic hot water changes, 3 efficient furnace ECM blower motors,

    4 VGS direct install CFL projects, and 10 early replacement refrigerator projects. ; Continue to encourage customer participation in the low-income weatherization. ; In 2009, the Champlain Valley Low-income Weatherization Service has completed 14

    Burlington projects and currently has 10 additional units enrolled.

Load Response Program

    ; Champlain College We are in contact with VP of Campus Planning to discuss the inclusion

    of the college into the program.

Communications & Public Relations

    ; We had a successful Button Up home weatherization workshop at City Hall on Oct. 21. BED,

    VGS and CVWS also presented available services.

    ; We continue to plan for the roll-out of CEAD (Community Energy Assessment District)

    financing program now named the Burlington POWER (Property- owners win with energy

    efficiency and renewables) Program, a PACE initiative. We‟ll be discussing a public

    relations/education campaign to get the voters up to snuff on the details of the program.

    More details are available at:


    ; We have winners for the 2010 energy efficiency calendar. It was great that all six elementary

    schools participated this year.

    ; We kicked off the new Climate Action Plan at an event at Firehouse Gallery. ; Working with the mayor‟s office and BPD to get the new no idling ordinance enforced in the


    ; BED will have a presence at the REV (Renewable Energy Vermont) conference.

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